Troy Daily Times
August 1, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

A son of John FERRIS, of Waterviet, met with a sad accident yesterday. While handling some grain, he fell from a high scaffold upon the threshing floor and fractured his thigh. Drs. FREEMAN and MEAD were called, who set the broken bone and made the patient as comfortable as the nature of the case would admit.

- Banking and Insurance Agency of George Parish OGDEN, Green's Building, Albany Street, Troy, NY. Loans negotiated on Bank, Railroad and Insurance Stocks, and on all established securities. Business pap(?) discounted or advanced upon. Fire, Life, Inland and Marine Insurances effected in first-class offices.
- Sterns' Fulton House, Opp. North end Union Railroad Depot, Troy, N.Y. This house is now open for the accommodation of the public, having been newly painted, papered and refurnished. Terms, $1.25 per day.

Henry SEWELL and Martin QUINN were arrested yesterday, and locked up in jail, on two separate charges of disorderly conduct and petit larceny. SEWALL was arrested by officer UPHAM, and QUINN by officer C.R. SQUIRES. In the afternoon, a canal boat Captain, named M.D. CRANDALL, came to the Detective Police office, and said that a horse worth $100 had been stolen from him that morning. The Detectives found the horse at Luther MCCOY's, to whom the above prisoners had sold it for $10. SEWALL, it appears, worked for CRANDALL, and brought the horse to the city, when he disposed of it as above. The prisoners were brought before Justice PARMENTER this morning, and examined on the charge of grand larceny. MCCOY testified that he bought the horse for $10, although he said it was worth a great deal more. The testimony was conclusive, and the prisoners, who are notoriously bad men, were committed to jail to await trial, in default of $1000 bail. SEWALL is celebrated for his fleetness on foot, and the officer taking him to jail took the precaution of putting ribbons on both of the parties.

A large meeting of the French citizens of Troy, Albany, South Troy, West Troy, Cohoes and Lansingburgh, is to be held at the Republican Wigwam in the city, tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Addresses and speeches will be made in English and French. Among the speakers the following gentlemen have accepted: Dr. J.N. CADIEUX and James ROCH-LETTORE, of this city. Dr. CADIEUX will address the Americans, in English, and will make a review of the political events that have passed in Canada, in relation to the United States, since 1836, showing the great difference of true Democracy and the National Democracy of this country. Several other speakers from abroad will also address the meeting. All Americans who are in favor of Freedom and Lincoln, and especially the Wide Awakes, young or old, of the city, are invited. Let the Wigwam be crowded full in this demonstration of our friends the French citizens, who are in favor of free soil and free labor. Songs will be sung in French and English. The Albany Lafayette Guards have been invited and are expected to attend. Preparations are being made to make this one of the happiest meetings of Republican adopted citizens ever held in this section. Come! French citizens, awake! Remember, your brothers are not slow to rally to the flag of liberty in times of emergency! Come and let us hear you join us in one of your hearty shouts of "Vive La'Liberte."

- Charles MARTIN, drunk; resides in the country; discharged on promise to leave.
- Mary Ann CANALLY, habitual drunkenness; sent to jail for thirty days.
- James H. CLARK, assault and battery; settled on payment of costs.
- James DUNHAM, disorderly conduct; complainant failed to appear--prisoner discharged.
- James O'BRIEN, a good-looking and well-dressed boy of fourteen years, (the name given probably an alias,) was up for stealing fourteen dollars from Thos. O'BRIEN. The prisoner had been in jail several days, while the officer was trying to find his relatives. He told so many stories that the Court could not believe him; and he was sent to the Penitentiary at hard labor for three months.
- Thomas KELLY committed an assault and battery on Harriet SPOTTAN (or rather Mrs. Wm. LAWRENCE) and another; for which he was fined $15 or thirty days. Sent over.
- James GLASS was on trial on charge of assault and battery on Mary DAYTON.

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