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The Pollock Family Bible records are submitted by Shirley Charton Lewis, 5736 Kings Cross Circle NE, North Canton, OH 45721, telephone (330) 494-8840.

Family Register: Parents Names and Genealogy
Presented by J. Pollock, Sen. to J. Pollock, Jun. & Elizabeth, his wife, Nov. 29, 1867.
James Pollock born March 18, 1823(5?)
Margaret Hamilton Pollock born Nov. 20, 1827
James Pollock, Jun. born August 6, 1847
James Broadhurst born May 2, 1828 at StalyBridge, Chesshire, England
Helen Lee Broadhurst born April 28, 1832 at Woodley Wernth (?), England, near Stockport
Mary Louisa Broadhurst born May 19, 1853 at Ashton Under Lyme

Family Register: Childrens Names
Jessie Mary [May?] Hill Smith Pollock born Dec. 8, 1869
Mary Ann Robertson Pollock born Sept. 21, 1870
James Pollock born May 5, 1874 at Fall River, MA
Helen Lee Pollock born Jan. 25, 1876 at 48 Florence St., Glasgow
Margaret Hamilton Pollock born May 11, 1877 at Glasgow

Family Register: Marriages
James Pollock, Jr. to Elizabeth Stark, Nov. 29, 1867
James Pollock, Jr. to Mary Louisa Broadhurst, July 29, 1872 at Bath, Rensselaer Co., NY by W. H. Doward, Pastor of 1st Baptist Church

Family Register: Deaths
Mrs. Helen Lee Broadhurst died Feb. 4, 1870 at Cohoes, Albany Co., NY aged 37 years, 9 months
Samuel Broadhurst died Sept. 25, 1871 at Cohoes, Albany Co., NY aged 4 years, 6 months
Mary Houston died March 18, 1854 or 56, age about 70 years
Elizabeth Telfer [Felfer?] died Jan. 1, 1862 aged 72 years at Glasgow
Elizabeth Stark died Dec. 19, 1980 aged 23 years
Marion Robertson Pollock died Feb. 1871 aged 4 months

The following information was written on a blank page without a heading:
Elizabeth Telfer Pollock born Dec. 19, 1850 at Glasgow
Mary Houston Pollock born Feb. 19, 1853 at Glasgow
Thomas Hamilton Pollock born Nov. 30, 1854 at Glasgow
Margaret Hamilton Pollock born July 3, 1857 at Glasgow
Janet Hamilton Pollock born April 3, 1863 at Glasgow Jane Pollock born June 4, 1861 at Glasgow, died Mar. 2, 1862 at Glasgow

This Book of all Books was presented to Robert McDonald & Ann Pollock his wife at Crystal Springs, Stark Co., OH, USA, October 24, 1882 by Mr. Alexander Lindsey for Morningside, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Robert McDonald born Dec. 19, 1826 at Coleraine Co., Londonderry, Ireland
Ann Pollock born Nov. 1827 at County Moneghan, Ireland. Married Dec. 26, 1854 at Newmiens, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Robert McDonald born Sept. 28, 1855 at Newmiens [probably Newmains]
George McDonald born Sept. 22, 1857 at Newmiens
Henry McDonald born Aug. 20, 1859 at Newmiens
William McDonald born Sept. 9, 1861 at Newmeins
Samuel McDonald born Nov. 19, 1863 at Camnethan
Ann McDonald born Sept. 15, 1865 at Camnethan
Mary McDonald born Oct. 12, 1870 at Camnethan
Margaret McDonald born Mar. 15, 1872 at Newmiens

The following was written by Margaret McDonald Stoner of Sandyville, Tuscarawas Co., OH. [Her mother was Ann Pollock White McDonald buried at Melsheimers Cemetery near North Industry, Stark Co., OH. She is listed in Stark Co. Death Records, Stark Co. Chapter OGS, 1991 p. 308, line 50 as Ann McDonnell, as dying 30 Dec 1894 age 68y 7m 14d, resident of Pike Twp.]

Sandyville, Jan. 2nd - mother died Dec. 30, 1894, was buried at Melseihmers
Jan. 1st 1895 - father died at Columbus

Additional note by the submitter: Margaret's father, Robert McDonald, an Orangeman, is said to be buried on the grounds of a mental institution there [Columbus]. He apparently suffered from mental illness resulting fromnumerous blows to the head received in brawls between Orange and Catholic Irishmen.

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