Civil War Soldiers of the
125th Regiment New York
Company A

Agan, Calvin, Private
Baker, Solomon, Private
Baldwin, Edward A, Private
Ball, J David, 5th Corporal
Barber, George, Teamster
Bates, Charles, Private
Beagle, Elijah, Private
Bennett, Stutely, Private
Bennett, Joseph H, Private
Berrall, Martin E, Private
Bowers, Albert A, Private
Brimmer, L D, Private
Brock, Ira, Private
Brown, Jerome, Private
Buckley, Daniel, Private
Bump, Ichabod, Private
Burdick, Samuel C, Private
Burns, John, Private
Callen, William A, 5th Sergeant
Carmody, Bartholomew, Private
Church, Clark A, Private
Cobb, Daniel L, Private
Congdon, James, 3d Corporal
Coon, Joseph, Private
Coon, Leloa, 4th Sergeant
Corbin, Nathan, Private
Cornell, Dudley E, Captain
Crandall, John S, Private
Crandall, William C, Private
Cutbush, James, Private
Darius, Zebulon, Private
Dill, Almond, Private
Donahue, David, Private
Dooley, Edward, Private
Dumbleon, Charles E, Private
Dunham, Jesse T, 2d Sergeant
Durkee, Albert S, Private
Estes, Lozen, Private
GardnerCharles, Private
Gates, Nathaniel, Private
Gibbons, Thomas, Private
Godby, Edward B, Private
Green, Alonzo, Private
Green, Cortland, Private
Grogan, David M, Private
Hakes, William H, 2d Lieutenant
Hartshorn, E Alonzo, 1st Lieutenant
Hawthorn, John, Private
Hawthorn, Ira D, 4th Corporal
Haynor, Charles E, Private
Howard, George W, Private
Jones, Daniel B, Private
Jones, Peter H, 7th Corporal
Keach, Israel, Private
Kenyon, Geo W, Private
Letcher, Theron, 8th Corporal
Lockwood, William G, Private
Love, Jason, Private
MacCumber, Charles H, Private
MacCumber, Thomas N, Private
Maim, Charles H, Private
Matteson, Martin V B, 6th Corporal
Mattison, Harlo L, Private
McChesney, S V R, Private
McDonald, George, Private
Merithew, Samuel, Private
Millis, Danford P, Private
Niles, John R, Private
O'Conner, Edward, 1st Sergeant
O'Connor, William, Private
Odell, Benjamin, Private
Odell, Daniel A, Private
Odell, Jabez, Private
Oderkirk, Charles, Private
Patterson, Robert, Private
Potter, Jesse, Private
Pratt, Charles, Private
Reinolds, Lewis, Private
Reynolds, Albert, Private
Rifenburgh, Levi, Private
Riley, James, Private
Rising, Charles, Private
Rising, John, Private
Rogers, Patrick, Private
Russell, Richard, Private
Russell, Samuel D, Private
Sears, William, Private
Selby, Rallph, Private
Sibley, Warren A, Private
Smith, James, Private
Snyder, Henry L, Private
Snyder, John, Private
Spotten, Samuel, Private
Sweet, Naton, Private
Sweet, Silas E, Private
Sweet, Amos B, 3d Sergeant
Sweet, Charles B, 2d Corporal
Thornton, Joseph, Private
Tilley, James L, Private
Tripp, Cornelius V, Private
Varnum, Jedediah, Private
Wager, Charles L, Private
Wager, Isaac, Private
Waite, Irving S, 1st Corporal
Williams, Franklin, Private
Wilson, David H, Private
Yandaw, Benjamin, Private

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