Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company C

Adams, John, II, Private
Adams, John, Private
Atkinson, John M, Private
Burgess, Henry, Private
Campbell, Charles, Private
Carroll, James, Private
Cassidy, Samuel, Private
Clark, A B, Private
Cole, Charles H, Private
Cole, Josiah, Private
Dillenbeck, John W, Private
Durkin, William D, 2d Corporal
Esmond, F S, Captain
Goewey, Oliver, Private
Kendal, Joseph W, Private
Limham, Thomas, Private
Martin, James, Private
Morrison, Daniel, Private
Payden, Alexander, Private
Plumb, W H, Jr, 1st Lieutenant
Redfield, Amasa M, Private
Roberts, Nathan S, Private
Rose, R A, 1st Corporal
Sands, Michael J, Private
Simmons, David L, Private
Tucker, Hugh, Private
Willson, Alfred, Private

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