Last Will and Testament
Waity Chapman
Town of Hoosick

This will was submitted by John Hills.

I WAITY CHAPMAN being of lawful age do make this my last Will and request of the disposal of my effects and things that is to say: that unto my brothers ASA and JONAH CHAPMAN I give all that I have, notes to be equally divided between them and that my sister MATILDA COTTRELL should take my two feather beds, pillows and ticks at fifty cents per and divide the amount of this between my sisters SALLY DUNHAM's three heirs by JONATHAN BAKER and ESTHER SOUTHWICK's four heirs AMANDA and NATHAN and ANDREW JACKSON and ROXANAH, and if any one or more of them either of the family should not arrive at lawful age, then divide their part between his or her brothers and sisters; and that I further order that this money shall remain in the care of NATHAN COTTRELL until these children shall come of age, and that my silver teaspoons and my best bed quilt shall be WAITY ELVIRA COTTRELL's and that BETSY COTTRELL shall have my brown silk frock and white silk gloves, and that JONAH CHAPMAN shall have my Bible, and that my umbrella should be my mother's, and after she is dead that PHEBE CHAPMAN should have it - and that I want that my expenses should be paid out of my other effects and the remainder of them to be equally divided between my five sisters, that is, HANNAH, ROXANAH, MATILDA, MARY and AURILLA - and that I hereby appoint GARRISON HAVILAND and NATHAN COTRELL [sic] Executors of my last Will and Testament.

Dated Hoosick August the 11th 1837.

Waity Chapman

Signed in the presence of Nathan Cotrell [sic] and Hiram Crandall

[Alternative search values: Waty Chapman, Asa Chapman, Amanda Southwick, Nathan Southwick, Andrew Jackson Southwick (Or Andrew Southwick), Roxanah Southwick, Hannah Chapman, Roxanah Chapman, Matilda Chapman Cottrell, Mary Chapman, Aurilla Chapman.]

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