Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company F

Babcock, Charles W, 4th Sergeant
Belden, George H, Private
Bennit, Henry, Private
Brisland, Edward, Private
Brown, John, II, Private
Brown, John, Private
Burton, Henry E, 2d Corporal
Bushey, Christmas, Private
Campbell, John, Private
Canfield, Thomas, Private
Cannavan, Richard, Private
Carroll, James, Private
Chamberlin, Frank, 1st Lieutenant
Churchill, Lee, 2d Sergt
Cipperly, Washington J, Private
Cleminshaw, Sherman, 3d Sergeant
Cook, Rodolphus M, Private
Corbett, Andrew, Private
Cropsey, William, Private
Daveport, Henry J, Private
Deal, John Henry, Private
Deforrest, Edward, Private
DeFreest, Sylvester, Private
Dempsey, Henry L, Private
Devane, Thomas, Private
Dutcher, Edward H, 8th Corporal
Eaton, John T, Private
Farrell, Lawrence, Private
Fennuft, Stanislaus, Private
Finnegan, Bernard, Private
Fleming, John, Private
Frear, Charles H, Private
Gilbert, Uri, Private
Gray, George, Private
Griffiths, Josiah, Private
Hagadorn, Ezra H, Private
Hall, Clarke, Private
Hayner, George W, Private
Healy, Thomas, Private
Henning, William, Private
Hensen, Stephen, Private
Herring, Henry E, Private
Hopkins, Thomas, Private
Jenkins, George W, 1st Corporal
Kahony, Hugh, Private
Kastin, John, Private
Kilmer, Sandford, Private
Kirkpatrick, Andrew J, Private
Lawler, Edward, Private
Lawler, Martin, Private
Lee, Emerson D, Private
Martin, William R, Private
Mason, Leonard J, Private
Mason, Peleg H, Private
McGill, John, Private
Mealy, John C, 3d Corporal
Meeker, John D, Private
Mitchell, William, Private
Moon, Alfred, Private
Moon, James, Private
Moon, William H H, Private
Morgan, John F, 1st Sergeant
Mullin, William T, Private
Paguin, Raphael, Private
Parke, Elias R, Private
Penfield, Nelson, Captain
Perry, Charles H, Private
Perry, Josephus, Private
Pinney, Cyrus, Private
Raynard, F?ch, Private
Roberts, Pope C, 7th Corporal
Schofield, Andrew, Private
Scholan, Henry E, Private
Schrempf, Frank, Private
Short, Joseph B, Private
Simpkins, Thomas, Private
Sipperly, Ezra, Private
Smith, Lewis F, Private
Snyder, James, Private
Taylor, Richard H, Private
Taylor, William D, 2d Lieutenant
Tompkins, Bethute P, Private
Town, George E, Private
Upham, Morgan S, Private
Utter, Gilbert, 4th Corporal
Vanderpool, Garrett, Private
Vassar, James P, Private
Vedder, George W, 5th Corporal
Wark, William, Private
Wester, Adolph, Private
Wicks, George, Private
Wills, Henry O, Private
Winnel, Robert I, Private
Wiswal, James A, Private
Worden, Hiram W, Private
Wright, Thomas, 6th Corporal
Yates, Abraham, Private

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