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On this page, we provide links to all the deed transcriptions and deed abstracts that have been submitted to us. We also provide tables showing which record office holds which deeds, which years are covered by which deed books and by which grantors' and grantees' indexes, and which LDS microfilm numbers cover which deed books and which deed indexes. If you have a deed (or a deed abstract) that pertains to land or property in Rensselaer County and would like to share the information with others, please email Debby Masterson.

ANDREWS, David and wife Louisa, to Hiram VAN BUREN, 1855 Abstract
BAKER, John and wife Jane, to George LABENTER, 1857 Abstract
BARRINGER, Jesse and others, to NY State Realty & Terminal Co, 1924 Deed
CLAPP, John, heirs of, to Hiram VAN BUREN, 1852 Abstract
LAGRANGE, Abraham J., to David PHILLIPS [Sr.], 1847Abstract
MESICK, Thomas and wife Martha Ann, to Hiram VAN BUREN, 1868 Abstract
MORRIS, Darius and wife Jane, to Deacons of Nassau DRC Abstract
PHILLIPS, David [Sr.], heirs of Deed
PHILLIPS, David, Jr. and wife Bathsheba, to Cyrus C. PHILLIPS, 1853 Abstract
PHILLIPS, David [Sr.], to Joseph PHILLIPS, 1843 Abstract
PHILLIPS, David [Sr.], to Cyrus C. PHILLIPS, 1852 Abstract
PHILLIPS, David [Sr.], to Cyrus C. PHILLIPS, 1852 Abstract
PHILLIPS, James and wife Dorothy, to John P. ULINE, 1840 Abstract
VAN BUREN, Hiram, and Maria WIEDERWAX, land swap, 1859 Abstract
VAN BUREN, Hiram and wife Mary Ann, to James M. DUBOIS, 1853 Abstract
VAN BUREN, John and wife Lucretia, to Hiram VAN BUREN, 1865 Abstract
VAN DEUSEN, John P., to Walter VAN DEUSEN, 1909 Abstract
VAN RENSSELAER, Stephen, to David PHILLIPS [Sr.], 1838 Abstract
WENDELL, Philip, heirs of, to David PHILLIPS, 1816 Abstract

WHICH DEEDS ARE HELD WHERE: Deeds for land and certain types of other property (including, prior to 1827, slaves) are recorded by the Rensselaer County Clerk, from the time of the creation of the county, in 1791, to the present day. Deeds as well as mortgage records and court records are in the Records Room Department of the Rensselaer County Clerk's Office, which is housed in the annex behind the Rensselaer County Courthouse. Members of the public may research in person during normal office hours without an appointment. The address is given below. Deeds for property in what is now Rensselaer County that were registered prior to 1791 are in the deed books of Albany County, NY. This address is also given below.

Addresses of County Clerks
Rensselaer County Clerk
Records Room Department
Rensselaer County Clerk's Office
105 Third Street
Troy, NY 12180
(at corner of Congress Street)

Tel: (518) 270-4080
Fax: (518) 271-7998
Email: E-form only, available online

Hours*: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri - 8.30am-5.00pm;
Thurs - 8.30am-7.00pm

Albany County Clerk
32 North Russell Road
Albany, NY 12206-1324
(off Central Avenue, next to Westgate Plaza)

Tel: (518) 487-5100
Fax: (518) 487-5099

Hours*: Mon-Fri - 9.00am-4.45pm

(* These hours are correct at the time of writing; however, you are advised to telephone
to confirm these opening hours before setting out, in case they may have changed.)

WHICH WILL BOOKS COVER WHICH YEARS: A table below shows which Rensselaer County deed books cover which years. In all cases, the years given are the years in which a deed was recorded; the date on which a deed was written may be anywhere from a few minutes earlier to several decades earlier. The LDS Church's Family History Library microfilm number is also offered, for your convenience in ordering the original of your ancestor's deed. You may order deeds up to the year 1901 through your local LDS Family History Center; if you don't already know where your nearest FHC is, you can find out here. Deeds for years after 1901 can be accessed through the Rensselaer County Register of Deeds.

Rensselaer County, NY Deed Books
Volume NumbersYearsMicrofilm Number
Deed Books 1-21791-1801FHL US/CAN Film 469933
Deed Books 3-41801-1808FHL US/CAN Film 469934
Deed Books 5-61808-1815FHL US/CAN Film 546697
Deed Books 7-81815-1821FHL US/CAN Film 546698
Deed Books 9-101821-1823FHL US/CAN Film 546699
Deed Books 11-121823-1825FHL US/CAN Film 546700
Deed Books 13-141825-1826FHL US/CAN Film 546701
Deed Books 15-161826-1827FHL US/CAN Film 546702
Deed Books 17-181826-1828FHL US/CAN Film 546703
Deed Books 19-201828-1829FHL US/CAN Film 546704
Deed Books 21-221829-1830FHL US/CAN Film 546705
Deed Books 23-241830-1831FHL US/CAN Film 546706
Deed Books 25-261831-1832FHL US/CAN Film 546707
Deed Books 27-281832-1833FHL US/CAN Film 546708
Deed Book 291833-1834FHL US/CAN Film 546709
Deed Books 30-311832-1833FHL US/CAN Film 546710
Deed Books 32-331833-1834FHL US/CAN Film 546711
Deed Books 34-351834-1835FHL US/CAN Film 546712
Deed Books 36-371835-1836FHL US/CAN Film 546713
Deed Books 38-391835-1837FHL US/CAN Film 546714
Deed Books 40-411835-1836FHL US/CAN Film 546715
Deed Books 42-431836-1837FHL US/CAN Film 546716
Deed Books 44-451837-1838FHL US/CAN Film 546717
Deed Books 46-471838-1839FHL US/CAN Film 546718
Deed Book 481838-1839FHL US/CAN Film 569210
Deed Books 49-501839-1841FHL US/CAN Film 569211
Deed Books 51-521840-1842FHL US/CAN Film 569212
Deed Books 53-541841-1843FHL US/CAN Film 569213
Deed Books 55-561842-1843FHL US/CAN Film 569214
Deed Books 57-581843-1844FHL US/CAN Film 569215
Deed Books 59-601844-1845FHL US/CAN Film 569216
Deed Books 61-621844-1845FHL US/CAN Film 569217
Deed Books 63-641845-1846FHL US/CAN Film 569218
Deed Books 65-661846-1847FHL US/CAN Film 569219
Deed Books 67-681847FHL US/CAN Film 569220
Deed Books 69-701847-1848FHL US/CAN Film 569221
Deed Books 71-721848-1849FHL US/CAN Film 569222
Deed Books 73-741849-1850FHL US/CAN Film 569223
Deed Books 75-761849-1850FHL US/CAN Film 569224
Deed Books 77-781850-1851FHL US/CAN Film 569225
Deed Book 791851-1852FHL US/CAN Film 569226
Deed Books 80-811851-1852FHL US/CAN Film 569227
Deed Books 82-831852FHL US/CAN Film 569228
Deed Books 84-851852-1853FHL US/CAN Film 569229
Deed Books 86-871853FHL US/CAN Film 569230
Deed Books 88-891853-1854FHL US/CAN Film 569231
Deed Books 90-911853-1854FHL US/CAN Film 569232
Deed Books 92-931854FHL US/CAN Film 546829
Deed Books 94-951854-1855FHL US/CAN Film 546830
Deed Book 961855FHL US/CAN Film 546831
Deed Books 97-981855-1856FHL US/CAN Film 546832
Deed Book 991856FHL US/CAN Film 546833
Deed Books 100-1011856-1857FHL US/CAN Film 546834
Deed Book 1021857FHL US/CAN Film 546835
Deed Books 103-1041857-1858FHL US/CAN Film 546836
Deed Books 105 and 1081858-1859FHL US/CAN Film 546837
Deed Books 106-1071858-1859FHL US/CAN Film 546838
Deed Books 109-1101859-1860FHL US/CAN Film 546839
Deed Books 111-1121860-1861FHL US/CAN Film 546840
Deed Books 113-1141860-1862FHL US/CAN Film 546966
Deed Books 115-1161861-1862FHL US/CAN Film 546967
Deed Books 117-1181862-1863FHL US/CAN Film 546968
Deed Books 119-1201862-1863FHL US/CAN Film 546969
Deed Books 121-1221863-1864FHL US/CAN Film 546970
Deed Books 123-1241864FHL US/CAN Film 546971
Deed Books 125-1261864-1865FHL US/CAN Film 546972
Deed Books 127-1281864-1865FHL US/CAN Film 546973
Deed Books 129-1301865-1866FHL US/CAN Film 546974
Deed Books 131-1321866-1867FHL US/CAN Film 546975
Deed Books 133-1341866-1867FHL US/CAN Film 547915
Deed Books 135-1371867FHL US/CAN Film 547916
Deed Books 137-1381867-1868FHL US/CAN Film 547917
Deed Books 139-1401868FHL US/CAN Film 547918
Deed Books 141-1421868-1869FHL US/CAN Film 547919
Deed Books 143-1441868-1869FHL US/CAN Film 547920
Deed Books 145-1461869-1870FHL US/CAN Film 547921
Deed Books 147-1481870FHL US/CAN Film 547922
Deed Books 149-1501870-1871FHL US/CAN Film 547923
Deed Book 1511870-1871FHL US/CAN Film 547924
Deed Book 1521871FHL US/CAN Film 548503
Deed Book 1531871-1872FHL US/CAN Film 547888
Deed Books 154-1551871-1872FHL US/CAN Film 547889
Deed Books 156-1571872-1873FHL US/CAN Film 547890
Deed Book 1581872FHL US/CAN Film 547891
Deed Book 1591872-1873FHL US/CAN Film 547892
Deed Books 160-1611873FHL US/CAN Film 547893
Deed Books 162-1631873-1874FHL US/CAN Film 547894
Deed Books 164-1651874-1875FHL US/CAN Film 547895
Deed Books 166-1671874-1875FHL US/CAN Film 547896
Deed Books 168-1691875-1876FHL US/CAN Film 547897
Deed Book 1701875-1876FHL US/CAN Film 547898
Deed Book 1711876FHL US/CAN Film 547925
Deed Books 172-1731876-1877FHL US/CAN Film 547926
Deed Books 174-1751877FHL US/CAN Film 547927
Deed Books 176-1771877-1878FHL US/CAN Film 547928
Deed Books 178-1791878FHL US/CAN Film 547929
Deed Books 180-1811878-1879FHL US/CAN Film 547930
Deed Books 182-1831879FHL US/CAN Film 547931
Deed Books 184-1851879-1880FHL US/CAN Film 547932
Deed Books 186-1871879-1880FHL US/CAN Film 547933
Deed Books 188-1891880-1881FHL US/CAN Film 547934
Deed Books 190-1911880-1881FHL US/CAN Film 547935
Deed Books 192-1931881FHL US/CAN Film 547936
Deed Books 194-1951881-1882FHL US/CAN Film 547937
Deed Books 196-1971882FHL US/CAN Film 547938
Deed Books 198-1991882-1883FHL US/CAN Film 547939
Deed Books 200-2011882-1883FHL US/CAN Film 547940
Deed Books 202-2031883FHL US/CAN Film 547941
Deed Books 204-2051883-1884FHL US/CAN Film 547942
Deed Books 206-2071884FHL US/CAN Film 547943
Deed Book 2081884FHL US/CAN Film 547944
Deed Books 209-2101884-1885FHL US/CAN Film 548112
Deed Books 211-2121885FHL US/CAN Film 548113
Deed Books 213-2141885-1886FHL US/CAN Film 548114
Deed Book 2151886FHL US/CAN Film 548115
Deed Books 216-2171886-1887FHL US/CAN Film 548116
Deed Books 218-2191887FHL US/CAN Film 548117
Deed Books 220-2211887-1888FHL US/CAN Film 548118
Deed Books 222-2231888FHL US/CAN Film 548119
Deed Books 224-2251888-1889FHL US/CAN Film 548120
Deed Books 226-2271889FHL US/CAN Film 548121
Deed Book 2281889FHL US/CAN Film 548504
Deed Books 229-2301889-1890FHL US/CAN Film 547999
Deed Books 231-2321890FHL US/CAN Film 548000
Deed Books 233-2341890-1891FHL US/CAN Film 548001
Deed Books 235-2361891FHL US/CAN Film 548002
Deed Books 237-2381892FHL US/CAN Film 548003
Deed Books 239-2401892-1893FHL US/CAN Film 548004
Deed Books 241-2421893FHL US/CAN Film 548005
Deed Books 243-2441893-1894FHL US/CAN Film 548006
Deed Books 245-2461894FHL US/CAN Film 548007
Deed Books 247-2481894-1895FHL US/CAN Film 549855
Deed Books 249-2501895FHL US/CAN Film 549856
Deed Books 251-2521895-1896FHL US/CAN Film 549857
Deed Book 2531896FHL US/CAN Film 549858
Deed Books 254-2551896-1897FHL US/CAN Film 549859
Deed Book 2561897FHL US/CAN Film 549860
Deed Books 257-2581897FHL US/CAN Film 549861
Deed Books 259-2601897-1898FHL US/CAN Film 549862
Deed Book 2611898FHL US/CAN Film 549863
Deed Books 262-2631898FHL US/CAN Film 549864
Deed Books 264-2651898-1899FHL US/CAN Film 549865
Deed Book 2661899FHL US/CAN Film 549866
Deed Books 267-2681899FHL US/CAN Film 549867
Deed Books 269-2701899FHL US/CAN Film 549868
Deed Books 271-2721899-1900FHL US/CAN Film 549869
Deed Books 273-2741900FHL US/CAN Film 549870
Deed Books 275-2761900FHL US/CAN Film 549871
Deed Book 2771900-1901FHL US/CAN Film 549872

Rensselaer County Deed Indexes
Type and surname initialYears coveredMicrofilm Number
Grantees A-C 1791-1895 468071
Grantees D-G 1791-1895 468072
Grantees H-L 1791-1895 468073
Grantees M-O 1791-1895 468074
Grantees P-T 1791-1895 468075
Grantees U-Z 1791-1895 468076
Grantees A-D 1896-1911 468077
Grantees E-I 1896-1911 468078
Grantees J-R 1896-1911 468079
Grantees S-Z 1896-1911 468080
Grantees A-D 1912-1947 469663
Grantees E-G 1912-1947 469664
Grantees H-M 1912-1947 469665
Grantees N-R 1912-1947 469666
Grantees S-Z 1912-1947 469667
Grantees A-C 1948-1960 469668
Grantees D-K 1948-1960 469669
Grantees L-O 1948-1960 469670
Grantees P-Z 1948-1960 469671
Grantors A-B 1791-1895 469672
Grantors C-E 1791-1895 469673
Grantors F-G 1791-1895 469674
Grantors H-K 1791-1895 469675
Grantors L-M 1791-1895 469676
Grantors N-R 1791-1895 469677
Grantors S-V 1791-1895 469678
Grantors W-Z 1791-1895 469679
Grantors A-G 1896-1911 469680
Grantors H-Q 1896-1911 469681
Grantors R-Z 1896-1911 469682
Grantors A-C 1912-1947 469683
Grantors D-G 1912-1947 469684
Grantors H-L 1912-1947 469685
Grantors M-P 1912-1947 469686
Grantors Q-V 1912-1947 469924
Grantors W-Z 1912-1947 469925
Grantors A-G 1948-1960 469926
Grantors H-O 1948-1960 469927
Grantors P-Z 1948-1960 469928

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