Last Will and Testament
Darius Morris
Town of Schodack

Information on this page was obtained from Rensselaer Co., NY Surrogate Court, Will Book 49, pages 457-458, and was submitted by the late Lin Van Buren.

Know all men by these presents that I, Darius Morris of Schodack in Rensselaer County being of sound & disposing mind do make this my last Will & Testament

First, I give & devise to my wife Rachel Morris the interest of Two (2) Thousand Dollars the principal I direct my Executors hereafter named to invest in some securitys bearing an annual interest which said interest I direct them to pay to said Rachel Morris annually during her natural life this bequest in lieu of dower.

Second, I give devise & bequeath to my Son Demmon Morris & to his heirs & assigns sum of One Hundred Dollars & to my son [sic] William H. Morris & Joseph D. Morris to them & their heirs & assigns the sum of Three Thousand Dollars to be equally devided between them share & share alike and to my Daughter, Mary Ann Wife of Hiram Van Beuren the sum of One Thousand Dollars to her & her heirs & assigns forever. The residue of my estate if any I will & direct my Executors to devide the same equally between my four children Demmon William H. Joseph D. Morris & my daughter Mary Ann Van Beuren. And I further order & direct my Executors at my decease or as soon thereafter as shall be for the benefit of my heirs proceed to make sale of all my real & personal estate & they are hereby authorized to make conveyance & give title & the Two Thousand Dollars principle (interest left to my wife during her life if she survives me) at the decease of my said wife I order my Executors to devide the same equally between my four children Demmon, William, Joseph & Mary Ann above named.

I hereby Constitute & appoint William H. & Joseph D. Morris my Sons Executors to this my last will & Testament Given under my Hand & Seal this Sixteenth of February in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & Forty Eight.

Darius Morris {L. S.}

D. Clapp, Schodack...........}
James G. Myers, Do..........}

---- P. R. O. O. F. S. -------

Surrogate Court................|
In the matter of Proving...|
the Will & Testament .....|
..........= of =.....................|
Darius Morris Decd.........|

Rensselaer County. SS.

Daniel Clapp of the Town of Schodack in the County of Rensselaer, being duly sworn in open court doth depose & say that he together with James G. Myers is a subscribing witness to the last Will & Testament of Darius Morris late of the Town of Schodack in the County of Rensselaer, deceased. And that the said Darius Morris did in the presence of this deponent & the said James G. Myers subscribe his name at the end of the instrument which is now shown & exhibited to these deponents & which purports to be the last Will & Testament of the said Darius Morris & which bears date on the 16th day of February 1848. And that the said Darius Morris did at the time of subscribing his name as aforesaid declare the said instrument to be his last Will & Testament and this deponent & the said Myers did thereupon subscribe their [sic] at the end of the said will as attesting witnesses thereto at the request of the said Testator in his presence and in the presence of each other. And at the time when the said Testator subscribed his name as aforesaid he was of sound mind & memory of full age to execute a will & was not under any restraint but competent in all respects to devise real Estate. And [that the said {this phrase struck through}] this deponent further says that the said James G. Myers is now absent from this State but that the [said James G. Myers {this phrase struck through}] Execution of said will by the said Myers was in regard to the witnessing of the said will by the said Myers in all respects the same as this deponents as stated above.

D. Clapp

Subscribed & Sworn this 9th............}
day of February 1858 before me......}
Robt H McClellan Surrogate............}


Rensselaer County. I Robert H. McClellan Surrogate of said County do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true record of the last Will & Testament of Darius Morris decd. with the Proofs thereof as a will of Real & Personal Estate and that the same was recorded as such this 9th day of Feby 1858.

Robt H. McClellan, Surrogate [Written vertically in the left margin:]

Will delivered Feby. 15th 1858 to Joseph D. Morris

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