Derick Family Letters
Brunswick, Schaghticoke

These letters were transcribed and contributed by Bernard Young, a descendant of Jacob Young and Catherine Brust. Bernard adds that the letters were shared with him by Herbert R. Derick of Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada, a descendant of the Derick family who lived in Center Brunswick (later in Rensselaer County, NY) before the American Revolution. Some members of the Derick family left New York state for Canada as Loyalists, while other members of the family stayed on. Correspondence was carried on for many years between brothers, cousins and friends, as you can see below. Descendants of this family bear the surnames DERICK, BRUST, WAGAR, KOHLHAMMER (COLEHAMER) and others. Family ties, as these letters show, remained strong even after years of geographical separation. There were occasional visits back and forth as time and conditions permitted. The letters transcribed here are from correspondence to Conrad DERICK, residing at Caldwell's Manor, Quebec, from various relatives in Center Brunswick, Rensselaer Co NY; in Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co NY; and in Little Falls, Herkimer Co NY. They are dated between 1817 and 1832. The letters appear by courtesy of Herb Derick of Lennoxville, Quebec. Where possible, Bernard has indicated the relationship of the letter writer to Conrad Derick; Bernard's notes are written below in italics. Punctuation has been added, in the interest of clarity.

Little Falls, 1817

This letter was written by Anthony KOHLHAMMER, born on 25 January 1779, son of Christian KOHLHAMMER and Anna BRUST KOHLHAMMER, to Conrad DERICK, born on 6 August 1774 at Center Brunswick, NY, a son of Philip DERICK and Maria BRUST DERICK. Both Conrad and Anthony were nephews of Jacob YOUNG and Catherine BRUST YOUNG. Anthony KOHLHAMMER was named for Anthony DERICK, who was married to Barbara BRUST. In addition, Anthony KOHLHAMMER's sister, Catherina "Caty" KOHLHAMMER, born on 17 June 1777 in Center Brunswick, NY, was married to Conrad DERICK on 12 July 1796 at Brunswick; this explains the salutation "brother".

Little Falls July 15th 1817

Dear Brother

I received a letter from you the seventh of July which gave us great pleasure to hear from you and your family and friends. Your letter found me and my family well, enjoying tolerable good health and hoping that this letter may find you and your family and friends in good health. Now I must inform you how times has been with me since I saw you last which was the 25 of September 1815. Soon after, on the 11 of October, I was taken sick with a fever and lay one week. Then George is taken, and we both lay helpless till the first of November. The fever fell in his leg, had it lanced, then got better. I still remained so, my leg was very bad, it was supposed that I must lose it. But the doctors said it could not be taken off yet, so I remained in pain and distress two months and in that time for many nights and days I received no sleep only by opium. Then after two months the fever left me, my leg got some better but there was no hopes of my getting well so as to do any labor. My work was not carried on, lost part of my corn, so I concluded it was best for me to quit the farm and try some other way to get a living without hard labor, so I applied to the Mohawk Turnpike Company for a gate, and they granted me one at the village of Little Falls in the County of Herkimer, one and twenty miles above the place where we lived. I went and sold all my loose property and hired out my farm. Then on the twenty fourth of January we were to move, the middle of January George got throwed by a horse and was hurt much. Still we moved, and the day appointed, lame and sick as we were, we got there safe. I could get about with a crutch and staff so I continued through the winter. In the Spring, George had another spell with his leg, had it lanced again, but he got soon better. After two or three months got entirely well again and is hearty and rugged ever since. I remained so till summer then I got better again so that I enjoy good health again. Grain was very good here last year excepting corn, and it looks very promising this year. So no more at present. Our best respect to you and your family and all our inquiring friends. Write to me again. I put this letter in the mail, for that is the only way I can send it. Wishing you to do the same, direct it to the post office at the Little Falls in the County of Herkimer. So I remain yours.

Anthony Kohlhammer

Brunswick, 1818

In the letter below, the sister, Barbary DERICK, mentioned as having had twins, was the wife of Moses WAGAR.

Brunswick Jan. 16, 1818

Dear Cousin

I take this opportunity to inform you that we are all well and hoping these few lines will find you and your family all in good health. I have neglected writing to you this long time. I hope you will not think hard of it. I have not wrote to you since the deth of my father, and I must inform you that all things were settled in pease, and my brothers Philip and George have got all the lands, and they must pay Eleven hundred dollars to the rest of the heirs in the space of five years. We have had a grate many deths and marridges in this place since you was hear amongst them. Your uncle George Colehammer's wife, she was harty when she went to bed and a Corps by twelve o'clock that nite. I have mentioned about deths and marridges but births I did not of. We have fore and not likelyhood of any more. My sister Barbary has got two at a birth one son and one daughter. My time is short. I cannot write half of [--?--] too. I wish you to remember me to your father and mother and his family and Uncle William and his family and Uncle Jacob Yongs and his family. So I must conclude.

Jacob Derick

[P. S.] My wife sends her best respects to you and your wife and wishes she could be in company with you in some oyster shop. So no more at present but remain your frins. Jacob Derick

Brunswick, 1820

Brunswick February the 1, 1820 Cristians Manner

Friends and relation

I take this opertunity to write a few lines to you to let you know how we are, whether we are well or not. I am well and my mother well and all my other friends are all well and enjoying the same blessing. Anthony Kohlhammer he is well and his family. He don't live on the place he lives about twenty miles further. He lives in the town of Little Falls County of Herkimer. His oldest son don't live to home. He is gone to trade, years agone. George Dater and Anna is well and she has got three children. Daniel, David and Urias that is the names. They are in Schagticoke town about ten miles from us. Moses Wagar and Barbary are all well she has a pair of twins about two years old. We have nothing in particular to write and for all we have a good opportunity with Mr. Cammel. I have most forgot to write to you I have been up to Anthony's last in October and his son Gilbert lived here a year and so I carried him home. I should be glad if you would write to us as quick as you can get an opportunity. So no more.

Henry Wistinghausen
His hand writing

Henry WESTINGHOUSE married Anna BRUST, born 25 March 1758, who had previously been married to Christian KOHLHAMMER. Henry refers to "Christian's Manner" (manor) above, presumably the house left to Anna. The Anna of "George Dater and Anna" referred to in the letter above is Anna DERICK, born on 1 April 1779, daughter of Anthony DERICK and Barbara BRUST. George DATER was born on 20 November 1778, son of John DATER, Jr.

Schaghticoke, 1828

Schagticoke 12th January 1828

Conrad Derrick
Caty Derrick

Affectionate Brother & Sister

We cordially embrace the opportunity to write a few lines to you to inform you that we are all in a comfortable state of health for us and our family and our relatives. But we have the mortification to write you (of) the death of our Brother Anthony Colehammer who died the 12 Dec. last. We had almost forgotten to write that we have been Blessed with a Daughter who was born the 18th November last. We would also inform you that the farm in which you are interested as well as ourselves is not sold and there is no probability at present that a sale of the said farm will be effected next Spring; therefore it is most probable that the farm will be let next Spring. There is no money collected at present; but we have the promise of some next Spring. So no more at present. We remain your affectionate Brother and Sister.

George Dater
Annie Dater

Brunswick, 1832

Dear Cousin and Friends and relation,

I have the sad and melancholy news to inform you of the death of my father, Uncle John Brust and Uncle William Coonradt and several others. My father was taken sick about the middle (of) December and died the 28th day of January and was buried on the 30th. The next day after the funeral of father, old Conrade Ham died who lived with my brother in law, Conrade Ham the 3rd and Uncle William Coonradt died on the 13th of February after an illness of about 4 days. Mr. Snyder who lived with Uncle William the next day after Uncle William. Before he was buried Uncle John Brust was taken sick abed the last of January and died on the fifth day of March Inst. There hath bin more deaths in our neighborhood this winter than ever was known before in one year and mostly among the aget people there appears to be no perticular sickness but they begin to fall and so pine until death takes them away. There hath bin very much complaint this winter about the Colds, Inflamations, etc. but there appears not so much at present. Mother and the rest of the family are all well except some of my children have measles. Uncle George and Uncle Matthias Brust's family are all well at present. We have had a very long cold tedious winter. A snow fell the 22nd of November and lays on the ground yet and we have good sleighing yet. We have not heard from you since last fall and I should be very glad to hear from you and I hope these lines may find you all well.

Please to make this known to your mother, Uncle Jacob Young and all our friends and relation.

Adam Brust

Dated Brunswick Rensselaer County New York the 8th of March 1832

Adam BRUST's father was Jacob BRUST, born 2 August 1760, who married Eva COONRADT. Jacob died on 28 January 1832, as stated above. His wife, Eva, died on 30 October 1833. John BRUST was born on 2 May 1762, wife Catharina COONRADT. William COONRADT was born on 1 October 1756, wife Christina BRUST. Adam BRUST was born on 1 October 1795.

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