Last Will and Testament
Peter Scherp
The Camp, Albany Co., NY

Information on this page was obtained from the New York Historical Society [1900]: 251-2, Abstract of Wills 1777-1783, Liber 33: 292, and was submitted by the late Janet Derbyshire.

[Written in the German language]

"In Namen Gottes Amen, I PETER SCHERP, in the Camp, in Albany County, being somewhat sick, I direct all things done in a Christianlike and orderly way. As to the goods which God has blessed me with I direct all debts to be paid

I give to my son JOHN for his birthright two half JOHANNES.

I leave to my son PETRUS all my real estate as it may be found in my deeds or documents, with house, barn, gardens, and orchard, to him and his heirs forever.

And within three years he shall pay

My daughter MARGARETHA shall dwell in my dwelling house while she remains unmarried.

I leave to my son PETRUS £20 hard money, and my negro DAN and my negro DONN, for which he shall pay to my daughter Maria £12.

I also leave him a feather bed, with all that pertains thereto, and two horses, two cows, six sheep and wagons and sleighs and harrow and plow: Also my house clock and stove and hand irons. And he shall pay to my other five children £18.

I leave to my son GEORGE my negro BRAN and a horse.

I leave to my daughter MARIA £20 hard money.

To my daughter MARGRETHA £20 and a feather bed, two cows, six sheep, and her choice of two negro wenches.

All the rest I leave to my daughter GERTIE, and she shall pay £15 to my daughter MARIA.

I leave to the three children of my deceased daughter CATHARINA £20 for their share of my negroes.

All the rest of my personal estate I leave to my six children, George, Petrus, Maria, wife of Peter Wisner, Gertie, wife of Frederick Maul, Margretha and the three children of my daughter Catharina, deceased, late wife of Philip Rockefeller.

This is my last will and Testament. I make my sons George and Petrus executors, and also my two good friends CHRISTIAN PHILIP and HENDRICK WILL.

Dated December 13, 1780.

Johannes Peter Russ
Abraham J Delamater, farmer
Gerhard Daniel Cock, minister of the Gospel.

Proved February 20, 1782.

[Alternative search values: Peter Sharp, Peter Sharpe, John Sharp, John Sharpe, Johannes Sharp, Johannes Sharpe, George Sharp, George Sharpe, Petrus Sharp, Petrus Sharpe, Maria Sharp, Maria Sharpe, Maria Wisner, Gertie Sharp, Gertie Sharpe, Gertrude Sharp, Gertrude Sharpe, Gertie Maul, Gertie Moul, Gertrude Maul, Gertrude Moul, Frederick Moul, Margaretha Sharp, Margaretha Sharpe, Margretha Sharp, Margretha Sharpe, Margaret Sharp, Margaret Sharpe, Catharine Sharp, Catharine Sharpe, Catherine Sharp, Catherine Sharpe, Catharina Sharp, Catharina Sharpe, Catharine Rockefeller, Catherine Rockefeller, Catharina Rockefeller, Christian Phillips, Henry Will.]

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