Civil War Soldiers of the
169th Regiment New York
Company K

Alexander, Daniel, Private
Allen, William, Private
Andrew, Allen S., Private
Barranger, Joseph, Private
Brown, Harlem, Private
Bryon, Lewis, Private
Cary, D. J., 1st Lieut.
Caswell, James, Wagoner
Chevalier, David, Private
Church, E. W., Private
Clark, Charles H., Private
Clarkson, Alfred D., Private
Clute, John, Private
Conlon, John, Private
Conway, James, Private
Cooper, William, Private
Cranell, Ezra, Private
Deane, John C., Private
Delaire, Francis, Private
Druar, William, Private
Duncan, David, Private
Duryee, Benjamin, Private
Farrell, John, 4th Sergt.
Fay, James, Private
Ferguson, Daniel, Capt.
Flury, John, Private
Fogarty, Thomas, Private
Follett, Joseph B., Private
Forfar, John, 6th Corp.
Fox, Dennis W., Private
Frazer, William, Private
Fuller, Clarkson D., Drummer
Gahern, Patrick, Private
Gass, John, 1st Corp.
Glass, James, Private
Griggs, William E., Private
Hackett, John, Private
Hayes, Henry, Private
Hedges, John W., Private
Heimstreet, James, Private
Hoffman, James, Private
Hutchinson, James, Private
Hydorn, Edward, Private
Icke, John P., 2d Corp.
Kenelly, John, Private
Kent, William, Private
Kirkpatrick, A., Private
Knapp, Elijah, Private
McCormick, Patrick, Private
McGovern, Hugh, Private
McMurray, George W., Private
Mercy, William, Private
Merill, Charles D., 1st Sergt.
Mower, Jacob H., Private
Nobles, Stephen, Private
Penny, Edward, 5th Sergt.
Porter, I. G., Private
Powers, John, Private
Prescott, Andrew, Private
Quinn, John, 8th Corp.
Quinn, John, Private
Remington, Charles N., Private
Riley, Thomas, Private
Riley, William, Private
Rogers, John B., Private
Rogers, John W., Private
Rowley, Silas, 5th Corp.
Ryan, James, 7th Corp.
Salisbury, Gilbert H., Private
Salisbury, H., Drummer
Setser, Cornelius M., 2d Sergt.
Shannon, Joseph, Private
Shields, Alexander, Private
Smith, Charles, Private
Smith, E. R., 2d Lieut.
Smith, F. H., Private
Smith, James M., Private
Spotten, Samuel, Private
Straight, James H., 3d Sergt.
Taylor, James, Private
Tompkins, Albert, Private
Vaughn, Michael, Private
Waldruff, Abraham, Private
Weaver, Harrison, 3d Corp.
Welch, Robert, 4th Corp.
White, Joseph, Private

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