Family Bible

The following information is taken from handwritten family events recorded in the House family Bible submitted by Kathleen House Petersen.

Charles M. House, Schodack, May 28, 1845
Annie Oliver, Waterford, May 31, 1848
Albert O. House, Halfmoon, Aug 20, 1874
William E. House, Halfmoon, Aug 20, 1876
Edward T. House, N. Greenbush, March 15, 1882
Charles M. House, N. Greenbush, Jul 30, 1884
John W. House, N. Greenbush, May 5, 1886

Charles Mortimer House of Halfmoon and Annie Oliver of Halfmoon, Saratoga County December 24, 1871 at Mechanicville, Saratoga County, NY by Rev. A. H. Stubbs of St. Lukes Episcopal Church
John W. House and Lettie Jones, 29th November 1905 at Crescent, NY by C. L. Herrick, Baptist Pastor

Charles M. House, N. Greenbush Jan 2, 1897, R. Co., NY
Charles M. House, Halfmoon May 6, 1908, NY
Anna Oliver House at Charlton May 11, 1941, Sar. Co.
John W. House at Scotia, Jan 14, 1952, Sch Co.

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