Troy Daily Times
July 20, 1860

The following newspaper extract was submitted by Colleen Boose.

In this city, Thursday evening, 19th inst., Annie E., wife of H.S. BLAKEMAN, aged 24 years and 5 months. Funeral will take place from the residence of her father, Nicholas SAGENDORF, No. 164 Eighth street, at 2 o'clock tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.

The funeral of Mrs. A.C. DANIELS will take place tomorrow, at 3 o'clock P.M., from No. 169 First street. The friends of the family are invited to attend.

Two children, aged two and three years, sons of John GRIMES, residing on Genessee street, and J. CARDYN, on Burlington street, West Troy, were wandering in the vicinity of their homes, yesterday, when they found some stink-weed, or 'datura stamonium', growing in a yard near by, and proceeded to eat some of the seeds. They went home, and immediately the peculiar symptoms of this kind of poison manifested themselves--a rash like scarlet fever and terrible convulsions. A physician from this city was called, and administered strong emetics. The CARDYN boy was in no danger, but it was feared last evening that the GRIMES lad would die.

One of those pleasant interludes in the life of a teacher took place in the Tenth Ward School, yesterday afternoon in the presentation of two valuable presents by the teachers and pupils of that school to their efficient and worthy principal, Mr. Isaac W. DUNHAM. The presentation was made by Master SINSABAUGH, one of the pupils, with a neat and appropriate address. Mr. D. in returning his acknowledgments was much affected, and addressed the scholars in a tender and affectionate manner.

The Arena says that on Sunday night, the residence of Mr. ROSS, on Ninth street, was entered by a burglar. Mr. R. was absent in New York, and no one but Mrs. ROSS was at home. She heard the burglar at work in the house, and arming herself with a large chisel, confronted the rascal and drove him out of the house. It is a pity Mrs. ROSS did not have a revolver, for we have no doubt she would have given him its contents.

At the Commencement exercises of Hamilton College, Rev. Herrick JOHNSON, Associate Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, delivered one of the Master's Orations, and Mr. Frank B. WILLARD of the senior class, also a Trojan, received one of the prizes for oratory.

- It is understood the Artillery are practicing for a target shoot to come off some time in September. The 'Arena' says Capt. PARK intends marching his company from this city to North Adams, a distance of fifty miles, where the exercise will take place. They will be absent two days and will return by cars.
- Col. CARR of the Twenty-fourth Regiment, and Col. BRYAN, of the Twenty-fifth Regiment, have arranged to bring their regiments together, and have a grand drill. It will take place in September, and the regiments will meet between this city and Albany.
- Jas. K. SELLICK has been appointed by Brig. Gen. ALLEN, to the post of Aid-de-Camp in his staff.

HEENAN, the pugilist, was in town today. He came up on the Hudson River train, and at once went to his home in West Troy, where his father, Timothy, is quite ill. His presence hereabout was known only to a few friends, and it is understood that he is to return to New York at once. This morning HEENAN breakfasted at the Troy House, was cheered by the boys, and took a coach for Cohoes. He looks well, and says he feels first-rate.

HEENAN, the pugilistic champion, presented to Mr. J. LARKIN, of Cohoes, this morning, an elegant gold hunting watch, which he procured to be manufactured in England expressly for presentation to Mr. LARKIN. HEENAN made an appropriate speech, to which the overjoyed recipient responded. The whole affair is said to have been exceedingly pleasant.

- Edward BARRY was complained of by his wife for disorderly conduct; the parties are respectable and were heartily ashamed of being in Court. The wife wished to withdraw the complaint, and was allowed to do so.
- Ellen BRADBURY, petit larceny; charged with stealing from Absent TAYLOR the sum of $20. Although duly subpoenaed to appear, Absent was absent, and the prisoner was discharged.
- John RILEY, public intoxication; in default of $5 fine he was sent over for five days.

- William CULLY; drunk; promised to go to work--let off.
- James EDMONDS, drunk; lives in Washington county, and had lost all his money--let off.
- Ellen CAWTHORNE, disorderly conduct; let off.
- Mary CAULEY, disorderly conduct; fined $3 or jail six days.

The excursion of the North Second street Methodist Sabbath School to Saratoga yesterday, was in all respects one of the most agreeable affairs of the season. The train consisted of sixteen well laden cars--the children being accompanied by large numbers of adult friends, who embraced the opportunity for a day of amusement. Owing to various delays, the start was not made until half past 9 o'clock. Shortly before 12, the party reached Saratoga, and at once resorted to the Pavilion Grove, where ample provision had been made for them. Here, with general and private dinners, singing and swinging, a concert by DORRING'S Band and other incidentals of festivity, the time passed most agreeably away until the hour for starting upon the return voyage-- 4 1/2 o'clock. No accident marred the pleasures of the day, and the party reached home at 6 1/2 o'clock, fully satisfied that they had been vouch-safed the enjoyments of one of the most delightful excursions of the season. Superintendent CLEMINSHAW and those who assisted him in arranging the details of the affair, have certainly established a claim to public gratitude.--A feature of the day as credible as it was agreeable, was the attendance of the children of the Troy Orphan Asylum, who went up as guests of the school. They had a car entirely to themselves; a separate table, abundantly provided, was spread for them in the Grove, and every possible attention was paid to their comfort. The children fully appreciated their privileges, and there were none happier among the excursionists.

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