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SABIN. Seeking information on the SABIN family who moved to Athen, PA. Names include David, Stephen and Morris K. Fran and Cheryl Grover 0297

SABIN, Joshua and Ezra. Seeking information about Joshua SABIN d. Feb 1825 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY, and Ezra E. Sabin b. 31 May 1790 in Berlin, Rensselaer, NY m. abt 1818 to Elizabeth "Betsey" HOWE. Also seeking someone who does volunteer research in Rensselaer Co. 1297 [email address updated in Feb 2005]

SABIN, CUTLER. Seeking information about William Washington SABIN, b. abt 1783, d. 23 Sept 1815 in Petersburgh, NY, m. 26 Nov 1807 in Stephentown (now Somers) to Olive CUTLER, b. 5 Oct 1787 in East Thompson, Windham Co, CT, d. 29 Mar 1859 in Milton, Rock Co, WI. Children: (1) Dr. Orange SABIN, b. 4 Aug 1808 in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co, NY, d. 28 Feb 1893 in West Almond, Allegany Co, NY (he was postmaster, surveyor and physician and owned 140 acres at Amenia, Dutchess Co, NY); (2) Rebecca SABIN, b. 30 Nov 1809; (3) Huldah SABIN, b. 13 May 1811 in Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co, NY, d. 19 Sept 1902 in Nortonville, Jefferson Co, KS; (4) William SABIN; (5) George Washington SABIN, b. 4 Jul 1815. 1097

SABIN, NILES. Seeking information about Capt. Joshua SABIN b. 1760 in Dutchess Co., NY d. 1 Feb 1825 in Stephentown, NY m. abt 1778 to Desire NILES. Joshua was a soldier at age 14 and commissioned a Capt in 1792. He must have been in both the Rev. War and Civil War. This info was found at LDS but have not been able to verify any of it. Looking for some record to verify any of this information. 1297 [email address updated in Feb 2005]

SANDERS, Hezekiah. Seeking any information about Hezekiah SANDERS and/or Hezekiah SANDERS Jr. found in 1800 US census of Rensselaer Co NY from IGI disk. Hezekiah Sr. page 916 10101-10001-000. Hezekiah Jr. page 905 20010--20010-000. Searches of 1790 & 1810 census no data. Bible record in Tishomingo Co MS say Hezekiah came to America from Scotland to NY. Have been unable to verify this from various ship pasenger list searches by several professionals. Found a son Hiram SANDERS in Tuscaloosa Co AL in 1850 and 1860 census stating he was born in NY.1814/15, married1845 Epsa SNIDER? and lists children, one who is in my spouse's line. Hiram died 17 Aug 1869 in Tishomingo Co MS and I have seen his home made stone with his name and death date only. Any data on this SANDERS family would be a God send for my spouses Sanders line. Would like date of immigration, if born in Scotland, spouses name etc. Kelly L. Elmore, Jr. 13 Sylvan Way, Marietta, OH 45750 0498

SANTERRE, John Henri. Seeking information on John Henri SANTERRE and his descendents. I believe John was born in France in 1851. According to the 1910 census he emigrated to New York City in 1871. His wife, Adeline emigrated in 1867 from Canada. They had several children: William, George, John, Joseph, Arthur, Mary, Adaline annd Evaline. I am a descendent of Arthur. From city directories, the SANTERRE family seemed to live in Watervliet or Troy. Maggie Deitsch 0197

SAUER, DOWNS. I am seeking information on William SAUER b. in New City, NY. His parents were Henry SAUER and Lida DOWNS. Especially interested in the parents of Lida DOWNS and Henry SAUER. Arthur Sauer 0898

SCHEWEBEL, OXENHANDLER. I am looking for information on FRANK and SARAH Schewebel. Frank was the owner of the Troy Light Co, and Sarah maiden name was Oxenhandler. Syndi I Tenhagen 0698

SCHOUTEN, MCLEAN. Seeking informaiton about the families of Circk SCHOUTEN and Margaret MCLEAN in Rensselaer Co. between 1745 and 1786. I've found information that they also may be listed as Richard SCHOUTEN and Peggy MCLANE. I would welcome and appreciate any information, death, marriages or children. 0697

SCHRYVER, LAWTON. Seeking parents and marriage record of William Henry SCHRYVER b. Catskill, NY and Sarah LAWTON b. 1843 in Hudson, NY., daughter of Robert and Elizabeth LAWTON. When did Elizabeth die? William and Sarah moved to Rutland, VT, but cannot locate his family or marriage. Sue Schwab 0197 [email address supplied in 1997 no longer works in February 2005]

SCRIBNER, ROGERS. Seeking information about Reuben SCRIBNER b. abt 1792 and Sarah ROGERS b. abt 1790 in Hoosick, NY, daughter of Isaac ROGERS and Rhoda CHASE. Reuben and Sarah were in the Adams Co., NY census. They lived in Egota, Olster Co., MN in 1883. Did they have children? When did they die? Where are they buried? Alice Corbett 0197

SCRIVEN, EDDY. Seeking information about Lewis S. SCRIVEN b. 3 Dec 1851 in Hoosick, NY m. 5 Oct 1874 to Maria EDDY b. 20 Oct 1853. Seeking Maria EDDY's birthplace, their marriage place, and death information. We're also interested in information about Maria's parents. Russell EDDY and Fidelia M. CORY b. 11 Jun 1824 m. 5 Apr 1842. In 1880 census Lewis and Maria were living with Mariah SCRIVENS. Graeme Mann 0301

SCRIVEN, MOSHER. I would like to contact anyone related to William SCRIVEN and Mary MOSHER. William was born 6 Jun 1727 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI. He first married a Mercy LEWIS and had 10 children. Then he married Elipha ____ and had 1 child. Then he married Mary MOSHER and had 4 more. We cannot find the last marriage in RI, so we think it may have been in Rensselaer Co. as that is where they lived after RI. Someone has indicated the possibility Mary's parents were Hugh MOSHER and Mary SABIN. We would like information on Mary's birth, parents, marriage to William, and death. William is said to have died in January of 1827 at the age of 99 years and 7 months in or around Petersburg, Rensselaer County. Mary and the youngest daughter, Polly, supposedly died in a house fire around Grafton around 1810-1820. The family story is all their family records, Bible, etc., also were destroyed in the fire. Many of the 10 children of the 1st marriage also were in this county, so anyone connected to any of them, please contact me. Those 10 were Alice (m. Caleb Bassett), James (m. Marvel Davis, then Comfort Davis), John (m. Elsie Crandall), Joshua (m. Mercy Chapman), Hannah (m. Theophillis Larabee), William (m. Mary Saunders), Zebulon (m. Polly WEST), Mercy (m. Silas Jones), Thomas (m. Remember Crandall), and Joseph (m. Nancy Lewis). The 4 from my line were Matthias who married Anna SABIN, Benjamin who married Temperance SABIN, Sally who married Asa Larabee, and Polly. My line is through Matthias and Anna, and various theories of Anna's parents are: 1) John SABIN and Temperance; 2) Elijah SABIN; and 3) Stephen SABIN and Mary Ann MOSHER. Anna was said to have been born 10 Apr 1780 or 9 Nov 1778. The family eventually left Rensselaer Co. and Matthias and Anna then lived in Bradford Co., PA. Ed Scriven 1198

SEARS, LENARD. Seeking information about Charles E. SEARS born 1835-1844 in Rensselaer County, NY, married Ann LENARD born 1855-1864. Daughter: Harriet ("Hattie") E. SEARS born May 5, 1864. Linda Lang 0198 [email address updated in April 2006]

SEATON, Andrew. Seeking information on Andrew SEATON. Rensselaer Co. or eastern NY in late 1800s. Joseph Seaton 0197

SHARPE, HARRINGTON. I'm looking for any information on Ulric SHARPE, born 25 Feb 1892 in Rensselaer County. His daughter Elizabeth SHARPE was born there 13 May 1926. Ulric SHARPE married a Stella Elizabeth HARRINGTON. Jeanne 0598 [email address updated in June 2004]

SHAW, OBERT. Seeking information about Sarah Ann (Sally) SHAW,b. June 4, 1784 in Rensselaer Co., NY m. March 6, 1803 to Henry OBERT in Rensselaer Co., NY. Conrad Bauman 1098

SHAW, SAGE. Seeking information about Hellen Elizabeth SAGE, b. 11 January 1832 in Troy NY, d. 1863 in Lansing IA. Married about 1848 in Rensselaer Co. to Darwin Louis SHAW of Albany Co. NY. Need father's name confirmed -- we think it was Henry R. SAGE, brother of Russell SAGE, well-known in Rensselaer Co. in the 1800's. Any info on the SAGE family appreciated as well as anything on Darwin L. SHAW. Bill Gelvin 0798

SHEAK, BROWNELL. Betsey SHEAK (b. 9/1801) m. David BROWNELL (b. 3/1789); both born in NY state. Seeking information on their parents, marriage date, and/or siblings information. Suspect Christian Sheak listed in 1820 Rensselaer County NY Census may be Betsey's father. David and Betsey lived in 1820s and 1830s in or near Pittstown, Rensselaer Co. Their children were William, David N., Hosea, Harriet, Louisa, Eunica, Ruth & Mary. Doreen Brownell, 112 Mesa Road, Apartment C, Springfield, IL 62702. [email address given in February 1998 is no longer valid in March 2003; whether the submitter's snail-mail address is still valid is unknown]

SHELDON, BABCOCK. Stephen SHELDON and his wife Julia F. BABCOCK lived in Troy New York, circa 1860. I would like his ancestry and their descendants if you are researching them please contact me. Michelle Amsbury 1199

SHERE. Seeking information about Lewis and Ludewick SHERE who lived in Rensselaer Co. in 1800. I would be willing to exchange all SHERE genealogy with anyone interested. Brad Shere 1197

SHERLOCK. Seeking information about the SHERLOCK family of Rensselaer County, NY. Need to establish parentage of Hannah SHERLOCK born abt. 1807 in Rensselaer County. J. L.Webster 0598

SHERMAN, CRANDALL. Seeking information about the family of Murry SHERMAN, b. 1801 in the Schodack area, m. 1826 in NY to Patience CRANDALL. This couple divorced sometime after 1842. Murry's brothers are William SHERMAN, Ichabod SHERMAN, Jeremiah SHERMAN and James SHERMAN. Patience's siblings are James CRANDALL, Elijah CRANDALL and Catherine CRANDALL. Sharon Miller 1298 [email address updated in February 2008]

SHEVLIN/SHOVELAND, McNAMEE. Seeking information about my g-g-grandfather Edward B. SHEVLIN. In some records it is spelled SOVELAND. Edward SHEVLIN b. May 1840 in Ireland, son of Edward SHEVLIN and Julia BURNS, immigrated to U.S. 1860 or 1863, d. Apr. 29 1916 in Troy. First appears in city directories in 1869 living with a Patrick SHEVLIN (relationship unknown), possibly an older brother or uncle. 1. Marriage record wanted. Most likely in Troy, married to Elizabeth MCNAMEE abt 1865-66. 2. Naturalization record, wish to confirm and obtain more information. Have found one record of an Edward SHOVELAND naturalized in Troy district court on Oct. 7th, 1868. Unknown if this is the same person. Court would not offer assistance to me. Steve 0797

SHORT, Joseph H. Seeking information about Joseph H. SHORT and wife Ann Eliza. who lived in Greenbush (or Rensselaerwyck) in 1780. Daughter Elizabeth SHORT was born there in 1780. Were there other children? Did they appear in in the 1790 census? Need birth & death information on Joseph H. SHORT. Also names of his parents & where they emigrated from. Betty Short 1098

SHOULDERS/SHOULDIS, David and Philip. Seeking birth, marriage and ancestry information about David and Philip SHOULDERS listed in the 1810 Rensselaer County census. Dan White 0297

SHRIEVE/SHREVE, Christopher. Seeking information about Christopher SHRIEVE/SHREVE b. 1762 d. 1828 who is buried in the Burch Burying Ground in Rensselaer Co., NY. Is he a brother to Godfrey SHREVE b. 1758 d. 1835 who is buried in a farm cemetery in the south of Washington Co., and to Elizabeth Shrieve CORNELL b. 1750 d. 1829 who is buried next to Godfrey? Who were his parents? Margaret Ernest 0397

SIMMONS/SIMONS, Herbert. Seeking information about Herbert SIMMONS/SIMONS and wife Emma RING living in Troy, NY in 1928. Seeking any proof that this is true, i.e., obit, will, city directory etc. Ken 0897

SIMPSON, CARD. Seeking death information on John R. SIMPSON b. St. Johns, Canada m. Phoebe CARD. Their son was born in Hoosick Falls, NY on 24 Mar 1824 and died in Genessee County on 1 May 1898. Tim Simpson 1196

SLATERY, James C. Seeking any information about James C. Slatery family (Julia, John, Catherine, James, Mary) living in former town of Lansingburgh listed in 1850 census. It was an Irish immigrant family. Carl Nemecek 0698

SLATERY, Thomas. Seeking information about Thomas SLATERY living in Lansingburgh in 1850 with wife and children James, Michael, Alice, Thomas, Mary, William and Bridget. Especially looking for child James C. b. Sept. 8, 1835. Carl Nemecek 1298

SMITH, Cornelius. Seeking information about Cornelius SMITH b. 1843, and wife Catherine b. 1843. They were living in Schodack Center on 1870 census. Children: Richard and Ester. Michael Janzen 0797

SMITH, Ester. Seeking information about Ester SMITH b. 1802, living in Schodack Center on 1860 census. Cannot be located on 1850 census. Children listed as Sylversteer, Manapa, Nathaniel, Cornelius, Richard, Louisea and Prudence. No husband listed. Michael Janzen 0797

SMITH, SMITH. Seeking information about Martin SMITH b. Feb 5, 1794, his wife Permelia Smith b. Jul 24, 1793 and their daughter, Mary E. Smith b. Feb 15, 1822 in Sand Lake, NY. Diane Owens 0597

SNOOK, SOULE Seeking information about Freeman SNOOK b. 1817 prob. in Rensselaer Co., NY m. Lydia SOULE d. 1884 in Onondaga, NY. 0197

SNOOK, HUNT, DE GROAT. Seeking information about Clarence SNOOK b. 1888 in Rensselaer Co., NY; Fannie HUNT b. abt. 1840-1850; Charles DE GROAT b. 1870s. Lucinda Papa DeGroat 1296

SNYDER, BENSON. Seeking information on families of Charles E. SNYDER b. Sep 1857 d. 1943 m. 1878 to Evelyn L. BENSON b. Mar 1861 d. 1926. Also seeking information on Lawson BANTEN b. 1879 in Dourmouth, England m. Myrtle CHADWICK b. 1881 in NY. Myrtle had sisters Evelyn and Nina, and brother John. Jack Leroy Bryson 0197 [email address given in January 1997 is no longer valid in March 2003, but I've found you the submitter's full name]

SOUSIE. Seeking information about the SOUSIE family. In the middle to late 1960s seven or eight children were killed in the worst fire in Troy, NY history. They youngest child was about 8 months old. Greg Bontrager 0397

SPENARD, DWYER/DEWYER. Seeking marriage information about my grandparents Edmond George SPENARD, a firefighter in Troy, NY d. 1948, and Amy DWYER/DEWYER d. sometime between 1935-1948. My father, Paul Westman SPENARD b. 1917. Judith Spenard Pausley 0397

SPINK. I am researching the SPINK family of NY and possibly VT. In the 1830 census index there is an Elsie SPINK living in Berlin. I would appreciate any information available about her or her husband, if she was married. Are there any SPINKS buried in Berlin cemeteries? Colleen Stokes 0798

SPOOR, Margaret. Seeking information about Margaret SPOOR living in Nassau in early to mid 1800s. Would like information on parents and children or any other info that might relate to her. Michael Janzen 0997

SPRAGUE, CALKINS. Looking for information on children, siblings and parents of Hiram SPRAGUE (b. 13 Jul 1776 in Stephentown) and his wife Prudence CALKINS. Hiram's father, David SPRAGUE (b. 15 May 1742 in Lebanon, CT) and wife Lydia LAMB moved to Rensselaer Co. sometime before 1776. Hiram moved, in 1800, to Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY. Joseph C. Sisson 0298

SQUIRE, HAYES. Seeking data about George Squire b. 18 Nov 1758 in Fairfield Co., Ct., s/o Samuel and Abigail (Maltbye) Squire; m. 7 Nov 1781 in Fairfield, Ct. to Irene HAYES; did he die in Renssealaer Co.? known to have been in Renssealaer Co. in 1802, 1803, 1804 when he recorded deeds in Fairfield, selling land there while stated to be living in Troy, Renssealaer Co., NY. M. V. Mills 0898

STAHLBUSH. Seeking information about STAHLBUSH family who appeared in the 1920 census in Castleton, Rensselaer Co., NY. Arthur C. STAHLBUSH, age 33, and wife Jessie M.., age 33, and their two children: Arthur Clifford b. 26 Feb 1907 and Marlean, age 10. Who were Arthur's parents? Where in NY did they come from? What happened to Marlean? Fran Steadman 0397

STANFORD, CLANCEY. Looking for information on John STANFORD, b. abt 1800 in W. Troy, NY, married to Ann CLANCEY, had a son named James. Would like to know if there were any more children, and what John's parents' names were. Carol Felder 0798 [email address updated in October 2008]

STEVENS, PELLS. Seeking information about William STEVENS b. 1770-1780 in Albany Co., NY m. Addie PELLS/PELS and had several children including Sylvester b. April 24, 1824 in Knox, NY d. Oct 27, 1914 in Berne, NY. Bob Derocher 0198

STEVENS, WILLIMAN. Seeking information about Ezra D. STEVENS of Rensselaerville b. Sep 1858 m. Agnes WILLIMAN. Children include: Julia and Cora. Robert Derocher 1097

STIGNEY, Louisa. Seeking information about Louisa STIGNEY from the Census CD 318. 1860 New York Census, Rensselar Co., Troy. MNSOTAIS1@AOL.COM 0498

STREETER. Seeking information about Mary Ann STREETER (daughter of Henry STREETER and Lydia FAULKNER), Roswell STREETER, and Eleanor KENYON. Mary Anne STREETER (b. April 24, 1835 d. March or May 1912) m. Gordon BEARD on Feb. 5, 1857 in Delaware Co., OH. Seeking Mary Anne's (or her parents' connection) to Roswell STREETER & Eleanor KENYON of Rensselaer Co., NY (children of Roswell & Eleanor are David Buell b. Dec 13, 1825; Asa Wells b. Feb 14, 1827; Stephen Roswell b. Jul 20, 1829; Allen D. b. Jul 24 1831; Elizabeth M. b. Aug 18, 1833; Lydia Jane b. Oct 10, 1835; and George Oscar b. Apr 17, 1838). Could Henry STREETER and Roswell STREETER be brothers? Who were their parents? Seeking any and all info and I'll be glad to share what I have! Michele Arri 0798

SUYDAM, Charles. Seeking parentage and birth info re Charles SUYDAM b. late 1700's in NY and wife Phoebe, no avail. info; Phoebe may have died in 1820's. Daughter Fannie b. 10/31/1820 in Troy married Jonathan FRANK(S) and settled in Troy. Charles in 1830 and 1840 Troy census and I believe that Charles Cedam in 1820 census is same person. Also believe Charles and Phoebe had son Henry. Many spelling variants, including Sudam, Surdam, Sydam, Suidam, Sedam, etc. Jayne Barber 1198

SWAN, WHITMAN. Seeking information on Lot SWAN and wife Ann WHITMAN, parents of Jeremiah SWAN b. abt 1828 in Stephentown, NY. Sharon Allen 1298

SWARTWOUT, STEVENS. Seeking parents of Julia SWARTWOUT/SWARTHOUT b. July 1825 in Westerlo, Albany Co., NY m. Sylvester STEVENS. Her father was Bernard SWARTWOUT b. approx 1770+ in NY (as per her death certificate). Her mother is not listed. I believe (based on the SWARTWOUT CHRONICLES) that Bernard is actually Barnardus SWARTHOUT (son of Robert SWARTHOUT and Sarah RICHARDS) b. 10 Jan 1779 in Coxsackie, NY. This Barnardus m. Abigal SMITH, then Mary JEFFERY, and by Mary had a daughter named Julia. Does anyone have information that could help me connect this story together? Bob Derocher 0198

SWEET. Seeking information about the SWEET cemetery. It is located across from the Bennington battlefield in Walloomsac. I know that at one time there was a church at the cemetery but it is gone now. Does anyone know what church it was or where I might find the baptism, marriage and death records from this church? Evelyn 0497

SWEET, David. Seeking the children of David SWEET, who was listed in the 1820 US Census in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co, NY. Carol K. Esterhai 0397 [email address updated in September 2003]

SWEET, Griffin, Jr. Seeking information about Griffin SWEET, Jr. b. 17 Sep 1742 in East Greenwich, RI. He is the son of Griffin SWEET, Sr. b. 15 Sep 1709 in East Greenwich, Kent Co., RI d. 1796 at West Greenwich, RI m. 24 Oct 1736 to his cousin Priscilla SWEET (daughter of William SWEET and Thankful HAMILTON) b. 13 Apr 1718 in East Greenwich, RI d. 2 Dec 1782 in Greenwich, RI. In 1790 Griffin SWEET, Jr. was living in Stephentown, NY and had one son under 16 b. abt 1772/74. Who was Griffin, Jr.'s spouse? Who were his children? Jerry Dafoe, 75 Tyndale Ave., Spotswood, NJ 08884 1097

SWEET, Isaac. Searching for the family of Isaac SWEET b. 1788 in Berlin, NY. His parents were William SWEET b: 1761 and Patience MAXON. Their children: James, Frances, Hannah, William, Isaac, Polly and Sally. Who did Isaac marry and when? Did he move on to Genessee Co? Did he also have a son, Isaac M. b: 1812? Ozzi Purdy 1298 [email address given in December 1998 is no longer current in November 2003]

SWEET, FINCH. Seeking the parents of Deborah SWEET, b. 23 Mar 1817 in Rensselaer Co, NY, m. Jason FINCH in Rensselaer Co, NY; moved to Bolivar, Allegany Co, NY abt 1834. Male children: Charles Nelson FINCH and William B. FINCH. Carol Esterhai 0397 [email address updated in September 2003]

SWEET, TANNER. Looking for info regarding the family of Sylvester SWEET, Jr. and wife Hannah TANNER b. 28 Feb 1766 in N. Kingston, RI d. 15 May 1851 m. 30 May 1782, who probably moved to Berlin, NY about 1800 or 1801 from N. Kingston, RI. Children: Luther b. 3 April 1783 in RI; Benjamin b. 2 April 1785 in RI; Polly b. 21 Oct 1787 in RI d. 27 Sep 1825; Wanton b. 6 Oct 1789 in RI d. 4 Apr 1830; Betsey b. 4 Aug 1791 in RI; Sally b. 7 May 1793 in RI; Phoebe b. 16 Nov 1795 in RI d. 15 July 1796 in RI; Tabitha b. 1797 in RI d. 16 Nov 1815; Harry b. 27 Nov 1798 in RI d. 27 Aug 1804; and Lydia b. 30 July 1802 in Berlin NY. Erick W. Sweet 1298

SWINK/SCHWENK, FRICK. Seeking information about Henry SWINK (Georg Henrich SCHWENK) who was born Germany in 1821 and arrived in the US in 1858 with three sons: Henry A. (1848-1920), Charles (b. 1850), and Jacob (1852-1931), and his wife Anna Fredericka FRICK (abt 1823 - 1885) who was not listed on the ship's manifest but presumably travelled with them. They farmed in Sand Lake, NY. After their arrival they had three daughters: Mary (1860 -1934) who m. Joseph PEABODY; Rosina (1862 - 1921) who m. Edgar MCGEE/MAGEE; and Elizabeth (1866-1944) who m. Herbert MCGEE/MAGEE. After Anna Fredericka died (she was hit by a train in Troy), Henry SWINK remarried to a Christina. Seeking date and place of death and burial of Henry SWINK and his second wife Christina. 0398

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