Troy Daily Times
August 2, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

The Regiment under Col. CARR parade this afternoon, and drill on Camp Wool. All the companies will doubtless turn out with full ranks, with the exception of the German Rifles, the members of which have nearly all gone on excursion down the river today. The Regiment is to form at 3 P.M. and march to the drill ground, where the first seven numbers of the course of instruction for 1859, will be taken up and gone through with.

The Hudson River train due here shortly before 3 o'clock this afternoon, ran over and killed a colored man just below the Nail Factory. He was walking on the track, and made no effort to get off.

Isaac J. WOODS was this morning arrested for keeping a policy office on Ferry street, and gave bail to appear for trial at the next Sessions. The Detectives arrested him. The place of WOODS is described to us as one of the most notorious and vile in the city, and we hope it will be promptly broken up.

The colored citizens of this vicinity met at Hudson yesterday to celebrate the twenty-second anniversary of British West Indies Emancipation. Peter F. BALTIMORE, of this city, acted as President of the day, and made a brief address. An oration was delivered by W.J. WATKINS, the colored orator, and other exercises of interest took place.

The excursion trains yesterday were made up by Conductor Robert MORRIS. Superintendent TUPPER "kept an eye" on everything. The admirable manner in which the immense affair went off, is sufficient proof of the through capacities of those gentlemen, and the general good management of the road.

SAD AFFAIR -- New York, Aug 2
A shocking accident occurred in Brooklyn yesterday morning. A young lady named GRAHAM, residing in Luqueer street, was so shockingly burnt by her clothes taking fire from a match left carelessly on a stoop, on which she was observing the Great Eastern, that she died last night after horrible suffering.

- James HALEY, drunk; a hard working man--lectured and discharged.
- Peter A. GRANT, drunk; sent up for ten days.
- Ann MCMANUS, Andrew CURRAN and Ann VAUGHN, all old offenders, were up for drunkenness, and sent over for thirty days each.
- Rose MURPHY, drunk; had a sick child--sent to the Poorhouse for six months.

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