Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "P"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Palmateer, CarrieAbraham Palmateer
and Catharine Link
03 Feb 186502 Oct 1864Not recorded
Palmateer, George DornAbraham Palmateer
and Catharine Link
02 Nov 187229 Jan 1872Not recorded
Palmateer, Hattie Matilda, adult
(wife of Samuel)
_____ Proper06 Feb 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Palmateer, Jennie LouisaAbraham Palmateer
and Catharine Link
03 Jun 187625 Mar 1876Not recorded
Palmateer, Jesse HowardAbram Palmateer and
Catharine Link
06 Sep 186206 May 1862Not recorded
Palmateer, Mary, adult
(wife of Arm.)
_____ Shibley01 May 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Palmateer, Peter EldridgeJohn Palmateer
and Almira Phillips
03 Dec 185831 May 1857Not recorded
Palmateer, WilliamAbraham Palmateer
and Catharine Link
__ ___ 187213 Nov ____Not recorded
Palmatier, Willard C.John Palmatier
and Almira Phillips
04 Sep 1857Not recordedNot recorded
Palmer, AlbertHenry H. Palmer and
Elizabeth C. Van Buren
04 Sep 185114 Oct 1839Not recorded
Palmer, John Van BurenHenry H. Palmer and
Elizabeth C. Van Buren
04 Sep 185118 Aug 1847Not recorded
Palmer, Mary AlbertineHenry H. Palmer and
Elizabeth C. Van Buren
04 Sep 185112 Nov 1845Not recorded
Parmele, _____Francis B. Parmele
and Aurilla Smythe
__ ___ 1845Not recordedNot recorded
Parmelee, _____Dr. Parmelee
[no wife named]
03 May 1844Not recordedNot recorded
Patten, JamesJames Patten and
Ellis Adems
24 Aug 178824 Mar 1788Not recorded
Payne, Cathrine SophiaJohn Payne and
Jane Vanbeuren
__ Jun 1832Not recordedNot recorded
Payne, Chancy SmithNathaniel Payne and
Clarissa Burton
25 Apr 182421 Feb 1824Not recorded
Payne, Charles Van BurenHarman V. B. Payne and
Susan M. Rhoda
01 Feb 184514 Aug 1844Not recorded
Payne, Chauncey SmithJohn Payne, deceased
and Jane Vanburen
03 May 183923 Oct 1838Not recorded
Payne, Clarissa, adult_____ Burton
[no mother named]
22 Nov 1818Not recordedNot recorded
Payne, DeborahNathaniel Payne and
Clarissa Burton
16 Sep 182125 Aug 1821Not recorded
Payne, ElizabethNathaniel S. Payne
and Clarissa Burtin
29 Oct 182512 Sep 1825Not recorded
Payne, Harman Van BeurenJohn Payne and
Jane Van Beuren
8 Sep 182207 Jul 1822Not recorded
Payne, James HenryJohn Payne and
Jane Van Beuren
01 Jun 182707 Apr 1827Not recorded
Payne, Jane ElisaNathaniel Payne, unbeliever
and Clarissa Burton
22 Nov 181801 Jun 1817Not recorded
Payne, John MillerJohn Payne and
Jane Van Buren
27 Dec 182903 Aug 1929Not recorded
Payne, John NathanielChauncy S. Payne
and _____ Witbeck
04 Dec 185725 Apr 1857Not recorded
Payne, LaviniaNathaniel Payne and
Clarissa Burton
11 Mar 183210 Feb 1832Not recorded
Payne, Libbie B., adult_____ Payne31 Oct 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Payne, Mary AnnNathaniel Payne, unbeliever
and Clarissa Burton
20 May 182011 Apr 1820Not recorded
Payne, NathanielJohn Payne and
Jane Van Buren
12 Sep 182427 Jul 1824Not recorded
Perry, MargaretThomas Perry and
Gerretie Smith
22 Feb 180025 Jan 1800Thomas Meesick and
Margaret Meesick
Philip, Phebe AnnWilliam H. Philips
and Mary Jones
05 Jan 182304 Nov 1822Not recorded
Philips, Joseph HenryWilliam Philips
and Mary Jones
10 Aug 181707 Jul 1817Not recorded
Philips, MagdaleneRosel Philips and
Magdalene Semons
18 Aug 181117 Mar 1811Not recorded
Phillips, FredericJohn Phillips and
Anne Pulver
21 Jan 179806 Sep 1797Not recorded
Phillips, RebeccaRoswell Phillips
and Lena Semon
09 Apr 179630 Mar 1796Not recorded
Pike, John, adult_____ Pike10 Dec 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Ploss, Michael Van DeusenMichael Ploss and
Mariche Van Deusen
15 Oct 180914 Jul 1809Not recorded
Pockman, Catharine, adult
(wife of Richard)
_____ Cryne07 Feb 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Pockman, Flora GeneSpender B. Pockman and
Roseltha Kimball
10 May 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Pockman, Ida JaneJohn Pockman and
Almira Snook
28 May 185829 Mar 1858Not recorded
Pockman, Jay DudleyJohn N. Pockman and
Almira Snooke
30 Apr 186415 Dec 1863Not recorded
Pockman, Lydia EstelleJohn Pockman and
Almira Snook
50 May 185606 Feb 1856Not recorded
Pockman, Philetus TheodoreJohn Pockman and
Almira Snook
03 Jun 185326 Feb 1853Not recorded
Pockman, Sophelia MariaJohn Pockman and
Almira Snook
__ ___ 184720 Jul 1847Not recorded
Pockman, Spencer BradleyJohn Pockman and
Almira Snook
05 Nov 184721 Mar ____Not recorded
Pool, AbrahamJohn Pool and
Gerritje Van Valkenburgh
__ ___ 180214 Sep 1802Not recorded
Pool, AbrahamMattheus Pool and
Elizabeth Shutter
12 Sep 179011 Aug 1790Abraham Pool and
Catrina Pool
Pool, Ann MariaGerrit Pool and
Mariche Van Buren
02 Sep 181020 Aug 1810Not recorded
Pool, Catharine Maria JaneStephen Pool, deceased and
Judah Fodder, widow
19 Dec 183008 Jun 1826Not recorded
Pool, CatrinaHendrik Pool and
Anneke Muller
26 Apr 178915 Mar 1789Hendrik Van Buren
and Maria Perry
Pool, CatyJohannis Pool and
Isabella Douglass
01 Mar 178902 Feb 1789John Douglass and
Gerritje Smith
Pool, Charles WilliamStephen Pool, deceased and
Judah Fodder, widow
19 Dec 183025 Mar 1828Not recorded
Pool, Cornelia CarolineStephen Pool, deceased and
Judah Fodder, widow
19 Dec 183018 Jan 1823Not recorded
Pool, DorotheaJohn Pool and
Ranneke Herrick
11 Jun 181505 Mar 1815Not recorded
Pool, EmilyAbraham Pool and
Elisa Winn
31 May 182922 Jan 1829Not recorded
Pool, GeesjeHendrik Pool and
Tanneke Muller
25 Sep 1796Not recordedStephanus Muller and
Geesje Muller
Pool, GerricheJohn Pool and
Fanny Herrick
__ ___ 180404 Mar 1804Not recorded
Pool, Isaac A.Abraham Pool and
__ Apr 182622 Feb 1826Not recorded
Pool, IsaacJohn Pool and
Garritje Van Valkenburgh
04 Feb 179829 Nov 1797Not recorded
Pool, JaneJohn Pool and
Tanny Herrick
31 Oct 180718 Sep 1807Not recorded
Pool, JaneThomas Pool and
Teuntje Van Valkenburgh
12 Sep 179725 Jul 1797Not recorded
Pool, JeremiahJohn Pool and
Tanny Herrick
24 May 181727 Apr 1817Not recorded
Pool, Jesse GerritStephen Pool, deceased
and Judah Fodder, widow
19 Dec 183019 Mar 1819Not recorded
Pool, JohnJohn Pool and
Tanny Herrick
28 Oct 181022 Sep 1810Not recorded
Pool, Judah, adult_____ Pool19 Dec 1830Not recordedNot recorded
Pool, Julia AnnJohn Pool and
Ellen Stroup
24 Feb 183312 Jan 1833Not recorded
Pool, Lydia AnnAbraham Pool and
Elisabeth Winn
23 Dec 183230 Nov 1832Not recorded
Pool, MaryJohn Pool and
Gerritje Van Valkenburgh
01 Mar 180106 Oct 1800Not recorded
Pool, PeterGerrit Pool and
Maria Van Buren
13 Nov 180725 Oct 1807Not recorded
Pool, Stephen MillerStephen Pool, deceased and
Judah Fodder, widow
19 Dec 1830__ Feb 1817Not recorded
Potts, DeliaJacob Potts and
Nancy Semons
07 Sep 181713 Aug 1817Not recorded
Potts, James Edward SeamonJacob Potts and
Nancy Seamon
09 May 182404 Mar 1824Not recorded
Primmer, MaryWilliam Primmer and
Jane McCluir
18 Jan 179502 Nov 1794Peter Primmer and
Susanna Nicoll
Proper, Emma Amanda, adult_____ Proper06 Feb 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Proper, JannetjeJohn Proper and
Charity Lint
09 Apr 179620 Mar 1796Not recorded
Proper, JohnJohn Proper and
Charity Lint
__ ___ 180305 Mar 1803Not recorded
Proper, Mariah, adult
(wife of John)
_____ Manzer06 Feb 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Proper, NicholasJohn Proper and
Charity Lent
09 Jan 181401 Dec 1813Not recorded
Proper, PhebeJohn Proper and
Geertruy Proper
13 Oct 179303 Oct 1793Not recorded
Proper, PollyJohn Proper and
Geertruy Lint
22 Oct 179102 Oct 1791John Hicks and
Christina Hicks
Proper, RichardJohn Proper and
Charity Lint
12 Oct 180012 Aug 1800Not recorded
Pulver, Ann ElisaJohn Pulver and
Charity Lint
02 Jan 180912 Nov 1808Not recorded
Pulver, AnnatieJacob Pulver and
Gertrude Van Buren
27 Apr 181012 Feb 1810Not recorded
Pulver, AnnyJohn J. Pulver
and Anny Bresy
__ ___ 180223 Aug 1802Not recorded
Pulver, CorneliusJacob Pulver and
Gertrude Van Buren
__ ___ 180408 Aug 1804Not recorded
Pulver, CorneliusJacob Pulver and
Gitty Van Buren
01 Mar 180124 Jan 1801Not recorded
Pulver, JamesJohn Pulver and
Anna Brizee
12 Sep 179707 Jul 1797James McKown and
Pulver, JohnJacob Pulver and
Gertrude Van Buren
__ ___ 180224 Dec 1802Not recorded
Pulver, SophiaJacob Pulver and
Gertrude Van Buren
13 Jun 180623 May 1806Not recorded
Putman, Lizzie MayAaron H. Putman and
Elma Garrison
01 Sep 188307 May 1883Not recorded

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