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RANNEY, BABCOCK. James RANNEY and his wife Maria C. BABCOCK are residents of Troy NY between 1850 and 1865. I am looking for their descendants and James Ranney's ancestry. Michelle Amsbury 1199

RANSFORD, Nathan. Seeking information about family of Nathan RANSFORD b. abt 1821 in NY. Resided in Stephentown at time of 1860 Census with wife Alma, age 30 and children George, age 8; Elizabeth, age 5; Charles, age 4; and unnamed infant male. Hannah Crego, age 65 was enumerated with them. She is possible Alma's mother. Tony Rasmussen 0997

RATHBUN, MAIRS. Seeking marriage record and parentage of John RATHBUN and wife (?) MAIRS of Rensselaer Co., NY. Anella Hunt 0397

RATHBUN/RATHBONE. Seeking to share information about RATHBUN/RATHBONE families in Rensselaer Co., NY. Robert Rathbun 0397

RAVENHILL. Seeking information about the RAVENHILL family. Last known date was an obituary in 1911 for Richard RAVENHILL. Maggie Ravenhill McRae 0697

READ, BURNS. Seeking death date and burial site for Joel READ and wife Mary Ann BURNS m. 14 Jan 1830 at Schodack. All children born at Schodack. Seeking info on John B., Calvin, Jane, Richard P., Edward B, Mary E. and Lucy A.. Associated names are BETTS, HOUGHTALING, HUYCK, SUTER, WAGNER. Donald W. Read 1098

REDMOND, STRONG. Seeking information about John REDMOND and Lillian STRONG, parents of John REDMOND b. 18 Feb 1916 in Troy, NY. Robert Redmond 0497

REEB, Edward. Seeking birth, death, and marriage information about family of Edward REEB b. Mar 1891 in Albany, NY. He moved to Rensselaer County around 1915, probably together or followed by his mother, Mary b. Mar 1859. Werner Reeb 0297

REED, Sarah Jane. I am looking for information about Sarah Jane REED b. 19 Aug 1830 in Rensselaer County. I believe her father was Henry REED. Need information on Sarah or her parents. Alice Puffer 0898

REED, BEBEDICT. Seeking information about family of Samuel D. REED, Sr. b. 1766 in MA m. 1789 in Middleton, Delaware Co., NY to Mary BEBEDICT b. 1771 in Rensselaer Co. Samuel D. Reed Sr. had settled in Rensselear county, NY. He enlisted in the army just before the close of the War of 1812 and was mustered into service in the fields near the city of New York. His family at that time was living in Rensselaer Co. Soon after the close of the War of 1812 he moved into Middletown, Deleware Co., NY and married Mary. She was a needlemaker's daughter. I have good information for Samuel, his family and travels from this time forward. I need information from this time a back. Jan Gunderson 1097

REED, RANDALL. Seeking information about Lewis REED b. 19 Oct 1795 in Schodack d. 7 Nov 1862 m. 13 Mar 1822 to Hannah RANDALL b. 29 Mar 1798 d. 2 Oct 1885, daughter of Abram and Hannah RANDALL. I would like to know more about the RANDALLs. Lellie-Beth Rhodes 0597

REHM, MAIER. Seeking information about William REHM and wife Louise MAIER b. 1860 in Germany. They had a son Charles b. 1884 in Rensselaer Co. Jeanette Black 1097

REICHEL. Seeking information about family of Ransom and Harlin REICHEL. I believe they were born in Troy, NY. Ransom would have been born in the middle to late 1800s. 1197

RHOADES, WILLIAMS. Seeking information about Deborah A. RHOADES b. abt 1811 in Rensselaer Co. m. Peter WILLIAMS b. abt 1807. Children: Catherine b. abt 1836 in Rensselaer Co., NY m. to Mr. HARTWELL; Hiram b. abt 1837 in Fulton Co., NY; Eliza b. abt 1840 in Fulton Co., NY; Peter, Jr. b. abt 1842 in Fulton Co., NY; Luther David b. 18 Feb 1847 in Orleans Co., NY d. 16 Oct 1923 in Nelsonville, OH. Gene Wilson 0497

RICE, BURTIS. Seeking information about Merrit RICE and wife Elizabeth BURTIS. Son Wallace Edward (my great-grandfather) b. 16 Dec 1870 in Hoosick Falls, NY. Sharon Theriault 0497 [Email address updated in July 2006]

RICHARDSON, WRIGHT. Seeking information about Asa RICHARDSON b. abt 1800 in Peterboro m. Elizabeth WRIGHT b. 1800 in VT. Children include Samuel, who married Lois Gaylord HULL; Mary, who married William WELLS; Asa K, who married Martha DESMOND; Amba, who married John SPENSER; Sarah, who married Mr. HAZELTON; Daniel; Nathan, who married Eliza STEWERT. Asa was a glassblower and the family moved alot. They lived in Keen NH, Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY, Sandlake NY, and Chatham, Canada. Asa supposedly died in Sandlake NY but I have been unable to locate any death information for him. Michele Dettmann 0697

RIFFELBACH, Jacob J. Seeking birth date and death information of my grandfather Jacob J. RIFFELBACH of Green Island, NY. He married Anna M. TRAEGER (b.1902 d.1979) August 3, 1924 in Troy, NY. No known living relatives. Alan Mundy 0598

RING, Henry L. Seeking information about Henry L. RING and wife Anna, residents at 854 8th Ave N. Troy, NY in 1928. Probably residents of Troy starting about 1900. Seeking any proof that this is true, i.e., obit, will, city directory etc. Ken 0897

ROBINSON, WILLIAMS. Seeking information about my grandparents Eliza J. ROBINSON b. ca 1855 in Canada, and Luther David WILLIAMS b. 18 Feb 1847 in Orleans Co., NY d. 16 Oct 1923 in Nelsonville, OH. Gene Wilson 0497

ROCKWELL, Ferry. Seeking information about parents of Ferry ROCKWELL b. 5 Sep 1801 in Troy, NY. He may be related to Gould ROCKWELL who had a business there early on. There were three ROCKWELL families listed in the 1810 census for Rensselaer County. I would like to correspond with anyone researching the ROCKWELL surname in Rensselaer County. Will share information. Doylene Evans 0297

ROE, William. Seeking information about William ROE, who came from Britain before the Revolution and served in the war with the colonists. His daughter, Nancy b. 1794 , married David VAN RENSSELAER b. 1794. William is thought to have lived in Fishkill, NY. Any help, particularly a record of his marriage, or clues to finding it, would be appreciated. I have information on this Van Rensselaer/Roe line to share. Patricia Minton Bettis 0497

ROGERS, John. Seeking information about John ROGERS b. abt 1788 in Hoosick, NY d. 9 Apr 1892 m. Mary (?). John's parents: Isaac ROGERS and Rhoda CHASE. John and Mary are buried in Limrick Cemetery. What was Mary's maiden name? Did John and Mary have any children besides Jane? Alice Corbett 0197

ROGERS, ARMSTRONG. I am looking for information on Shubal ROGERS and Temmey ARMSTRONG. Temmey was the daughter of Moses ARMSTRONG and Phoebe ARNOLD. Shubal's daughter Martha was b. May 10, 1834 in Hoosick. They moved to LaSalle Co, IL where Martha married Thomas Whipple GAGE. They moved to Linn Co., KS. Anita Gage 1198

ROGGA, BUMP. Seeking information about Henry ROGGA b. 1808 d. 1889 in Hoosick Falls, NY m. Hannah BUMP b. 1817 d. 1874. Their daughter, Eleanor (Nellie) Maria Rogga b. born April 13, 1838 in Hoosick Falls, NY m. James Benjamin JOY. Denise Joy Mullen 0697

ROSE, Daniel. Seeking any information about Daniel ROSE who moved from the Town of Hoosick in Rensselaer Co. to the town of Wells in Hamilton Co., NY about 1799. Spouse, children, parents, any material would be appreciated. Joyce Cummings 0198

ROSE, RICE. Seeking information about Elmore Edwin ROSE b. abt 1860 in Nassau, NY m. Angeline RICE b. Winchedon, MA. Need birth date and names of Elmore's parents, as well as their birth dates and places. At dead end. Patricia Cote Grogg 0697

ROSS, CHAN. Seeking information about Rose Barbara ROSS b. 24 Oct 1872 in Troy, NY m. 1895 to Felix Johann CHAN. Seeking information about Rose's parents, John ROSS and Matilda HOHNSBY. Susan M. Sheil 0798

ROUSE, WEST. Seeking information about Mr. ROUSE who married Amy WEST, daughter of Rusemire/rusmiah/Rusmyer WEST and Hannah POTTER. Looking for the first name of the man Amy married and her parents' marriage. Rusemire was the son of Rusemire WEST and Bethiah DAVIS, who lived in Rensselaer Co. 0199 [email address updated in May 2008]

ROUSSEAU, DE CAMP. Seeking information about Henry ROUSSEAU m. Christina DE CAMP (b. 26 Oct 1805) on 10 May 1826 in Troy, NY. They appear to have had only one child, George, who died abt. 1893 in NY (it's not clear whether city, county or state). Seeking George's marriage record and children. Wilson DeCamp 1196

ROWE, BABCOCK. Seeking descendants of Festus ROWE and Tacy BABCOCK b. abt 1803 in West Steventown, NY. Willing to share family history. Talma Klaassen 1197

ROWLEY, Timothy. Seeking documentation of father-son relationship between Timothy, Sr. and Timothy, Jr. Timothy, Sr. b. East Haddam, CT; also lived in Kent, CT; Oblong, NY; Richmond, MA; Rensselaerwyck, Rensselaer Co., NY; and Stephentown, Albany Co., NY. Timothy, Jr. b. 1762 in Stephentown, Albany Co., NY. His wife Lucy is buried in Williamstown, Oswego Co., NY. Maureen K. Reed 0197 [email address supplied in Jan 1997 no longer works in Jan 2010]

RUFF. Seeking information about the RUFF family in Troy. Andrew RUFF who owned the mill at the foot of Spring Ave. (the end of Hill St.) in Troy. The RUFF family is believed to have emigrated from either Frankfurt am Main or Bad Homgurg. Bart M. Wassmansdorf, 2461 Sir Carodoc Lane, Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2J1 1097

RUNYON, MCGUIRE. Seeking information about William Gatman RUNYON born in about the 1880s in Troy, NY. He was a glass blower by trade. He married Kathleen Ann MCGUIRE and eventually lived in Youngstown, Mahoning County, OH. He had between 13 and 15 children. Dawn Runyon 0198 [email address updated Dec 2005]

RUSEMIRE, POTTER. Ursmiah West RUSEMIRE m. 1820 to Hannah POTTER in Rensselaer Co. Their daughter, Amy WEST m. Elikan ROUSE. Hannah and Amy moved to MI. What happened to their husbands? 1098

RUSSELL, BRATT. Seek information on Spalding RUSSELL b. 1790 in Hoosick (?). Possible son of Josiah RUSSELL and Joanna SPALDING. Joanna d. December 25, 1823, buried Mapletown Cemetery, Hoosick, along with several of her children and grandchildren. DAR lineage for Josiah is wrong, this Josiah is not the veteran who died in Austerlitz, NY in 1820. Spalding married Margaret BRATT b. 15 Sep 1791 in Schuylerville, NY. Spalding lived Hoosick in 1820, Bennington in 1826, Pownal, VT 1850. Children: John, b. 22 Feb. 1815, Salia Ann, b. 21 Mar. 1817, Julia Ann, b. 12 Aug. 1819 (married Sylvester Gardner of Bennington), Mary Ann, b. 4 Sep. 1821 (married James A. Irish of Bennington), Daniel Morton, (2 Jan. 1824, Hoosick-4 Nov. 1878, Bennington) married Lusetta Lillie, Pownal 1848, William (4 Mar. 1826 Bennington-27 Aug. 1885, Shelburne Falls, MA), married (2) Francis Lanfair, Shelburne. Elliott Hoffman 0498

RYAN, Mary Ryan. Seeking information about Mary Ryan RYAN of Canada and Edward RYAN of Tipperary, Ireland. Mary died while giving birth to their 23rd child in Troy, NY. Known children: Mary Frances Delapp, Margaret O'Mara, Catherine Jacques, Sara Corbalis and John Ryan. Mary Ryan RYAN's siblings were Eliza m. Mike Carroll, Maria m. Tom Kelly, Alice, James (he owned Ryan's Flats in South Troy) and Timothy. We believe James was the NY State Assemblyman for his area. Mary Hoar of Yonkers, NY 0297 [email address updated March 2003]

RYAN, LARKIN. Seeking information about Theodore Edward RYAN b. 31 Oct 1875 in Ft. Edward d. 8 Jun 1937 in Troy and wife Eleanor (Ella) LARKIN b. 21 Feb 1896. They resided in Troy 1917-1937. Seeking date and place of marriage to Eleanor LARKIN (2nd wife), divorce information (date) from 1st wife - name, Faith and information about child, John, by first wife. Theodore J. Ryan 1097

RYEMILLER, ERNST/ERNEST. Seeking information about Nicholas RYEMILLER who migrated from Carbon County, PA to Sand Lake, NY between 1850 and 1860. He married Christina ERNST/ERNEST. Christina's family was in the Sand Lake area at the time. According to census records they were: Casper, John, and Peter. Need information on these ERNST/ERNEST people. Brian and Marie Reimiller 0297

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