Green Island School
Class Photo, 1890s

A photo copy of this wonderful photograph was kindly contributed by Green Island researcher Donna K. Vaughn. Although Green Island is across the Hudson River in Albany County, NY, and not in Rensselaer County, NY, we thought you still might find it interesting. Donna writes, "I have this Green Island group school picture of my grandmother, Anna DRISCOLL, and some of the other students are identified on the back, first and last names neatly typed and affixed to the back of the frame. Guessing my grandmother's age in the picture, it would have been taken in the 1890s."

Verbatim, here is what is typed and affixed to the back of the frame:

3rd row, 2nd girl Amelia Pohl
9th Carrie Lamb
12th Christine Green
3rd boy John Sample
10th Charlie Carl
11th John Scully

1st row C. Bennett, 3 John Mosher
5 John Munn,
6 King,
7th Walt Thayer,
9th Ed Boudrian,
10 Wilbur Collins

5th girl from left, 2nd row Gorgan
4th Lizzie Ingello
3rd Katie Duffy
6th Maggie Smith
7th Kate Gallenschutz
8th Mary Thayer
9th Mary Corbett
10th Anna Driscoll" (Donna's grandmother)

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