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Butterfield, Betsey [wife of Alvin B. Gardner], born July 27, 1823 in Hillsborough, NH
Butterfield, Daniel S., born Oct 18, 1822 in Hillsborough, NH
Butterfield, Samuel B., born February 24, 1793
Butterfield, Sarah, born August 26, 1820 in Hillsborough, NH
Butterfield, Sylvester H., born March 14, 1829 in West Stephentown, NY
Butterfield, Syrene M. [wife of Samuel Brockway, Jr.], born May 13, 1832 in Berlin, NY
Butterfield, Thursey G., born Nov 25, 1825
Case, Orpha [wife of Samuel B. Harrison], born Nov 18, 1790
Harrison, Charles Benjamin [son of G. S. Harrison and Mary Speck], born June 26, 1871 in Washington Co., KS
Harrison, Daniel G. [son of G. S. Harrison and Mary Speck], born September 29, 1866 in Hancock, MA
Harrison, Daniel N., born June 1, 1819
Harrison, Daniel S., born Nov 2, 1847
Harrison, George S., born Nov 18, 1843
Harrison, Hurbert S. [son of S. D. Harrison and Ida Jones (daughter of John A.)], born April 19, 1868 in Stearnsville, West Pittsfield, MA
Harrison, Maggy [daughter of S. D. Harrison and Ida Jones], born 1878 in Albany, NY
Harrison, Samuel [son of S. D. Harrison and Ida H. Jones, and wife of Helene Louise Freitag], born May 5, 1880
Harrison, Sydney H. [son of G. S. Harrison and Mary Speck], born February 14, 1874 in Union Twp., Washington Co., KS
Harrison, Sylvester B. [son of S. D. Harrison and Ida Jones], born May 2, 1870 in Lebanon, NY
Harrison, Thursey, born February 21, 1873 in Troy, NY
Himes, Roxie L. [wife of Benjamin Butterfield], born Nov 11, 1818 in Claremount, NH
Speck, Mary [wife of George S. Harrison], born April 11, 1848 in Sand Lake

Butterfield, Benjamin and Roxie L. Himes, married October 30, 1842
Butterfield, Samuel B. and Orpha Case, married July 1818
Butterfield, Sylvester H., married Dec 31, 1857
Harrison, Daniel N. and Thursey G. Butterfield, married Oct 29 AD 1842 in Stephentown, NY
Harrison, George S. and Mary Speck [of Berlin], married July 22, 1863 in Stephentown, NY

Harrison, Charles Benjamin, died February 7, 1878 in Washington Co., KS Harrison, George S., died April 1882 in Washington Co., KS, aged 35y
Harrison, Jessa M., died in 1879, aged 1y
Harrison, Thursey, died July 20, 1875 in Albany, NY, aged 2y 5m Harrison, Samuel D.,died the 17 of Nov 1881, aged 34y 15d
Harrison, Sylvester B. [son of S. D. Harrison and Ida Jones], died August 15, 1873 in Troy, NY, aged 4y 3m 4d

T. G. Harrison came to Kansas the 20th of August 1870 and went to Mass. to home in 1881

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