Some Rensselaer Co.
Residents Married in
Bennington, VT, 1809-1828

Marriages listed here were transcribed from Town Meeting records of Bennington, Vermont by Debby Masterson.

Groom Residence Bride Residence Date Married
Andrew, Rodolphus Hoosick, NY Bowers, Lucinda Hoosick, NY 31 Jul 1814
Barber, William M. Rensselaer Booth, Hariot Bennington, VT 1 Mar 1821
Brown, Nathan Hoosick, NY Hervey, Lydia Bennington, VT 9 Jan 1825
Burgess, Harvey Hoosick, NY Hand, Aurelia Bennington, VT 5 Jan 1823
Conklin, Daniel B. Albany Hubbell, Harriott Not stated 4 Feb 1819
Fassett, John Van Der Spiegel Troy, NY Robinson, Anna Varia Not stated 15 Sep 1828
James, Randall Hoosick, NY Walbridge, Rhode Bennington, VT 21 Jan 1819
Joslin, William I. Hoosick, NY Haswell, Deborah Hoosick, NY 27 Feb 1817
Lowry, George Hoosick, NY Wright, Lydia Bennington, VT 15 Feb 1824
Lyman, George Troy, NY Robinson, Catharine, Mrs. Not stated 23 Mar 1824
Mosier, Ire Hoosick, NY Bracey, Almira Bennington, VT 11 Sep 1825
Russell, Samuel Hoosick, NY Easton, Anna Bennington, VT 15 Feb 1818
VanderCook, Michael S. Pittstown, NY Pickett, Betsey, Mrs. Bennington, VT 25 Sep 1825
Wadsworth, Joseph Pittstown, NY Haskins, Mary Pittstown, NY 19 Feb 1817
Wells, Ira M. Troy, NY Alvey, Sally M. Bennington, VT 2 Sep 1810

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