Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company G

Allen, Charles H, Private
Allen, Charles P, Private
Andres, George C, Private
Andres, John P, 4th Corporal
Babcock, G W, Private
Barber, Joseph H, Private
Bell, J P, Private
Bennett, George, Private
Bicknel, William, Private
Blackburn, William, 2d Sergeant
Bogert, David, 3d Sergeant
Boucha, Excelsior, Private
Bouplon, John, Private
Brophy, Michael, Private
Brown, Daniel, Private
Brown, Solomon, Private
Buckman, H, Private
Bullis, Nelson, Private
Burdick, A S, Private
Bush, Sidney, Private
Cahart, Alfred, Private
Campbell, A, Private
Clark, John, Private
Conley, P, Private
Cornelius, Abram, Private
Cornwell, J G L, Private
Costello, John, Private
Cox, Peter, Private
Crandall, Levy H, 5th Sergeant
Croney, P, Private
Cross, Francis, Private
Davis, William, Jr, Private
Donnelly, Luke, Private
Dulfer, Christian, Private
Earing, Joseph, Private
Ebert, Casper, Private
Ellis, Axiel H, 1st Corporal
Ellis, James, Private
Fuller, E A, Private
Gainer, William, Private
Gilloon,, Denis, Private
Hammond, J, Jr, 7th Corporal
Harrigan, Michael, Private
Higby, Martin, Private
Higgins, Caleb, Private
Hines, Joseph, Private
Hogeboom, Charles, Private
Hongustein, Augustus, Private
Horton, William, Private
Hough, William, Private
Johnston, Samuel H, 5th Corporal
Kearn, John, Private
Knap, Rensselaer, Private
Lansbury, James, Private
Lemon, George E, Captain
Lord, G A, 3d Corp
McDonnal, George, Private
McGinnis, William, Private
McLaughlin, Daniel D, Private
Merchant, George L, Private
Merchant, Joseph H, Private
Miller, John, Private
Miller, Merritt, 1st Sergeant
Miller, Thomas F, Private
Miller, William H, Private
Moore, Anson, Private
Morris, Charles H, Private
Mulford, John H, Private
Newcomb, W K, 1st Lieutenant
Northrop, G W, Private
Norton, Daniel, Private
O'Neal, Charles, Private
Ostrander, N W, Private
Peckham, Braddock H, 8th Corporal
Pettitt, G W, Private
Picard, William H, Private
Post, A G, Private
Pullen, William E, Private
R?kel, Robert, Private
Race, George H, Private
Rock, William, Private
Rockerfeller, Abram, Private
Rose, David, Private
Schemerhorn, William S, Private
Shaughnessy, Martin, Private
Shavor, E P, 2d Corporal
Shields, Robert, Private
Simmons, J T, Private
Sipperly, G H, Private
Slemmer, Charles, Private
Slemmer, Jacob, Private
Slemmer, William, Private
Southwick, W H, Private
Springsteen, Alexander, 4th Sergeant
Stansill, James B, Private
Stevens, L H, 2d Lieutenant
Thorburn, Harry N, 6th Corporal
Thorn, Francis, Private
Tobias, George, Private
Van Buren, John H, Private
Waters, John, Private
Watts, Robert, Private
Webster, Daniel, Private
Williams, Samuel, Private
Young, Joseph

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