Will of Andreas Widderwax
Last Will and Testament
Andreas Widderwax
Tomhanick, Albany Co.

Information on this page was submitted by Wayne E. Weatherwax.

In the name of God Amen. I Andreas Widderwax, Farmer in Tomhanick, Albany County, being weak in body.

I leave to my first born, Bastian Widderwax, 8 shillings for his birth right.

To my son Hannes - 231 3/4 acres of land, whereon he now lives in Tamhanick, joining the farm on which I now live, with this condition: that he pay L80 for the remaining debt on said land, he having a deed for the land from me already.

To Martin Widderwax - the farm whereon I now dwell in Tamhanick at the extent of a farm surveyed for Alexander Widderwax containing 235 1/2 acres, also our new wagon, a plow, harrow, our pleasure slay, and an iron shot wood slay of which land and farm he the said Martin is to have a sufficient deed, but he is to give me yearly as long as God shall spare my life for the maintenance of me and my beloved wife Anna twenty four bushels of wheat, ten bushels of indian corn, six bushels of rye, and to keep two cows for our use, and after my death he shall be obliged to give my wife half of the above mentioned maintenance as long as she lives.

To my wife Anna - a certain bond given me by Carl Traber of L95 10 shillings lest in case she should not be in need of the money it shall be used for the payment of debt on the land.

To my son Alexander - 200 acres on the river joining Van Antwerp's line and the lot of my son Martin; but then he is to move from the place he now occupies now as it belongs to Martin when he Martin wants the use thereof, and I order Alexander that he shall then quit said place without disturbance or any molestation and he pay L30 for the remaining debt yet on the land.

Next I give to my son David - 280 acres of land whereon he lives at present in Tamhanick joining Peter Dody's farm at Northeast, he to pay L120 for debt on the land.

To my son Peter - 269 acres of land in Tamhanick joining the line of Michel Cook at the east, he to pay L110 for the debt which is on the land as yet.

To my son Jacob - 220 acres of land whereon he now lives and whereof he has a deed, but he must pay L20 yet to settle the debt on the land, which lies in Tamhanick joining the farm of Carl Traver.

To my two daughters, Barbara and Elisebeth - 104 acres in Tamhanick joining the land of my son Hannes.

To my daughter Barbara Tincle - 20 acres in Tamhanick between the farms of my sons Hannes and Peter, to her and her heirs but after their death to my son Hannes.

I leave 800 acres in Tamhanick joining the Ranslearswyke on Hoosick road where Nicholas Monray lives which land shall be sold and the money for the payment of the remaining debt on the whole Patent and if it should not be enough then each of my sons herein mentioned shall pay an equal share till the whole is paid, but if there should be any over and above this it shall be equally divided between the children of my former wife Barbara, namently [sic] Bastian, Henry, Andreas, Anna, Margreth, Anna Maria, Dorothea, Elisabeth and Catherina.

I appoint my trusty friend, Henry Grauberger, and George Wetzel executors.

Dated January 18, 1780

Wendel Overacker
Hannes Kebler, farmer
John Clints, schoolmaster

Proved May 10, 1784, Albany County; confirmed New York September 16, 1784.

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