Troy Daily Times
July 28, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

- William ALSTON, a well-known citizen, who had been arrested because of domestic troubles, attempted suicide on Tuesday, by cutting his throat with a razor and afterwards with a pocket-knife. He was discovered in the commission of the act, and arrested. He was placed in the lock-up until his mind became calm again.
- Thomas CALLAHAN, a miller, evidently insane, jumped into the Mohawk on Tuesday, but was finally rescued by a Frenchman, after much effort.

At a meeting of the Republicans of the Fourth Ward, held last evening pursuant to notice, the following officers were elected: President--John M. LANDON; Secretary--C.H. OSTRANDER; Treasurer--George B. SMITH. On motion, a committee of two were appointed by the Chair, consisting of George B. SMITH and D. WHITCOMB, to confer with the committee from the Third Ward, in relation to procuring a room. On motion, subscription lists were given to several members of the Club to procure funds for defraying the expenses of a Wide-Awake Club. On motion, the meeting adjourned to meet this--(Saturday) evening, at G. GEER's office, at 8 o'clock.

Benjamin MANN, father of the late Charles F., and an old citizen, died yesterday aged 72. He had lived in Troy sixty years.

- STAUDE's money drawer at his Congress street store was robbed of $20 last evening.
- Charles PATTERSON, of Schaghticoke, was one of the graduates at the commencement of Union College, Schenectady, on Thursday. His oration was entitled: "Ruins of Babylon."
- The second nine of Victory Base Ball Club defeated the second nine of the Excelsior Club, of West Troy, yesterday afternoon in a base ball match. The score was unusually close--28 to 30. The playing by the Excelsior club was very fine, and they deserve credit for the close manner in which they contested the game with the Troy club--the champions of this part of the State. A defeat by the Victory's is never a disgrace.
- The class of 1848 of Union College, of which Harvey J. KING is a member, met on Wednesday last. Twenty members of the class answered to their names, and nineteen were reported dead. Each member present gave an account of his life, and the recital was exceedingly interesting. The class resolved to meet again in 1865.

- Yesterday morning, Justice PARMENTER sentenced Ann COSGROVE, a noted offender, who was up for public intoxication, to thirty days confinement in jail; and also, John O'NEIL for ten days, for the same offence.
- This morning, Michael FOGERTY appeared in Court to answer a charge of disorderly conduct, preferred against him by William PETERS, but owing to the non-appearance of the complainant, he was discharged.
- William KATING, an old gray-headed man, was found lying in the street fast asleep, and taken to jail. He was sober and was on his way to New York. Allowed to pursue his journey.
- James BURKE was staggering drunk in the Depot yesterday afternoon. In default of $5 fine, he went over for five days.
- Mary DELAY will be tried on the 4th of August for drunkenness.
- Bridget HORTIGAN was up for being drunk and disorderly in an alley last night. She had her infant in her arms, and this being her first offence, she was merely lectured and discharged.
- Henry JACKSON was drunk and abusive to officer AGER, on the 25th inst., for which he was fined $5 or ten days in jail, and committed in default of payment of fine.
- Matthew MCMAHON was charged with vagrancy, and then sent back to jail till Monday morning to ascertain if a Mr. HOWE was willing to employ him, as the prisoner alleged.
- Patrick RILEY got a little drunk and was rather noisy. Is a stranger looking for employment, and wished to go to Albany. He was allowed to go.

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