Troy Daily Times
July 12, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

Cruel Treatment Of A Horse
Last evening, two young men called at the livery stable of Mr. DEFREEST, State street, and engaged a horse and carriage to go to Lansingburgh. They were to be back at 9 o'clock. At that time they had not returned and Mr. D. sat up until after 12 o'clock, awaiting them. But they did not return, and this morning, special officer TAPLIN found a horse and carriage standing in Fourth street, hitched to a tree. The horse had been tied there at 9 o'clock last evening, and remained out all night, gnawing away at a tree and standing very uneasily in his tether. The property belonged to Mr. DEFREEST, and it is supposed the young men, in order to avoid paying for the ride, hitched the horse where he was found, in the expectation that it would be returned to the owner sometime or other. This is a quite common practice with some parties who engage establishments at livery stables, and it is a great pity that those who are guilty of it might not be arrested and severely punished for their cruelty to the poor horse.

- John F. RICHARDSON, a degenerate son of Massachusetts, was up before the Court for drunkenness. His counsel advanced the idea that Troy rum was stronger than Massachusetts whiskey, and thought that if the prisoner had been home he might have drank twice as much without becoming intoxicated. As the counsel is a native of Massachusetts, the Court thought he was a competent judge of the liqueur of both States, and accepted his argument as so conclusive as to discharge the prisoner.
- William DORSEY, disorderly conduct; complainant not appearing he was discharged.
- James PHILLIPS, drunk; resides in Saugerties; discharged.
- Levi MANN, drunk; fined $5 or five days--committed.
- John O'GRADY, drunk; resides in Waterford and is a hard working man; discharged.
- Francis FEILEY, petit larceny; sent to penitentiary three months.
- Daniel SANDS, drunk and disorderly; took the pledge for one year, and let off on promise to behave.
- Thomas SHANNON, Patrick KANE and Patrick RYAN; disorderly conduct; KANE discharged, SHANNON sent up for ten days, and RYAN for five.

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