Probate File of Harry E. Cipperly
Probate File
Harry E. Cipperly
Hoosick, NY

Information on this page is from photocopies of Rensselaer Co. Probate File No. 1950, Folder 513, and was transcribed by Wayne E. Weatherwax on 14 Apr 2014. Many thanks, Wayne!

There is no Will in this file. Harry E. Cipperly died intestate on 18 Sep. 1950.

Document: Petition for Letters of Administration, also known as Form 1. The petitioner was his wife Alice L. Cipperly identified as his widow on 23 Oct 1950.

Also identified in the same are any distributees of the estate as follows: George Cipperly, Dean Cipperly, Waldo Cipperly, Robert Cipperly, Paul Cipperly, William Cipperly and Frank Cipperly, all listed as sons of the deceased, all over 21 yrs. of age; Blanch Cipperly, Ethel Sherin, Helen Cloke, Doris Kipp, Eleanor Lohnes, Vera Griswold and Betty Cipperly, all listed as daughters of the deceased, all over 21 yrs. of age.

Also noted on the form is the fact that all named distributees have assigned their interest in the estate to their mother, and consent to her being appointed Administratrix without bond.

The form also indicates that he owned three farms in the town of Hoosick with the usual dwellings and out buildings.

Document: Inventory of stock, tools and equipment on Cipperly Farms.

Cattle listed as all Holstein breed. 26 are listed with appropriate ear tag numbers
Hay in 5 different barns
Silage, Oats, Corn
Small tools
Hay loader, corn harvester, plows, rakes, planters, harrow, cultivator, hay chopper, 2 John Deere Tractors, corn harvester, manure spreader, etc. This list covers two full typed pages.

We can see from the above that the Form 1 would clearly identify all living children of this couple, and his living widow on this date. Very useful because it includes the married names of all the daughters, etc.

Bio: Harry Edward Cipperly b. 6 Sep 1883 in Rensselaer Co., NY was the son of Arthur F. Cipperly (1855-1930) and wife Helen P. Armstrong (1854-?). He married Alice Louise Webster on 12 May 1908 in NY. They had 14 known children. A son Walter R. Cipperly died roughly 1926 as an infant, based on Hoosick Rural cemetery records, so he does not appear in the probate files. This is another example of how important probate records can be in your research even when a Will or Certificate of Death is not in the file.

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