Diary of
George Holcomb
of Stephentown

The following diary contains a wealth of information about life in Stephentown, including births, marriages, deaths and funerals from June 1805 until just two months before Mr. Holcomb's death in May 1856. The diary was obtained from the Stephentown Historical Society and was transcribed and submitted by Kathy "Vary" Becker.

10 Jun 1805  Samuel Humphrey died
18 Jun 1805  Mildred Holcomb is 18 yrs old
 3 Jul 1805  Betsy Spring had a s/.
18 Jul 1805  Abner Bull's wife died
25 Jul 1805  Grandfather Holcomb died, funeral next day
27 Jul 1805  William Sheldon died
30 Jul 1805  Sylvester Holcomb is 21 yrs old
 8 Sep 1805  William Wylie died
13 Sep 1805  Martha Jones's child died
14 Sep 1805  Mr. Sanford's wife died & Grace Green had a baby
 7 Oct 1805  Eleanor Holcomb is 17 yrs old
 9 Nov 1805  William Holcomb is 12 yrs old
16 Nov 1805  Mrs. Non died
 9 Dec 1805  Mrs. Jane Humphrey died

19 Jan 1806  Deacon Carr's 2nd wife died in the meetinghouse
22 Jan 1806  Philander Holcomb is 3 yrs old
14 Mar 1806  Eleazer Grant died
18 Mar 1806  Reuben Delano had a dau
 3 Apr 1806  Caleb Chapman had a dau
 6 Apr 1806  Eli Douglas' wife died
22 Apr 1806  Mr. Foley had a son born
 2 Jun 1806  Lucretia Wylie is 26 yrs old
17 Jul 1806  Nancy _____ died
26 Jul 1806  Platt Gardner died
 3 Aug 1806  Gardner died
28 Aug 1806  Lucretia Wylie moved to Boonville
28 Aug 1806  Simon Wylie had a s/born
11 Nov 1806  Dr. Jolls died
13 Nov 1806  Deborah Wylie had a dau

 8 Jan 1807  Mr. Shepard had a s/born
22 Feb 1807  Beriah Holcomb is 8 yrs old
13 Mar 1807  Mr. Doty died
15 Mar 1807  Went to Mr. Younglove's funeral
11 Jul 1807  At night watched Capt. Dellanoes' corpse
15 Aug 1807  At night watched with Mr. Tory's baby to Mr. Friends
18 Aug 1807  At night watched with Mr. Tory's babies
13 Sep 1807  Mr. Judge John Tryon died

 1 Feb 1808  Joseph Hills died (young son)
17 Mar 1808  Hannah Douglas died, funeral on 19th at Baptist Meeting House, Mr. Younglove preached
26 May 1808  Mrs. Niles died, funeral the next day at Baptist meeting house
__ May 1808  Lucretia Clark died
27 Jun 1808  J. Thompson had a s/born
21 Oct 1808  Betsey Clark died
31 Jan 1808  Mr. M. Jackson m/ Lucretia Gillett
11 Feb 1808  Mrs. Deborah Wylie m/ Reubin Morton
15 Feb 1808  Caleb Chapman m/ Betsy Nugeon
21 Feb 1808  Reuben Delanoes moved to Rome
22 Mar 1808  Sylvanus Carpenter lives in Delanoes house now
25 Mar 1808  B. F. Bull moved into Sylvanus Carpenter's house
21 May 1808  Mrs. Sprague was buried, funeral was at Hancock Meeting House
26 May 1808  Squire William Douglas Jr.'s son William died (a child)
12 Jun 1808  Wife of deceased Asa Douglas (Rebecka) died
27 Oct 1808  Caleb Chapman's son Zach had a son born

 7 Nov 1809  Mr. Laner's wife died

 4 Jan 1810  Eleasar Grant died
 5 Jan 1810  John Borman's third wife died
 7 Jun 1810  Ephraim Parses (?) wife died
17 Jul 1810  Reuben Chapman ran away because he had a child, said to him by Lovela Green, on the 5th of this month
24 Sep 1810  Mr. Ira Squire m/ Miss Lucy Frink
 1 Nov 1810  Mr. Lyman Spring m/ Miss Nancy Frink
 9 Nov 1810  William Holcomb is 17 yrs old
21 Nov 1810  John Wylie had a son born today (Henry Platt Wylie)
 3 Dec 1810  Caleb Goodrich m/ Miss Hannah Wylie
17 Dec 1810  Harry Doolittle m/ Miss Thankful Packing & Mr. Case m/ Miss Betsey Morrow
18 Dec 1810  Mr. Sanford's 2nd wife died

22 Feb 1811  Mr. Miller Jackson's son Frederick & a daughter both died within 1 hour
23 Feb 1811  Samuel Youdal's Mother died, an aged person
28 Feb 1811  Caleb Chapman moved to a few miles from Rome, NY
 1 Mar 1811  Ezekiel Shelden died at 4 o'c.  They had watchers for the corpse.     Avra Jones was killed by a log he sawed that rolled on him.
 3 Mar 1811  Ezekiel Shelden's funeral at Baptist meetinghouse, Elder Hull preached
25 Apr 1811  Reuben Andrews m/ Cleo Moffitt
22 May 1811  Rensselaer Main died, he now lived in Canaan, the funeral was the next day & was held at the Baptist meetinghouse in Stephentown, preached by Elder Northrop
13 Jun 1811  George Holcomb was 20
 4 Jul 1811  Widow Goodrich died, mother of Elijah & Rier Goodrich, she died in a fit, an aged woman
 6 Jul 1811  Nancy & Lyman Springs had a daughter
15 Jul 1811  Mr. Stanton had a daughter born
18 Jul 1811  Heard the son of Mr. Clothier was run over by a run away horse, and wagon.  Went to Elijah Goodrich's to see the boy
20 Aug 1811  Mr. Perkins died by drinking cold water
25 Aug 1811  Mrs. Belinda Vars died, the dau of Uncle Michael Holcomb
26 Aug 1811  Mr. Von died, the father of David and Titus Von (probably Vaughn)
 7 Dec 1811  Mr. Plumb, the goldsmith, died in Canaan
25 Dec 1811  Andrew  Stevenson m/ Miss Lamphier
29 Dec 1811  Squire Wm. Douglas died, father of Benjamin & Em & Elie & others.  Funeral attended at the Baptist meetinghouse with a concourse of people and a sermon delivered by Elder Hull, on the 31st.

16 Jan 1812  Mr. Amos Broad m/ Miss Elisabeth Egleston
18 Jan 1812  Wm. Dixon m/ Ascaneth Humphrey
26 Jan 1812  Went to Mr. Gates.  His daughter, the widow Hubbard, hung herself on the 24th in her father's garrett.  There was a concourse of people at the funeral.
11 Feb 1812  Mr. Conklin died  (John H.)
29 Feb 1812  Mr. Wing was found dead, supposedly murdered by one Convis, both of Berkshire County
 8 Mar 1812  Old widow Woodward died
13 Jun 1812  George Holcomb is 21 yrs old & he now works for father on shares
15 Jun 1812  Eunice Bennett died, consumption (Hancock)
14 Jul 1812  Col. Steward's wife died
18 Jul 1812  Henry Stanton's dau was buried, was 1 yr old
31 Jul 1812  Sylvester Holcomb is 28 yrs old

 9 Jan 1814  Went to Lebanon meetinghouse to funeral of Mr. Patterson, went to the grave, it was a Masonic funeral
23 Jan 1814  Wm. Dixon family moved away and they left to go westward the next day
 9 Feb 1814  Elijah Grant m/ Sally Moffitt
14 Feb 1814  Joshua Maxon's son died
 2 Mar 1814  Harrison is brother-in-law to Isaac Newton
 9 Mar 1814  Ira Squires moved westward
12 May 1814  Jane Russell m/ Thomas Carpenter
13 Jun 1814  Went to funeral of old Mr. Manson that died last night to the house of Isaac Newton.  Funeral at Solomon Carpenters & Elder (Nicholas) Northrop preached
10 Jul 1814  Helped bury an infant child of Mr. Richard Campbell
21 Jul 1814  Watched with corpse of Richard Campbell's wife.  She died about 2 this aft.  Russell Andrews and Susan Humphrey watched with me
 4 Aug 1814  Betsey (Camel) Douglas m/ Doc (Behah) Douglas
17 Aug 1814  Old Widow Dudley died
21 Sep 1814  Isaacas Rowley (Canaan) died
 7 Dec 1814  Tisdale Baker died of a severe illness & George Holcomb helped bury him next day.  The funeral adjourned on account of the priests not attending
28 Dec 1814  This morning at 45 min past 4 Cousin Samuel Holcomb died in Canaan to his father Squires.  Today I walked to Nassau to inform his parents of his death
29 Dec 1814  Myself & part of Father's family went to Canaan to accompany up the deceased to my father's house.  Before we started Mr. Clark, Doc of Divinity, made a prayer.  Eight or ten connections accompanied & stayed at our house
30 Dec 1814  Funeral was attended with a concourse of people to father's house & a sermon preached by Elder Beaman (Baptist)

28 Jan 1815  Sylvester Carpenter m/ Susan Humphrey at the house of John Russell
 5 Feb 1815  Grandmother Abigail Holcomb died, 94 yrs old, funeral on the 7th
27 Feb 1815  Mr. Hand died (gravestone says he died 1 Mar, age 30)
 7 May 1815  Isaac Newton lived with Solomon Goodrich
16 May 1815  Dexter Brown lives in Solomon Carpenter's house
22 Jul 1815  Henry Hull m/ Louise Douglass
23 Jul 1815  Reuben Chapman m/ Nancy Gibson
 4 Nov 1815  Rendered an account to Mr. Sammey that m/ Widow Conklin

20 Apr 1816  Today Mother Holcomb is 72 yrs old
21 May 1816  Britain Chase kicked by horse & died the next day
11 Jul 1816  Funeral of Daniel Maccaster in Hancock meetinghouse, Elder Leland preached
28 Jul 1816  Eli Hatch of New Canaan m/ Esther Haskell of Stephentown
 8 Aug 1816  Elisha Bennett m/ Betsey Chapman by Elder Beman
13 Oct 1816  Mr. Phineas Lamb died in a fit
29 Oct 1816  Aunt Potter lived in Fort Edward
 2 Nov 1816  Today Joseph Sheldon was buried, Elder Hill preached.  I have not heard which day he died.
 6 Nov 1816  Sylvester Holcomb married Betsey Hastings

16 Mar 1817  Funeral of Miss Patchin, age 9, at the home of Mr. Nathan Patchin
30 Mar 1817  Funeral of Harriet Hall at Presbyterian Lebanon, wife of Philander Hall
27 Apr 1817  Isaac Newton lives on Black River
 2 Jul 1817  Roger Sweet's funeral at Baptist meetinghouse, he was 40
18 Jul 1817  Took his "nigger John" when changing works
 3 Aug 1817  Went to funeral of Old Mr. (Tolman) Chase attended by a Quaker priest in the Baptist meetinghouse
 9 Sep 1817  Sylvester Holcomb's oldest boy was born
23 Sep 1817  Old Mrs. Mary Russell died at 6 a.m.,  George Holcomb and 3 others watched with her that night.  Funeral was the next day at Presbyterian meetinghouse  (age 70)
 1 Oct 1817  Funeral for Sally Graves, wife of Dr. Elijah Graves & dau of Hosey Moffitt.  (26 yrs old)
 5 Oct 1817  Wm. Chapman m/ Olive Bills
15 Oct 1817  Wife of Old Capt. Josiah Humphrey died
18 Oct 1817  Miss Russell Tanner died, funeral next day at Baptist meetinghouse
16 Nov 1817  Elder Bemans baptized Miss Patty Remmington
20 Dec 1817  Squire Powell Gardner died instantly in his chair.  Funeral on the 22nd at Baptist meetinghouse
27 Dec 1817  Engaged Rev. Churchill to come & marry brother William Holcomb Miss Barnard
28 Dec 1817  Brother William Holcomb m/ Julia Barnard

19 Jan 1818  John Tyron died after a short illness.  Funeral on 22nd, prayer at his home then a sermon at the meetinghouse.  George Holcomb was a bearer to the grave.  Bearers all invited back to the house for refreshments.
 8 Mar 1818  Went to Uriah Goodrich's, his son is on the point of death.  He was taken the 6th speechless, blind & deaf.  I stayed until after 12 to behold the boy in all the agonies of death.  He died about 2 hours       later.  Took Lydia & Lucinda to see the corpse.  Funeral was on the 10th at his home,  Elderly Saturlay preached.
27 Mar 1818  William Holbrook & I moved "part of his wife's furniture from her father's house to our house
28 Mar 1818  Ezekiel Main died (aged 27, son of Anna & Stephen)
22 Apr 1818  Funeral of Cousin Josiah Egleston's girl, about 2-1/2 yrs, she died with fits
 2 May 1818  Funeral of Stephen Main's wife
 2 Jun 1818  Funeral of Henry, s/cousin Jesse Egleston, about 6 yrs old, had the falling sickness fits.  (epilepsy?) He died 31 May, Elder Beman preached
14 Aug 1818  Samuel Post died about 2 a.m., funeral the next day.  Mr. Younglove the Presbyterian preached
28 Aug 1818  Funeral of Old Mr. Joseph Sanford.  George Holcomb was a bearer, Elder Otis preached
29 Aug 1818  Dr. Elijah Graves m/ Miss Rachel Platt (his 2nd marriage)
30 Aug 1818  John Humphrey m/ Miss Miranda Bemon
24 Sep 1818  Funeral of Cousin Josiah Holcomb, Gregory preached.  He died 22 morning
25 Sep 1818  William Holcomb was gone 16 days moving Sylvester Holcomb to Sullivan
 5 Oct 1818  Sylvester Holcomb sold his farm & effects and returned to Stephentown.  He claimed the country unhealthy but George Holcomb thinks he was homesick
13 Oct 1818  John Runnels, a Quaker, funeral
14 Oct 1818  Funeral of Old Mrs. Munroe, widow of Noah Munroe
30 Oct 1818  Clark moved into William Holcomb's house to go halves with him on blacksmithing

 8 Jan 1819  Eli Townsend m/  Harriet Carpenter
17 Jan 1819  Robert Stanton m/ Betsey Stanton
21 Jan 1819  Ebenezer Flavel Booge m/ Sefrona Griggs
25 Feb 1819  Hiram Brown m/ Polly Chapman
10 Mar 1819  Lavinia Lord died, had only been taken 24 hours, lived next door to Bigelow's Tavern, funeral on the 12th at Presbyterian meetinghouse, Mr. Churchill preached
11 Mar 1819  Sylvester Holcomb had a daughter born today (2nd child)
12 Mar 1819  William Chapman had a son born today
15 Apr 1819  George Holcomb married Lucinda Wylie
15 May 1819  Brother William Holcomb's dau Lucretia born
16 May 1819  Mr. Gorton of Hancock was buried;  Lansing Sheldon died at 6 o'c, s/deceased Capt. Wm. Sheldon
24 May 1819  Sister Newton & husband (Isaac) moved in Joseph Hills house near Capt. B. Sackett's.  I put her on a bed (she is very ill) and drove slowly.
 5 Jun 1819  Mr. Rose, in the north part of town, was killed instantly with the fall of a tree, funeral was the 6th, he was buried by the Masonic Order;  Mr. Leach m/ (DeGrass) Pardee
13 Jun 1819  Doc Evert of New Lebanon buried a dau
20 Jun 1819  Deacon Doty had a daughter baptized at the Baptists
27 Jul 1819  Sylvester Holcomb moved to the westward
25 Aug 1819  James Rodgers hanged himself in his orchard.  A jury of 24 said it was self murder.  Funeral on the 26th.  (He had been dead 24 hours when found)
20 Sep 1819  Joseph Cole's funeral.  He was drowned in Samuel Udell mill pond fishing
21 Oct 1819  Dr. Dwight Wright m/ Polly Platt, he of New Lebanon & she of Stephentown
11 Nov 1819  Francis Buten m/ Amanda Russell at her father's by Elder Matthew Jones
26 Dec 1819  John Rodgers was found dead in bed

10 Jan 1820  Richard Campbell died with a short illness at Albany
 5 Feb 1820  Green Worden m/ Cousin Louisa Egleston by Elder Jones
21 Feb 1820  Widow Adams was buried.  She died the 18th, funeral held at her house by Elder Northrop.  She is the mother of James.
21 May 1820  Wrote a letter to Brother Beriah Holcomb at Brutus, NY
11 Jun 1820  Five of Simeon Wylie's children were sprinkled at the Baptist Church.  Elder Coa officiated & the eldest of Henry Platt Jr., too
16 Jun 1820  Francis Bute had a son born
 2 Jul 1820  Funeral of wife of  Squire Martins, Elder Trumbull preached
24 Aug 1820  Funeral for Dr. Graves 18 mo old child at Presbyterian meetinghouse.  Rev. Hunter preached
17 Sep 1820  Mr. Perkins that lives in Squire Wm. Douglas's house buried a child 
23 Sep 1820  Old Mrs. Carpenter died, mother of Thomas, Joseph, Sylvanus & others.  Funeral was the next day at meetinghouse near Benj. Carpenter's.  Elder Satterley preached (Sarah, age 88)
11 Nov 1820  Gideon Hall was buried
14 Nov 1820  Caleb Gardner, one of the overseers of the poor in Stephentown returned the name of Barnum Clark.  (to have his name deleted as per his being hired by Wm. Holcomb)
19 Nov 1820  Mr. Green m/ Mariah Perry some time ago
22 Nov 1820  Isacher Rowley's dau Louisa died very sudden of the colic.  Funeral the next day at her father's house.  Mr. Churchill preached.
24 Nov 1820  John Conklin, deceased, is father of Betsey.  She m/ John Conklin & they live in Hillsdale

24 Jan 1821  William Holcomb's 2nd child born, a dau
 9 Feb 1821  Funeral of Robert Fairbanks who died very suddenly, Mr. Churchill preached
11 Feb 1821  Benedict Woodward lived in West Stephentown
 3 Mar 1821  Simeon Vary's wife (Polly) died after a long consumptive sickness.  The funeral was the following day at their house, Elder Northrop preached
10 Mar 1821  Charles Mosley's son died, aged 1-1/2.  He was scalded or burned with an iron & then had the measles.  The funeral was the next day at the Presbyterian meetinghouse & Mr. Hunter preached
27 Mar 1821  Elderly Jonathan Owens died & wife (Abigail) of Claudius Moffitt died (age 26)
28 Mar 1821  7:45 a.m. daughter born.  A friend and Dr. Elijah Graves attended my wife. (Charlotte E. Holcomb)
 2 Apr 1821  Abner Bull Jr's wife died very sudden.  She was put to bed a few hours before.  Myself & 3 others carried the coffin up to Bull's in a very hard snow storm.  The funeral was on the 4th.  Went to the  house & helped carry the corpse on a bier by hand to the Presbyterian meetinghouse.  Mr. Moses Hunter preached.
10 Apr 1821  Mr. Rice of New Lebanon died
16 May 1821  Squire Davis of New Lebanon was buried
 2 Jun 1821  James Harrington's eldest son shot dead (age 10) by Elic Brown's son (age 17).  Brown's son committed to jail on the 6th
13 Jun 1821  Today I am 30 years old
15 Jul 1821  Jeremiah Jolls 2 dau were baptized at Elder Jones meetinghouse
 6 Aug 1821  Isaacher Rowley died.  Funeral the next aft at his home in New Lebanon.  Moses Hunter preached
15 Aug 1821  Wm. Gray has a brother Abner
26 Aug 1821  John Gardner's son John's funeral.  He died in Albany with a fever taken on his way to Balston Spa.  Elder Hull preached & about 100 people attended
__ Sep 1821  Mr. Marks of New Lebanon died
__ Sep 1821  Mr. Howard of Stephentown died
12 Oct 1821  Palmer Tanner died
 6 Nov 1821  Amos Chapman buried a stillborn child
12 Nov 1821  Infare wedding of Isaac Humphrey and Dana Greenfield at Mother Springs.  They were married yesterday at Solomon Carpenter's by Elder Jones
19 Nov 1821  Sally Crandall died at Simeon Baker's.  She was maintained by the Town 
28 Nov 1821  Had a real fist fight with Joshua Crocker when I tried to collect rent.  He went home with head swolled & ache and he anointed it with vinegar.  I solomley swear I never raised a hand against him, only to defend myself.
30 Nov 1821  Swore in court on assault & battery at Griggs Inn.  Again fought—Crocker the aggressor.  Court fined Crocker 7 dollars.  Crocker counter suited and lost
13 Dec 1821  Squire Wm. Douglas died, funeral on 15th at Baptist meetinghouse.  Sermon preached by Moses Hunter & Elder Jones addressed the mourners and made prayers.  He made a prayer before the corpse was removed from home to the meetinghouse, a large concourse attended the funeral but a very severe cold day

 3 Jan 1822  Samuel Holcomb m/ Verona Howard & they started on a journey westward
 9 May 1822  Jacob Coles's son is named Milo
 9 Jun 1822  Orra Howard died, he was son of Squire Nathan Howard
11 Jul 1822  Nathan Tyler's wife was buried today, funeral at Baptist meetinghouse (Rachael)
17 Jul 1822  Funeral of Jared Harrington's child
20 Jul 1822  Heard of Lucy Ann Post's death.  Used to live here and move to Lenox.  Funeral today.  She died with a relapse of dysentery
30 Aug 1822  Francis Bute had a dau born
12 Sep 1822  Jesse Egleston buried a dau of 18 today
26 Sep 1822  Dr. Stephen Hall buried.  Died yesterday of the quick Consumption.  Evergreens Cemetery
12 Oct 1822  Isaac Humphrey had a dau born
27 Oct 1822  Wm. Clark's dau Delia (who m/ Charles Kellogg 23 Sept 1818 by Silas Churchill) died age 21 (buried Evergreens)
29 Oct 1822  Went to Lebanon to Henry Hull's wife's funeral.  She died yesterday with the consumption. (Lois, dau of Benj. and Lois Douglass, 1796-1822, age 27 yrs, 9 mths, buried in Stephentown Cemetery)
30 Nov 1822  Funeral for Old Mr. Wheelock, father-in-law of Elijah Douglas (father of Betsey Wheelock Douglass)
16 Dec 1822  Mr. Palmer's wife died, a few minutes after talking.  The cause no one knows.  
26 Dec 1822  Sylvester Holcomb is living in Lebanon, NY and came for a visit. He plans to move to Stephentown next spring.  Returned to Lebanon, NY on the 31st.

12 Jan 1823  Elisha Gilbert died last night and we heard the Lebanon Bell toll for him.  Ezekiel Knapp died, both of New Lebanon
19 Jan 1823  Funeral for Old Mr. Allen, son-in-law of Elder Mathew Jones
26 Jan 1823  Edwin Platt m/ Lucy Douglass and Asa Goodrich m/ Betsey Chapman, both of Hancock
20 Feb 1823  Noah Harrison m/ Susan Morey by Sq. John Bull and quite a large collection
27 Feb 1823  Today Wm. Holcomb's first son was born
12 Mar 1823  Betsey, wife of Dr. Wm. Douglass, dau of Sq. Wm. Douglass, died after a long and painful consumption.  Funeral on the 14th at the Baptist meetinghouse.  Mr. Moses Hunter preached.  (Buried at Stephentown Cemetery)
24 Mar 1823  Sylvester Holcomb moved to Stephentown from Westward
 4 May 1823  Took covered wagon to Hancock meetinghouse to funeral of Old Mr. Foster.  Elder Hull preached
23 May 1823  John Tilden died, s/Elem Tilden of New Lebanon
28 May 1823  Reuben King of Lebanon was found dead in the street, supposed to have died in a fit.  Masonic funeral on the 29th
29 May 1823  Priest Churchill's wife died and lay a corpse while Reuben King's funeral was attended to by Priest Clark.  Her funeral is the 30th.
13 Jun 1823  This day I am 32 years of age
10 Jul 1823  Nathaniel Rose died
12 Jul 1823  I rode over for Dr. Graves and betwixt 9 and 10 o'clock I had a dau born.  (3 weeks ago they were bleeding his wife because she had pleurisy)
12 Jul 1823  Elisha Morton m/Widow Sheldon, Elamson's wife
15 Jul 1823  Gillette Goodrich's wife died, after a long sickness.  Funeral on the 16th at her home.  Elder Leland preached (Patty)
13 Sep 1823  Wife of Benjamin Douglas died (Lois McKay, age 59)   
18 Sep 1823  Benjamin Douglas' dau Apalona died in P'fld, m/ (Austin) Stowell only a few months ago (age 21) and funeral was today in Elder Jones meetinghouse
27 Sep 1823  An Irishman was m/ sometime ago to Lucy Bennett
24 Dec 1823  Edwin Platt's wife died. Died 10 o'c this forenoon.  Funeral on the 26th at Baptist meetinghouse, Moses Hunter preached (Lucy Douglass Platt, age 18, d/ Eli Douglas)

11 Jan 1824  Benjamin Douglass m/ Widow Wood
17 Jan 1824  Sylvester Holcomb's wife had a stillborn baby.  Newton & I buried the child.
11 Mar 1824  Widow Buten was found dead in her bed, funeral on the 12th at Presbyterian meetinghouse attended by Priest Hunter
25 Apr 1824  Aged Wm. L. Gardner died, funeral at Baptist meetinghouse, Elder Hall preached
28 Apr 1824  Son of Jonas Smith's son was killed under a harrow he got on to ride and the oxen ran away.  He lived to Joseph Bailey's in New Lebanon
 2 Jun 1824  When in Litchfield I stayed at cousin Deacon Crumb's.  His dau was m/ David Palmer
 3 Aug 1824  Mr. Samuel Brown was found dead in the road or had a fit and fell in the brook and partly drowned
 5 Sep 1824  Funeral for Ludwig.  Elder Hull preached then Mr. Wells a traveling preacher did a short sermon
29 Sep 1824  Squ. James Sweet's second dau Juliette died
11 Oct 1824  Funeral of Abigail Burton (28 yrs old) at Caleb Joll's.  She had been in decline for a number of years.  There was not any sermon preached.  Mr. Churchill was expected but he was unwell
 5 Dec 1824  John Murdock buried his second dau, she died 2 Dec with the consumption

 5 Jan 1825  Franklin Gardner m/ Lecta Vary
 9 Jan 1825  Capt. Andrew Hunter was found dead in bed.  The funeral was on the 11th at his own dwelling house.  Priest Churchill preached but I could not hear any of the sermon for the house was so full of people	
20 Feb 1825  2 a.m. George Holcomb's 4th child born, Dr. Graves attended
20 Feb 1825  Old Mr. Horton died (Thomas, age 70)
21 Apr 1825  John Wylie's 4th daughter born (Deborah Marie)
27 Apr 1825  Wife of George Landon died with the consumption (Cynthia, age 27)
 9 Aug 1825  Old Widow Chase (Elizabeth w/Tolman Chase) died.  (She was born 1759)
21 Aug 1825  John Foster of Hancock took his razor and cut his own throat and died instantly.  It was thought he was deranged by being out of health or a disorder in his head.
22 Aug 1825  Wife of Old Mr. Caleb Chapman died (Martha, age 62-9-0)
31 Aug 1825  Tonight Gen. Hosey Moffitt died.  It was caused by a wagon box falling on to his bowels.  Funeral on the 2nd, Mr. Shepard from Lenox preached.
27 Sep 1825  Brother Sylvester Holcomb had a son born but expired in a few minutes. (This was 9 months, 10 days after their stillborn baby arrived)
 1 Oct 1825  Funeral for Amherst L. Sackett.  He was kicked by a colt 4 months old.  Kicked in the bowels.  He lived 24 hours

12 Jan 1826  Nicholas Gardner m/ Jane Wylie
11 Feb 1826  This morning Rowland Danford had a dau born
28 Mar 1826  Daughter Charlotte is 5 yrs old
 8 Apr 1826  13 yr old dau of Old Salmon Wheeler died, funeral was the next day.  She died at Sylvanus Carpenter's. Elder Jones preached.
22 Apr 1826  Joseph Bailey died after a short sickness, a fever
28 Apr 1826  Old Miss Rebecca Douglas died with old age.  The old Lady was one of the first settlers of this town.  Came with her father Asa Douglass, she never married.  Funeral on the 30th, Elder Jones preached at the (Baptist) meetinghouse after the sermon and Mr. Taggard preached a short sermon at the burial (aged 84)
30 May 1826  John Motts wife died.  It is thought that her death was caused by a family fight, bruised and took cold.
22 Jun 1826  Mr. Aaron Jordan Booge died.  Funeral on the 24th at his home.  Procession moved to Mr. Churchill's meetinghouse & Elder Taggard preached and Mr. Churchill read Mr. Booge's dying prayer in his own handwriting.  Churchill also made prayer at the grave.  (aged 74)
28 Jun 1826  Old Capt. Benjamin Sackett died.  Funeral the next day, Mr. Hendrick preached at Presbyterian meetinghouse  (age 71)
16 Aug 1826  Benjamin Carpenter's son Govanier died age 26.  He was a lawyer, had been lingering with the consumption
26 Aug 1826  John Wylie died at 8 a.m.  I went to Hancock to Hadsills and bought 1-1/4 yds of mourning crepe at 75 cents per.  Funeral was the following day.  A prayer at deceased house by Mr. Hendricks and the procession moved to the meetinghouse and at 3 o'c Hendricks again preached.  A large number of connections attended and a very large concourse of people attended.
 5 Sep 1826  Sold cider to Daniel Torry, (New Lebanon) and to a family named Gray who lives in Torry's house
 8 Sep 1826  Funeral of Dr. Graves 2nd wife, dau of Henry Platt
13 Oct 1826  Funeral of Old Widow Phebe Sackett, wife of deceased Benjamin Sackett.  Died very suddenly yesterday morn.  Moses Hunter preached at the meetinghouse
15 Oct 1826  Funeral of Eliza Bounds at Presbyterian meetinghouse
22 Oct 1826  Capt. Joseph Rodgers died and Mr. (Philetas) Glass m/Widow Chase (of Brittain Chase) (Eleanor)
11 Nov 1826  Funeral of John Surdam, attended by Elder Jones.  He died very suddenly
20 Nov 1826  Went to Widow Booge's vendue.  Bid off one bake kettle at 76 cts and one iron basin 59 cts and a pair of stillards at 14 cts.

 8 Jan 1827  This morning before one o'clock I went after Dr. Elijah Graves and a few neighboring women and about daylight I had my third son born
 4 Feb 1827  Harry W. Betts died tonight
22 Feb 1827  Asa Worden and son and sons wife made us a visit.  She was Meriah Hadsell
24 Feb 1827  Randall Brown m/Margaret Sweet, d/James Sweet
28 Feb 1827  Mr. Nappins second son died
10 Mar 1827  Joshua Gardner Jr. died.  Buried at the Baptist meetinghouse on the 13th
14 Mar 1827  Luke Rich's mother died, an aged person
 3 Apr 1827  David Johnson of New Lebanon died
26 May 1827  Zach Chapman's dau Laura died.  Her health had been on a decline for more than 10 years.  Funeral was the next day at the Presbyterian meetinghouse.  Elder Jones preached at 3 o'c
13 Jun 1827  Today I am 36 yrs old
15 Jun 1827  Uncle Josiah Holcomb was buried today
 3 Aug 1827  Sylvester Holcomb's 1 week old child died this evening
 4 Aug 1827  William and I dug a grave.  This aft. we went to the funeral at Sylvester's house.  Elder Jones delivered a short sermon
 8 Sep 1827  Cousin Ira Humphrey lived in Lansingburgh
17 Sep 1827  William Holcomb's wife had a dau born, their 5th child
28 Oct 1827  Funeral of old Mr. Jeremiah Landon, Elder Jones preached at his meetinghouse
 7 Nov 1827  Henry Carpenter died with the wound from falling from the wagon on Oct 28th.  Said boy had his skull broken in and Dr. Batchelor trappaned him, he was wounded mortally otherwheres about the head.  He was the son of Benjamin Carpenter.  The funeral was the next day.  A sermon was preached by Elder Jones at the Seventh Day Meetinghouse.
18 Nov 1827  George Holcomb says Elder Jones was married to Harriet.  He was 33 and had 5 children
27 Nov 1827  Miss Kesiah Withee came to visit us from Conn.
19 Dec 1827  Rockman Pierce died.  Funeral on 21st at Elder Jones meetinghouse, Elder Taggot preached
23 Dec 1827  Funeral of Mr. Powell.  He died on 17th as expected.  Elder Jones preached his funeral at the schoolhouse in Goodrich Hollow

16 Jan 1828  Miss Anna Booge died, she had been ill for months, unwell with bloating and died at last with the quick consumption.  Funeral the next day was preached by Silas Churchill
22 Jan 1828  Old Widow Moreys died. Mother of Hazard Morey and Susan Brown.  She was 89.  Funeral was the 24th and a Quaker from Adams preached  (Catherine, widow of Robert M. Moreys)  
24 Jan 1828  Sylvester Gardner m/ Miss Alma Russel by Elder Jones and this evening John Hatch m/ Miss Lecta Tylor
 2 Feb 1828  Today Mrs. Hill, the wife of Joseph Hill was fetched from Nassau and buried at the Presbyterian meetinghouse.  They once lived in this town and have children there  (age 59, Mercy Hill, died 31 Jan, m/ Josep Hill)
 4 Feb 1828  Morgan Brown was buried.  He died with the consumption
 5 Feb 1828  Funeral of Loretta, dau of Joseph Russell at Presb. Meetinghouse.  Sermon preached by Elder Jones.  She was 18 yrs old.  They lived to the westward and she was fetched to Albany for her health and she died with the consumption and then fetched on to this town to be buried with her connections
 8 Feb 1828  Elijah Hatch buried his oldest daughter.  She died with the measles
16 Feb 1828  Our Governor DeWitt Clinton died in a fit, if I get the information right
28 Feb 1828  Squire James Sweet died
24 Apr 1828  Moved Brother William Holcomb to his Morton farm.  (He paid 1250 dollars for it)
19 May 1828  Dr. Allen Wos lives in Calvin P. Sackett's house near the Presb. Meetinghouse.  He has a store where he sells molasses and other.
27 May 1828  Squ. John King's son John Yates was buried.  Died 25th on the way from Hudson at Whitings Pond.  He had the quick consumption
11 Jun 1828  Widow Booge's son E. Flavel is failing fast with the consumption
13 Jun 1828  I am 37 years of age
27 Jun 1828  Sylvester Holcomb had a dau born.  It lived only 6 hours and died tonight.  I had a swine die worth 10 dollars.  I did not know what caused it to die.
31 Oct 1828  Old Widow Tryon was buried and Elder Barnes died.  He was flung from the stage and killed or jumped while the horses were running.  They both was buried at New Lebanon.
24 Dec 1828  Ebenezer Flavel Booge, Esq., died with a long lingering consumption.  Funeral was the 26 at his home, a sermon preached by Mr. Beech

31 Jan 1829  Mr. Clark Vary m/ Mrs. Widow Marsha Rodgers
 8 Feb 1829  Cousin Samuel Potter's dau and husband named Austin, stayed with us from Ft. Edward.  Austin's father lives in Hancock.
 5 Mar 1829  Samuel Sparwak died to the house of Hazard Morey's.  Funeral on the 8th at Baptist church in Lebanon Springs.  Mr. Silas Churchill preached
25 Mar 1829  This morning about nine o'clock my six child or third dau was born  (Sarah Orselia)
20 Apr 1829  Richard Darling was found dead in bed to the Widow Booges (a boarder)
29 Apr 1829  Miss Lucy Jolls died (age 46)
24 May 1829  Old Squ. Samuel Hand died, age 94
 8 Jun 1829  Old Zulpha Goodrich died , (Wife of Elijah)
15 Jun 1829  Funeral at Hancock for Mrs. Comstock
17 Jun 1829  Hancock funeral for Mr. Belcher who died in a fit, fell into the brook & was nearly dead when found
 6 Jul 1829  George Glass had a son born
20 Aug 1829  Jane Dixon is the wife of Old John Dixon
 5 Oct 1829  Old Joshua Gardner died
26 Oct 1829  Gardner Runnells died
 5 Dec 1829  Charles Mason of Sand Lake committed suicide, cutting his throat with his razor
17 Dec 1829  Dr. Dwight Wright's wife died (Polly Platt Wright, age 34)

 2 Jan 1830  Albert Cole died, only 3 days sick, with a canker rash and the spotted fever.  He lived in Hancock  (smallpox ?)
12 Jan 1830  John Wylie m/ Miss Betsey Hoovey
24 Jan 1830  Archibald Simpson's son died.  He lived at Hazard Morey's, age about 10, funeral was the 26th.  Elder Sands, a Baptist minister preached
31 Jan 1830  Asa Sheldon had a dau. born
 4 Feb 1830  Mr. Mosley died at Squ. Nathan Howard's.  He was from Albany and is the husband of Phebe Johnson
 6 Feb 1830  Hiram Spring lives in Rome.  Was recently married
11 Feb 1830  Ephraim Wylie lived in Rome
 5 Apr 1830  Wife of Mr. Wait, the shoemaker, died with laying in with child.  Her father's name was Kive White
18 Apr 1830  Wm. Holcomb had a fifth dau born
28 May 1830  Thomas Tanner died with a prevailing distemper and was buried in a few hours without being laid out with his clothes on.   His family laid sick with the same complaint
 2 Jun 1830  Old Abel Tanner died (age 68)
13 Jun 1830  Today I am 39 years of age.  Today rainy
23 Jun 1830  Funeral of Sylvester Howard's daughter was attended by Elder Jones at the Baptist meetinghouse with a large concourse of people.  Her age nearly 16 years and died with the consumption
26 Jun 1830  Cousin Mary died in Troy
29 Jul 1830  Warner Merrel's buried a daughter, the complaint water in the chest
23 Aug 1830  At 2 o'clock this morning Polly Goodrich died.  She was the wife of Uriah Goodrich, but they had parted
20 Oct 1830  Mr. Swan m/ Miss Fidelia Sackett
21 Oct 1830  George Brown m/ Miss Eliza Andrews
16 Nov 1830  Funeral of the daughter of Simeon Adams at the Baptist meetinghouse which is a --- today since he buried his other daughter.  Their names I do not know
13 Dec 1830  Benjamin Carpenter died
15 Dec 1830  Miss Meriah Sackett died with a lingering consumption.  She is the daughter of Calvin P. Sackett.  Funeral on 17th at the meetinghouse.  Mr. Beech preached

18 Feb 1831  Frederick Russell m/ Eliza Kittle
20 Feb 1830  Ruth Palmer died in a fit in less than one hour.  She is the girl we hired to work with us this season
23 Feb 1830  Funeral for Mr. Kittle who died in Goodrich Hollow.  He is the Father of Henry Wheeler's wife.  Elder Jones preached.  Today the wife of Stephen Bailey was buried of New Lebanon
15 Mar 1830  Eli Douglas 2nd wife died (age 48, Betsey Wheelock Douglas)
20 Mar 1830  Funeral of Old Mr. Stephen Wheeler, Elder Jones preached.  The old man lived in the west part of town. 
 2 Jun 1830  Funeral of Henry Stanton, Elder Jones preached, funeral at the deceased house.  Understand he died yesterday
 3 Jun 1830  Harvey Wheeler's oldest son died, age 6 yrs, named Harvey Augustus, was 3 days sick with a coramorbus
 6 Jun 1830  Harvey Wheeler's second son died, age 3, named Dwight with the same complaint that the other one of said Wheeler's did last week.  The funeral was the 7th at Goodrich Hollow schoolhouse, Elder Jones preached
17 Aug 1830  William Clark of New Lebanon died and Mrs. Susan (Crandall) Wall of this town (age 53)
26 Oct 1830  Calvin P. Sackett m/ Emiline Shaw of Berlin and Hannah will be if she can to Emiline's brother.  They was highly amoured in both towns with horns and guns.
 7 Nov 1830  Took Aseneth Newton and her son Hiram to Albany
22 Dec 1830  James Madison Glass m/ Miss Caroline Jones

 2 Jan 1832  John Wylie's daughter, about 6 months old died
 2 Jan 1832  This evening James Chapman m/ Miss Philena Rodgers by Elder Jones
 3 Jan 1832  Peres Swan's daughter's name is Delight
 6 Jan 1832  About 10 o'clock Old Mr. (Elisha) West died, he lived to Hazard Morey's, funeral was the next day, Elder Jones preached
 8 Jan 1832  Today John Franklin Holcomb is 5 yrs old
27 Jan 1832  Alonzo Chapman had a daughter born
24 Apr 1832  Went to funeral of David Goold, Mr. Beach preached at the Presbyterian meetinghouse and this morning Saloon Owen's wife died
14 Jun 1832  Sister Jerusha Newton died about 4 o'clock after 15 years sickness and lame and blind and at last with dropsy.  I drove to Lebanon, near Gilberts, to notify Mrs. Harrison of the death of her sister, Jerusha.  The funeral was on the 15th in the afternoon at the Saturday Meetinghouse.  Elder Jones preached
13 Aug 1832  Ebenezer Merritt died of a kick of a horse by the fills broken and wagons running on to the horse.
13 Aug 1832  Lydia Stone buried this day
16 Sep 1832  Funeral of a young man by the name of Brockway at Elder Jones meetinghouse.  He was found dead in the well.  No one knew the cause of his death.  It is a guess whether he meant to kill himself or not.
15 Dec 1832  Lewis Brown's store is near E. Cherevoys
20 Dec 1832  This evening Mr. William Toby's wife died, her named before marriage was Louisa Platt, d/Henry Platt.  Funeral was 31st, Mr. Beech preached.

15 Jan 1833  Brother William Holcomb's 7th child born, his second son.  It was past midnight so we might call it 16th
17 Feb 1833  Funeral of Mrs. Hull, d/Capt. Smith, at Elder Jones meetinghouse
20 Feb 1833  Funeral of Cousin Green Worden's for his 18 month old daughter that lingered away and died.  Mr. Newell the Universalist preached
10 Apr 1833  Charles Booge is son of deceased Ebenezer F. Booge
 9 May 1833  Funeral of Old Aunt Doris Holcomb.  She died at Chancy Rowe's, funeral held at Union House on the Nassau and Stephentown Line (West Stephentown Baptist Church) Mr. John C. Newell preached
 9 Jun 1833  Mr. Ostrander lives in Goodrich Hollow, he mends harness and makes shoes
26 Jun 1833  Mr. John Eldridge of this town died, only sick 3 days with an inflammation on the bowels.  (appendix ?)
 2 Aug 1833  Manuel Buten's wife died after a long lingering sickness
31 Aug 1833  Philander Carpenter's dau died, about 2 years old.  She died of dysentery.  The funeral was the next day.  Elder Jones preached.
 8 Nov 1833  This evening Margaret Douglass died but a short illness, with a fever.  She was the widow of William Douglass.  Funeral was on the 10th at the Baptist meetinghouse, Edward A. Beech preached (age 57, S'town Cem.)

30 Jan 1834  Thomas G. Carpenter died.  Funeral on 1 Feb at Seventh Day Meetinghouse near Nathaniel Bishop's.  Elder Satterly preached (age 77, Carpenter Cem.)
20 Feb 1834  Vendue at the place of Guy Loudens, deceased
14 Mar 1834  Hiram Thayer had a dau born
 4 Apr 1834  Lot Swan's wife gave me 25 cts and a silver dollar for helping her move
 4 May 1834  I was told Mr. Daniel Sanford's dau. Sarah was gone to Schodack to be married
17 May 1834  Cousin Theodore Higley from New Marlboro, Windham Co., VT, visited
 5 Jun 1834  Mrs. Lydia Goodrich, wife of Justus Goodrich, died.  Funeral was on the 8th attend by Elder Jones at the Baptist meetinghouse by a large congregation. (1st wife of Justus Goodrich)
23 Jun 1834  This morning the widow of deceased James Sweet died of a lingering consumption.  The funeral was the 25th.  She was daughter of Old Deacon Green of Berlin.  Elder Jones preached the sermon at the Baptist meetinghouse.
30 Jun 1834  Brother William Holcomb has moved to Hoosic
 4 Jul 1834  Went to Lanesborough to visit Old Aunt Wheeler at one widow Smith's.  We found the old lady bedridden and helpless.  She is 91 yrs old, maintained by the town.
15 Jul 1834  Widow Betcher died.  Said to be poisoned by John Eldridge by taking medicine to rid herself of a child.
30 Jul 1834  Henry Ostrander had a daughter born
20 Aug 1834  John Wylie's 2 yr old son died
26 Sep 1834  Jeremiah Jolls funeral was attended at his dwelling, a sermon by Mr. Edward A. Beech.  (age 84, Presb. Cem)
12 Nov 1834  William Holcomb and wife left my house for Hoosic and calculate to start on the canal on 14th to move westward.  Mother gave Wm. a featherbed and coverlet, and I gave him a 16 lb. Cheese.  Wm. gave me his old sled and small notions
23 Nov 1834  Mr. Solomon Carpenter died.  Funeral on the 25th at the Saturday meetinghouse, Elder Satterley preached
 4 Dec 1834  Today Adam Browns youngest daughter was married to Mr. Buckley from Williamstown, brother to the one that married said Brown's oldest daughter.  He two daughters names is Delia and Susan
18 Dec 1834  Today Mr. Underwood, the Presb. Minister was married to Miss Henrietta Platt
27 Dec 1834  Frederick Everetts had a store in New Lebanon

20 Jan 1835  This morning at 7 o'clock Mother Spring died.  Funeral of my wife's mother that is Deborah Spring the widow of Nathaniel Spring deceased and formerly the widow of Capt. John Wylie deceased.  Her age was 79.  Elder Matthew Jones tended prayers at the house before the deceased was removed in the apartment of the widow B. Wylie's and then the funeral procession removed to Saturday meetinghouse and a sermon by Elder Jones
11 Feb 1835  John Russell and wife had two daughters Alma and Maryette.  Their oldest dau Amanda lived westward.
14 Feb 1835  By hearsay I hear Ebenezer Tyler was killed this week.  He was killed dead instantly by the fall of a tree that broke his neck
16 Feb 1835  Press Stodder of New Lebanon died (Stoddard)
22 Feb 1835  This day Mr. Stephen Hull of Hancock Village went in to his store cotton factory and was a fixing the water wheel and the wheel turned which fetched him with his head first under the wheel which mashed his head and he died instantly.
13 Mar 1835  Asa Nappins wife died after a long sickness.  The funeral was on the 15th at Elder Jones meetinghouse and my son GC Holcomb drove the wagon (Used as a hearse)
16 Mar 1835  Mrs. Isaiah Adams had twins, a girl and a boy
22 Mar 1835  Sylvanus Carpenter is the son of Solomon Carpenter
16 Apr 1835  Nathan Tylor Funeral was attended to the Baptist meetinghouse by Elder Dean.  (He was born 1766)
21 Apr 1835  Mr. Langford Green had gone off in the night and not to be found
13 May 1835  Dr. Wright's youngest son died
31 May 1835  Rebecca Daniel's funeral today (d/Samuel & Lydia Daniels, age 15-9-0, died 28 May, S'town Cem)
21 Jun 1835  Funeral of Mr. Caleb Chapman was preached to the Select Schoolhouse near Edward Cherevoy's by Elder Matthew Jones.  He died on Thurs (the 18th) and was buried yesterday (the 20th)
12 Jul 1835  Elem Tilden's third son George Frederick, age 18, died
21 Jul 1835  Peter Surdan had a stillborn son
 6 Aug 1835  Sister Eleanor & my dau Charlotte went to David Barnhart's in Hoosic to get information what town Brother William Holcomb moved to (on 12 Nov 1834)  But all I can learn is he lives in the country of what is called Buffalo
10 Aug 1835  A. L. Chapman had a son born.  It is his third child (named Alonzo L.)
30 Aug 1835  Funeral of Old Mr. Alger.  He died to his son Dikes
15 Sep 1835  Widow of Rockman Pierce died of a lingering consumption, funeral on the 17th.  Elder Jones preached
26 Oct 1835  Rodman Hazard had a carding factory
16 Dec 1835  Frederick Russell's third child was born, a son
27 Dec 1835  Funeral of Mrs. Hirse, Elder Jones preached.  She died on 25 Dec

 1 Jan 1836  This morning Peter Belcher had a 3 month old child die
22 Jan 1836  At the request of Samuel Beers I called up to Elder Jones to come to my house to marry said Beers to sister Eleanor, next Thursday, (the 28th) in the afternoon
28 Jan 1836  Today sister Eleanor was married to Mr. Samuel Beers for his second wife by Elder M. Jones about three o'clock.  Brother Sylvester and family and Aseneth Newton and son and the widow Wylie and family attended and the said Elder's wife Mrs. Jones was present.  Brother Sylvester and family stayed all night.
29 Jan 1836  Took my double sleigh and brother Sylvester and his wife went with me and my wife home with our new brother Beers and took dinner and we returned home this evening.  Brother Beers lives to the west part of town about 7 miles (East Nassau area, Gentile Road)
10 Feb 1836  Benjamin Carpenter lives in the house formerly owned by Nathan Vary
 3 Mar 1836  Widow Earlabelle Campbell died of consumption, funeral on the sixth at Lebanon Baptist meetinghouse, near the Pool, Elder Sands preached.
19 Mar 1836  Funeral of Mr. Alonzo Chapman's dau. Mary, a child about 4 yrs old.  Elder Sands preached at said Chapman's house. (Presb. Cem)
20 Mar 1836  Silas Churchill's wife funeral in Lebanon at Presb. meetinghouse.  Elder Sands preached
11 Apr 1836  Funeral of Capt. Josiah Humphrey's was attended at Baptist Meetinghouse (S'town Center).  Mr. Coleman preached.  He died Sat. evening, (the 9th) of a short sickness of inflammation on the lungs. (pneumonia?)
 4 May 1836  Funeral of Mr. Elic Brown
27 May 1836  Funeral of Old Mr. (Galardius) Hatch at the house of Judah Rowley
15 Jul 1836  Calvin Carr lived in Canaan
21 Aug 1836  Funeral of old Deacon Carr's 4th wife who died on the 19th.  Elder Jones preached at the (Baptist) meetinghouse  (nee Lamphier, 14 June 1766-19 Aug 1836)
 4 Sep 1836  Funeral of Squ. John King at Lebanon meetinghouse and a sermon preached by Mr. Churchill
 9 Sep 1836  Mr. Scranton Sweet died in a fit of nightmare
11 Sep 1836  Leonard Doty m/ Louisa Gardner
15 Sep 1836  Herman Jones m/ Mrs. Mehitable Sweet
15 Sep 1836  Calvin Jones m/ Miss Runnals
19 Sep 1836  Miss Jane Hunter died with a lingering consumption, funeral at the house of Old Widow Hunter, Mr. Silas Churchill preached
20 Sep 1836  Caleb Chapman buried a girl child
20 Sep 1836  Mr. Edwin E. Griggs m/ Miss Louise Bentley by Elder Sands
10 Oct 1836  Funeral of Dr. Esek King of New Lebanon (65 yrs, Evergreens Cem)
 3 Nov 1836  Today Alonzo Chapman moved to Michigan

 7 Jan 1837  Funeral of Rufus Rose.  He cut his own throat with a razor on Friday morning (6th) after he had eat his breakfast as usual but no one knew the cause of self murder.  Funeral attended by Elder Jones at the large congregation of people attended.
16 Jan 1837  This morning Lyd, dau. of Lucy died
22 Jan 1837  Philander Hand on Friday (20th) or Thursday evening (19th) cut his own throat.  Funeral today in Hancock
18 Feb 1837  Beriah Holcomb's son Philander died a year ago
19 Feb 1837  Funeral of Joseph R. Brown's six year old daughter Susan, Elder Jones preached at the Baptist meetinghouse (Susannah)
22 Mar 1837  Lewis M. Brown's child died.  (He has a store)
27 Mar 1837  Today the wife of Simeon Vary died of a cancer in her breast.  She was his second wife (Sally, age 53-3-10)
12 Apr 1837  Today a boy by the name of Cushman flung from his horse and got killed.  He is from the Greenbush school, was visiting Adam Brown.
21 Apr 1837  Today Mother Holcomb is 87 years of age and the wife of Old Major Brown died
30 Apr 1837  Mother Holcomb died, paid Alonzo Rodgers 5 dollars for making her coffin
14 Jun 1837  Tonight the Old Widow (Rebecca) Goold died, the mother of Newton Goold.  Funeral on 15th. She was wife of Deacon David Goold
18 Jun 1837  Funeral of Eliza Sackett at the home of her father, Ezra D. Sackett in New Lebanon.  One Mr. Underwood preached
27 Jun 1837  Haskin's Tavern is in the Alps
 9 Jul 1837  Funeral of Mr. Richerson (Richardson) who died at Hancock yesterday morning, he is from New York (City)  He married the widow of John Gardner Jr. deceased 
19 Jul 1837  This morning Calvin Perry's wife died  (Phebe, age 28, Evergreens Cem)
29 Jul 1837  Today the daughter of Claudius Moffitt was married without his consent, to the grandson of Old Abner Bull by the name of Stephen Bull.  Her name Sarah Moffitt. She privately escaped from the Methodist Quarterly Meeting and went away with said Bull unknown to her connections.
 7 Sep 1837  Funeral for Mrs. Frances Wright at Saturday Meetinghouse, Elder Mosier preached
28 Sep 1837  Nathan Beers m/ Harriet Hollister
21 Nov 1837  This morning, Betsey, wife of Rensselaer Humphrey, died with consumption.  The funeral was on the 22nd at Baptist meetinghouse in Lebanon Springs, Elder Maxon preached
27 Nov 1837  Garrett Hires burned to death in a cabin at a (char)coal pit of Elem Andrews.
18 Dec 1837  Funeral of Old Widow Bennett.  Mr. Churchill preached.  (Catherine, age 89 yrs, w/Isaac Bennett, Presb. Cem)
21 Dec 1837  Sold cheese in Lansingburgh to Allen & Atwood
31 Dec 1837  Funeral of Elijah Howard's 15 month old son.  It bled to death by a scratch on the mouth.  It died the 29th, Elder Jones preached.

 4 Jan 1838  Mariette Russell died
14 Jan 1838  This morning Squ. Gideon Martin died (age 89 yrs, Evergreens Cem)
24 Jan 1838  Hampton Knapp's wife died.  They live in Lebanon.  (Joseph H. Knapp, Susan P. age 29 yrs, Evergreens Cem)
28 Jan 1838 (In Windsor) Cousin Samuel Minors informed us his son was brought home a corpse on 26 Nov. last.  He was on a return from the west looking for a farm and died a few miles from Albany.  He was sick but about one day with the billous (bilious colic)
 4 Feb 1838  Funeral at Baptist meetinghouse of Hannah Chittenden, dau of Benjamin.  She died on Friday (the 2nd)  Elder Jones preached.  (35 yrs old, S'town Cem)
12 Feb 1838  In Waterford, we found Cousin Marian Fullington died in Dec. last at Fort Edward
18 Feb 1838  Funeral of Nathaniel Nichol's second daughter, Meriah, in Lebanon, at the Baptist meetinghouse.  Mr. Silas Churchill preached.  (20 yrs old, Evergreens Cem)
27 Mar 1838  This morning Lavinia Sackett, d/Ezra Sackett died  Funeral at her father's house on the 29th.  A priest by the name of Brown preached.  He is Presb., hired in this town to preach for a short time.
24 Apr 1838  Hawley Gardner died with the consumption.  The funeral was the 25th at his Father's, James Gardner.  Mr. Brown preached
29 Apr 1838  Funeral of Mr. Robert Gardner's wife of Hancock.  She died on Friday (27th) and this morning Mr. Nathaniel Patchins died, 84 yrs of age (Evergreens Cem).  Elder Jones preached and today the funeral of Mr. Smith's wife near the Pool in New Lebanon.  She died in 4 days after the birth of her child.
 3 May 1838  The wife of Mr. Zach Chapman died  Funeral was on the 5th  at his home.  Elder Jones preached (Anna, age 62, Presby Cem)
23 May 1838  Calvin Sackett Jr., m/ Miss Caroline Shaw of Berlin
 5 Jul 1838  Sidney Grovenor (Grosvenor) and wife from Madison County stayed with us.  Mrs. Grovenor is daughter of my sister Lucretia Wylie.  When the Grovenors returned on 11 July they carried the clothing that    Mother Holcomb left for Sister Lucretia.
15 Aug 1838  Wife of Robert Runnels died, (Cynthia)
28 Sep 1838  This morning Randolph Harrison's wife died.  (Mary, age 73-5-4)
24 Nov 1838  Salmon Owen's oldest son died
 4 Dec 1838  Elijah Howard's wife died (Diana, 1st wife)
18 Dec 1838  Funeral of John C. Chittenden, Elder Jones preached (age 30, S'town Cem)

14 Jan 1839  Funeral of Mrs. Dibble was attended (preached) by Mr. Wood at the house of Mr. John Broad.  She died on Sat. (12th)
20 Jan 1839  This morning a man died to Mr. Juni Chittenden's.  He was from Troy and his name was Platt.  He was a brother to Mr. Chittenden by marriage.  The funeral was at the Baptist meetinghouse on the 22nd.  He died of the consumption.  An Episcopal Minister preached by the name of Cox from Troy
24 Jan 1839  In Lebanon, the miller Mr. Adams, had to come to Stephentown to the funeral of his Grandmother
 8 Feb 1839  At about 11 o'clock Mr. Jared Harrison died at his son Randolph's at the house called the Alonzo Chapman house.  He died with the lung complaint of a week sickness.  I called at the home in a short time after he died and assisted some in laying him out.  Funeral was at the Seventh Day meetinghouse on the 10th.  Elder Jones preached.
11 Feb 1839  Funeral of Mrs. Emily Brown, the wife of Russell Brown and dau of Henry Platt Jr. was attended at the new Presb. meetinghouse (in Stephentown) and Mr. Brown, the new Presb. Priest preached.  She died Sat. of an ulcer complaint (9th)
 2 Mar 1839  Today Andrew Clark's infant dau died, the only child, 19 months old.  Funeral was (on the 3rd)at the house of the Old Widow Hunters.  A Presb. preached by the name of Alfred
24 Mar 1839  Henry Leroy went to the wood yesterday morning and was killed by the fall of a tree and was not found until today
25 Mar 1839  Left a pair of shoes to be tapped and a pair made for Angeline.  Mr. Jared Harrison began them and was taken sick and died.
11 Apr 1839  Took my covered wagon, my wife and 2 oldest daughters to the Union meetinghouse (West S'town Baptist) near Alps on the line of this town.  Mr. Wilcox the Universalist Minster was married to the dau of Juni Chittenden, her name is Sarah.  A Universalist performed the marriage ceremony and then he preached a sermon.  On the way home from the Union meetinghouse we made a call to said Juni Chittenden's. (reception?)
 2 May 1839  Today the old Widow of Hosey Moffit died (age 80 yrs, Presby. Cem)
 3 May 1839  Mr. Newton Goold had a child fall into a tub of soap and died instantly (must have been making soap and it was boiling)
16 Nov 1839  Funeral of Old Squ. John Bull in Lebanon
 1 Dec 1839  Sister of Samuel Holcomb died.  Her name was Betsey Ham
 8 Dec 1839  Funeral of the wife of Rodman Hazard (Elsa Corey Hazard)
23 Dec 1839  Miss Eunice Smith died.  She lived to Judah Rowley's.  The funeral was on the 25th at Lebanon Springs Baptist Church.
26 Dec 1839  Today Elem Tilden's dau died of a very short illness.  Henryette is her given name

18 Jan 1840  Martin Rouse is the Tavern Keeper on Hancock Mountain, the old Broads stand
10 Mar 1840  Today the blacksmith Champlain had a daughter born
15 Mar 1840  Mr. Moses Johnson m/ Miss Harriet Chapman
28 Mar 1840  Caroline Torrey died. Her funeral was at the house of Old Widow Booge's.  Edward T. Hiscox preached.  (age 26, Evergreens Cem.)
21 Apr 1840  John Surdam, deceased, widow died
25 Apr 1840  Nathan Sackett m/ Miss Nancy Owens by Elder Grant at the house of Old Mr. Zach Chapman
 5 May 1840  Got consent of Joshua B. Maxon and Sylvanus Carpenter 2nd, two of the trustees of the Seventh Day Baptist meetinghouse to occupy said house for a funeral of Rev. Wilcox, deceased, wife and for a Universalist Conference which occupies 2 days.  They gave permission the next day.
20 May 1840  Funeral for Rev. William Wilcox's wife  (Sarah Chittenden Wilcox, dau of Juni Chittenden) who died in Feb. in Cheshire and the funeral of Juni Chittenden's wife.  Both their funeral discourses as one delivered by the Rev. Smith of Albany, a Universalist.  Mrs. Chittenden died Monday night (18th) (age 53, his 1st wife, S'town Cem)
25 May 1840  Funeral of Mr. William Kittle's wife. Elder Grant preached.  (Elizabeth Chase Kittle, 29 Dec 1785-24 May 1840, 55 yrs. S'town Cem)
26 May 1840  This morning Mr. William Champlain had a son 2 years old, by the name of William, had his clothes take fire and burned him so bad that he died this eve about 9 o'clock.  The funeral was afternoon of 27th.  Elder Grant preached
 7 Jun 1840  Funeral of John Wylie's wife.  Elder Grant preached sermon at the Seventh Day Baptist meetinghouse.  (Elizabeth, age 36, Garfield Cem)
25 Jun 1840  James Rowley married
13 Jul 1840  Widow Sophia Ostrander died
31 Jul 1840  Today the one leg man by the name of Higman died.  He lives to the north part of town
 6 Sep 1840  Funeral of Eli Douglas.  He died at Saratoga Springs.  Mr. Hall of Lebanon preached at the Baptist meetinghouse
25 Sep 1840  Cousin Theodore Higley from VT. visited us a short time and took dinner
 8 Nov 1840  Asa Sheldon's 3 yr old son's funeral, Elder Grant preached
13 Nov 1840  Wife of Caleb Gardner died. (Lydia Tanner or Sweet was her maiden name)
18 Dec 1840  Walked over to Green & Clark's factory to see if my wool was manufactured

 4 Jan 1841  Funeral of Old Solomon Goodrich at his own house in Hancock, a man preached that is called a Jew.
 6 Mar 1841  Wife of Edwin A Carpenter died, she was youngest dau of Reuben Andrews.  Her name was Lucy
14 Mar 1841  Old Mr. Winchester was buried but the funeral was not attended with any preaching.  It is expected a Universalist to preach at the first convenient opportunity
21 Mar 1841  Funeral of Old Peleg Spencer
 3 Apr 1841  Mr. John Humphrey was killed instantly with the fall of a tree or a tree that was bent over it sprang back and hit him on the back part of his head
 4 Apr 1841  Today at half past 12 o'clock William Henry Harrison died at the seat of Government.  President of the United States, Inaugurated 4th Mar 1841
12 Apr 1841  Funeral of daughter of Elijah Goodrich.  Her name is Sarah Deborah.  It was at their own house in Old Elijah Goodrich's house.  Elder Wood preached
13 Apr 1841  James Bush m/ Hannah Sackett by Priest Hayden from Brunswick
18 Apr 1841  Funeral of Old Mr. Winchester who died and was buried 2 weeks past.  It was attended at the Baptist Church and a discourse was delivered by Rev. William Wilcox, Universalist preacher (S'town Center)
19 Apr 1841  Calvin P. Sackett moved to Canaan.  James Rowley bought his farm
25 Apr 1841  Miss Hannah Douglass died, the dau of Benjamin Douglas (age 33 yrs, S'town Cem)
26 Apr 1841  Jay Moffitt had an infant son die about 6 mths old
 9 May 1841  Elder Daniel Grand's second dau Lorenzo married Shepard Elijah Williams
16 May 1841  Widow Hatch died, she was the wife of Gardius (Bogardus) Hatch, the funeral was on the 18th at Mr. Judah Rowley's.  Mr. Hall preached funeral at 2 o'clock this afternoon
25 Aug 1841  Funeral discourse preached by Elder Spoor on the death of Leander Jolls, son of Caleb Jolls whose death of his son was occasioned on Lake Erie on the __ day of August.  The boat took fire by an explosion of spirits and turpentine and over 200 burned and drowned.  Only Capt. Titus and 26 were saved.  Only 1 woman saved.
 8 Sep 1841  Squ. John Gardner's wife's funeral.  Mr. Smith from Albany preached.  He is a Universalist.  (Mrs. Lydia M. Ely Gardner)
20 Sep 1841  Widow Aseneth Carpenter died, she was wife of Benjamin Carpenter, deceased.  Funeral on the 22 at Baptist meetinghouse, Elder Spoor preached the discourse.  (age 62) 
22 Sep 1841  On this day Mr. William Chapman had a son die.  An illegitimate child about eleven months old.
30 Sep 1841  Funeral of Julia Griggs at Lebanon Baptist meetinghouse.  She is dau of Dr. Joshua Griggs who died a number of years hence.
 2 Oct 1841  Jay Moffitt died, of ten days sickness, funeral on the 3rd at his own home. (Presb. Cem.)
10 Oct 1841  Funeral of a child of Calvin P. Carpenter, Elder Jones preached at the Seventh Day Baptist Meetinghouse
25 Nov 1841  Daniel Sackett stayed with us. He is son of Calvin P. Sackett
30 Nov 1841  Old Caleb Sheldon died, he is at Mr. Samuel Perry's of New Lebanon
 5 Dec 1841  Martha Merrels, dau of Aaron Merrels died, this afternoon I walked over to Alonzo Rodgers to carry a measure to make a coffin for said Merrells child and on the way home I called to William Chapman's to have him take his team tomorrow and carry the corpse to the grave
13 Dec 1841  GC Holcomb took my 2 horse team and carried Mr. Aaron Merrels and wife and boy to the grave of burying his daughter Martha, Elder Grant preached
17 Dec 1841  Funeral of Spencer Carr, son of Edward Carr Jr.  Elder Jones preached funeral at their dwelling house in Garfield.  Today stormy with hail

 6 Jan 1842  Went to Withee's and found Henry had died of old age
23 Jan 1842  Old Widow Nichols died, the mother of N. Nichols
20 Feb 1842  Funeral of Horace Rodgers at the Baptist meetinghouse aged 22 yrs.  Elder Grant preached
 6 Mar 1842  Justus Goodrich died (age 72 yrs)
16 Mar 1842  Funeral of Randall A. Brown's dau at the (Christian) Chapel.  Her name is Eliza Brown. Elder Jones preached
17 Mar 1842  Funeral of Edward Carr Jr.'s wife.  Elder Jones preached the funeral at the house
20 Mar 1842  Cousin Samuel Holcomb (age 45) and John Sackett died
21 Mar 1842  By a request of Cousin Samuel a short time before he died and the request of his family after his death, I, this morning, engaged Mr. Aaron Merrills, to dig said Samuel's grave and I went to the burying ground and gave directions to dig the grave to the left of his father & Mr. John Russell went with me to council the place to dig the said grave
22 Mar 1842  Quite stormy.  I took my covered wagon and carried all my family except Sarah, she was unwell, to the funeral of Cousin Samuel Holcomb, to the Preby. Meetinghouse near Hiram W. Brown's tavern.  The preacher was from Troy by the name of Mr. Sole, a Universalist, which was requested by the deceased to have a preacher by that faith and order.  It was attended with a very large congregation, a overflowing house that completed a severe stormy day.  The discourse was very effecting and appropriate to the occasion and every hearer gave great attention and listening ear.
23 Mar 1842  Today Squ. Silas Gardner from Hancock called to my house and I handed him 2 dollars to hand to Mr. Sole as a present for rendering his good will and services for tending the funeral of Samuel Holcomb
24 Mar 1842  I walked down to Judah Rowley's to carry a bonnet that was borrowed to attend the funeral the other day
29 Mar 1842  Funeral of Widow Darling at the (Christian) Chapel.  Elder Smith preached
 4 Apr 1842  Verona Holcomb is dau of Nathan Howard
10 Apr 1842  Today Mr. Elem Tilden of new Lebanon died.  The funeral was at Lebanon Presb. meetinghouse on the 13th
17 Apr 1842  Robert Runnels died
24 Apr 1842  Wife of John Bull died
25 Apr 1842  Funeral of Green Gardner's wife at the (Christian) Chapel.  Verona Holcomb's sons names are Nathan and Andrew
 7 May 1842  Simeon Vary died (age 74-3-2)
 8 May 1842  Nathan Vary, Simeon's son died
14 May 1842  Washington Carver died this morning, only 6 days sick, the funeral was the next day at his own dwelling house
22 May 1842  Funeral of Old Caleb Gardner at the (Christian) Chapel.  The wife of Joshua Sweet died. (Cornelia aged 45, S'town Cem)
24 May 1842  Old Mr. Nathan Sweet died this morning
13 Jun 1842  This day, I, George Holcomb am 51 years old
16 Jul 1842  The wife of Thomas Bentley died, she was dau of Elijah Goodrich
27 Jul 1842  Phila Nye died
30 Jul 1842  William Clark's son died (William Henry, age 23, Hillside Cem)
17 Aug 1842  Mr. Benjamin Douglass died
26 Aug 1842  Hazard Morey died (age 78, Evergreens Cem) and Orlo Howard died (age 16 yrs, 8 mo., Evergreens Cem) He was the son of Squ. Sylvester Howard
28 Aug 1842  Funeral of Hazard Morey at his own house.  A Quaker preached by the name of Thomas Rider from Chatham
25 Sep 1842  Today Major Adams second wife died
 9 Oct 1842  Henry Platt died (born 1765, 77 years old, Garfield Cem)
19 Nov 1842  Wife of Spencer Carr died.
21 Nov 1842  Dr. Green called again to my wife
22 Nov 1842  H. P. Wylie m/ Freelove Pierce by Elder Jones at the house of James Glass
29 Nov 1842  Spencer Carr died (age 59, Evergreens Cem)
11 Dec 1842  Today my house was thronged with people.  Paid 3 dollars to Dr. Robertson for riding out from Troy and had Aaron Chapman take him back.  H. Platt and wife rode to Lebanon and got grave clothes for dau.  L. Angeline , which was 6.60.  Tonight H. Platt and wife and Fleetus Pierce and Eliza and Deborah Wylie watched.
12 Dec 1842  I rode with brother Simeon Wylie to the burying ground to show Mr. Manuel Burten where to dig the grave for L. Angeline.  Today our neighbors came in and assisted us in getting ready for the funeral.  Tonight James Bennett, Edmund Jolls, Eliza Adams and Mary Jolls watched with us.  Nathaniel Wylie rode to P'fld to inform brother Fred Jay Wylie the death of L. Angeline and they came and stayed with us.
13 Dec 1842  Alonzo Rodgers came and fetched the coffin that he had made for L. Angeline.  It was made of cherry.  Price 10 dollars with the case.  Today at 12 o'clock the funeral was attended at my house and Elder Matthew Jones preached and a large circle of connections of mourners and a crowded house of people that attended.  A severe snowstorm at the time of going to the grave.  My wife health was so feeble she was confined to her bed during the exercises of the funeral ceremony
14 Dec 1842  Alvina Matilda Holcomb m/ Rufus Kendall of P'fld by Elder Jones
28 Dec 1842  Funeral of Cousin Eliza Broad at her own dwelling house.  Mr. Whittaker preached and old Priest Churchill made a prayer.  She died on Sunday eve, the 25th

 4 Jan 1843  Old James Adams died, age 84 yrs (James A. Adams Jr., age 84-11-0,  born 17 Jan 1759 in Gorton, CT, S'town Cem.)
 5 Jan 1843  Funeral for Amos Broad at his own house, he died 3 Jan.  Mr. Whittaker preached
 7 Jan 1843  Aaron Gilbert had an herbist store in Lebanon
10 Jan 1843  Old widow Platt died this evening
17 Feb 1843  Verona Holcomb has a son Orra
20 Feb 1843  Nathan Sackett's father-in-law is Mr. Owens in West Stockbridge
11 Mar 1843  Widow Clarissa Sheldon died (age 47, S'town Cem)
14 Mar 1843  Funeral of Widow Sheldon was put off on to Thurs. (16th) account of the road being drifted
16 Mar 1843  Funeral of Widow Clarissa Sheldon, at Baptist meetinghouse.  Mr. Carlisle preached
20 Apr 1843  Ephraim Pierce killed by a falling tree.  His funeral on the 22nd at the Baptist meetinghouse.  Elder Sands preached
22 Apr 1843  Gilbert Cornwell died, was buried 24th
 3 Jul 1843  George Landon of Lebanon Springs died
 3 Aug 1843  Widow Dusenbury's maiden name was Anna Andrews
17 Sep 1843  Funeral of Duane Howard. Elder Clifford preached  (age 27 yrs., S'town Cem)  
20 Sep 1843  My brother William Holcomb's son Henry came to visit.  He lives in Collins near Buffalo
 1 Nov 1843  Took my 2 wheel carriage and carried my wife and dau Charlotte to funeral of Aunt Abigail Egleston, age 93,  Elder Sands preached, my 2 sons walked to the funeral
24 Nov 1843  John Covey is son-in-law of David Barnhart of Hoosic and brother-in-law of William Holcomb.  Lives in Hoosic.  He had a colored hired man
14 Dec 1843  Funeral of James Adams, s/Benjamin Adams, at Presby. Meetinghouse.  Rev. Mr. Davis preached
31 Dec 1843  Aaron Chapman m/ Mrs. Widow Harriet Pierson by Elder Sands at New Lebanon

21 Jan 1844  Funeral of George Briggs.  Elder Smith preached at the Christian Chapel
19 Feb 1844  Joseph Lord lived on Pool Hill
 7 Mar 1844  Brother Frederick Jay Wylie and wife's dau name is Elizabeth.  They live in P'fld
15 Apr 1844  Pardee Lapum's store is in Hancock Village
20 Apr 1844  Funeral of Elisha Broad's infant child
25 Apr 1844  Elijah Howard's second wife died  (Sarah, age 28-10-0)
29 May 1844  Stayed in Albany to see funeral procession of Colonel --------- who fell in the battle at Sackett's Harbor in the late war which was 30 years ago and his remains were fetched to Albany and interred
 8 Jun 1844  Benjamin Kittle's wife died, very suddenly.(nee Tyler, age 44-1-2, S'town Cem.)
12 Jun 1844  Ira Humphrey's wife's father is old Mr. Carpenter in Raymertown
17 Jun 1844  Tavern keeper named Carpenter is at Broad's old stand on the top of the mountain
30 Jun 1844  Funeral of Old Abner Perry at Lebanon Presb. meetinghouse.  Mr. Whittacker preached
19 Jul 1844  Smith & Taylor had a carding mill in Lebanon
10 Aug 1844  Brother Sylvester Holcomb was living at Rufus Kendall's in P'fld
12 Aug 1844  Deborah Harrison died. (age 78, Evergreens Cem)
30 Aug 1844  Moses (Prentiss) Johnson died, funeral at Methodist meetinghouse in New Lebanon on 1 September
11 Sep 1844  Capt. Abner Bull died at the side of his wagon coming out of Troy.  He was fetched home.  His funeral was the 13th at Presb. meetinghouse.  Elder Nathan Sweet preached. (70 yrs old)
20 Oct 1844  Funeral of Ambrose Sanford's wife.  She died the 18th
25 Oct 1844  Funeral of Henry Runnals at the Baptist meetinghouse.  Elder Jones preached. (Henry Reynolds Jr.)
23 Nov 1844  The saddler (Mr.) Wells lives in Hancock
30 Nov 1844  Nathan Sackett bargained to live in my house near James M. Glasses.  He moved in with wife and 2 children from P'fld
 3 Dec 1844  Funeral of Nancy Douglass at Baptist meetinghouse.  Rev. Mr. Hall preached.  She died at the old Widow Hunter's on Sunday (1 Dec.,age 36, S'town Cem)
15 Dec 1844  Funeral of Old Widow Rose, the mother of Nathan and Sylvester Howard, at Baptist meetinghouse.  Elder Mathew Jones preached.  The remains of Mr. Howard were taken up and buried with his wife.  He had been dead nearly 50 years. (She was first married to Nathaniel Rose then Nathan Howard.  Her name was Abigail.  Age at death 86 yr, 3 mo, Epitaph "a member of the church 60 years".  S'town Cem.)
17 Dec 1844  Funeral of Margaret Carpenter, the dau of Jonathan Carpenter.  It was held at the (Christian) Chapel and Elder Spoor preached (9 Nov 1820-15 Dec 1844, age 24, S'town Cem.)

 6 Mar 1845  Squ. Rodman Hazard died, funeral on the 10th
30 Mar 1845  Jonathan Gillet died
27 Apr 1845  Cleo Patching died
 1 Jun 1845  Today Herman Palmer was drowned going in swimming into E. Goodrich's sawmill pond.  He is son of Russell Palmer (5 yr, 3m, Garfield Cem) Funeral 3 June at Seventh Day Baptist Church.  Elder Jones preached.  They delayed tearing down the building until after the funeral
28 Jun 1845  Wife of Ezekiel Knapp died and cousin Sarah Egleston m/ Mr. Morgan by Elder Hatch	
23 Jul 1845  Philander Wood's wife died (in childbirth, see 27th)
27 Jul 1845  Funeral of child of Philander Wood at Chapel, Elder Spoor preached.  Adam Brown died in a fit.  I rode over to his house to see him.  His funeral was at his house on the 29th, Elder M. Jones preached
 2 Aug 1845  Widow Polly Clark died, she was the dau of deceased Andrew Hunter
26 Aug 1845  Andrew Campbell, wife and sister Ester stayed with us. (from out west)
 1 Sep 1845  Old Deacon Edward Carr died (age 92, Stephentown Cem)
11 Sep 1845  Zachariah Chapman died with old age.  Funeral on the 12th at his house.  Elder Jones preached
30 Nov 1845  Funeral of Israel Gardner at Chapel.  Elder Collins preached (age 43, 10 Aug 1803-28 Nov 1845, S'town Cem)
21 Dec 1845  Mary Burfit died with the small pox the natural way.  Brought to New Lebanon by Matthew Lord (14 yrs, 6 mths, Evergreens Cem)
25 Dec 1845  Today Mrs. Polly Stone died

 4 Jan 1846  Funeral at the new schoolhouse in our district.  A child of Nathan Sackett's was burned on Thursday (1st) by taking fire in her clothes and died yesterday
10 Jan 1846  Another dau. of Mr. Burfet's died with the small pox.  She has been subject to fits and died Tues., 6th.  (18 yrs old, Evergreens Cem)
12 Jan 1846  Sophie Bennet died, she was d/ Elisha Bennet.  Funeral was on the 14th at schoolhouse near Claudius Moffitt's.  Mr. Belnap a Methodist preached
29 Jan 1846  Funeral of George Brockway (24 Apr 1791-27 Jan 1846, S'town Cem)
13 Feb 1846  Esther Jolls died (69 yrs, Presby. Cem.)
14 Feb 1846  Tonight daughter Charlotte watched with the corpse of said Jolls
15 Feb 1846  I started to go to the funeral of Esther Jolls but I met the people coming to bury her and I went to the grave.  The funeral was delayed by a snowstorm and high winds and snow drifted
18 Feb 1846  Funeral discourse preached by Elder Sweet on the death of Esther Jolls at her home, Stephen Van Rensselaer Jolls
20 Apr 1846  Today the wife of George Brown died
26 Jul 1846  Funeral of Hiram Shaw's wife in Berlin to the Chapel
12 Sep 1846  William Smith's second wife died
26 Sep 1846  Elisha Morgan came visiting from Rome with his third wife
 1 Nov 1846  Funeral at the Chapel of a child of Benjamin Carpenter.  Elder Kingsley preached
23 Nov 1846  Hiram Spencer died (36 yrs, Evergreens)
20 Dec 1846  I carried my wife to the Presby. Meetinghouse to hear Mr. Northrop preach a funeral dissertation of the son of William L. Gardner, William Henry, who died to the west.

 5 Jan 1847  Mrs. Sparawak died (Mrs. Danforth, Abigail, Sparawak, age 55, Evergreens)
24 Jan 1847  Jabez Babcock Jr. died of Lebanon Springs.  Funeral on the 27th at Baptist Church in Lebanon.  Elder Wylie preached. (Evergreens)
13 Feb 1847  Widow of Aaron Jordon Booge died.  Funeral at her residence on the 15th  Mr. Day preached (Grace, 88 yrs old, Evergreens)
 2 Mar 1847  William Henry Rose died of a short illness.  He was s/Jonathan Rose, funeral was at the new Baptist Church (S'town on the 4th).  Elder Sweet preached. (age 20, S'town Cem)
 7 Apr 1847  Sylvanus Carpenter died, 70. GC Holcomb and Sarah watched with the corpse on the 9th.  Funeral on 10th at his dwelling.  Elder William Maxon preached.  He is from Berlin. (Carpenter Cemetery)
 9 Apr 1847  GC Holcomb & sister Sarah "sat up with the corpse of  Sylvenus Carpenter" all night
28 Apr 1847  Hiram Newton's second daughter born
27 May 1847  Funeral of Squire or Judge Bull in Lebanon
29 May 1847  Benjamin Gardner's second wife died
30 May 1847  Alfred Chase's second wife died (Joanna R. Sweet Chase, 1809-1847, 38 yrs, S'town Cemetery)
 2 Jun 1847  Widow Murdock died, widow of deceased John Murdock
 9 Jun 1847  Mr. Roads (Rhodes) had a sawmill in Berlin's upper village
15 Jun 1847  Mr. Leonard's wife died (Almira, age 61)
28 Jun 1847  Old widow Rachel Pardie, who boarded at Benjamin Gardner's in Goodrich Hollow died.  She was widow of Dr. Calvin Pardie.  She died today aged 87 years. Widow for 54 yrs.
26 Jul 1847  Second wife of Manuel Buten died, funeral on the 28th.  Elder Jones preached
 9 Sep 1847  Mathew Jones m/ Harriet Rowley
22 Sep 1847  This afternoon Berton Jolls m/ Miss Sarah Wylie.  Elder Jones preached
 4 Nov 1847  Edmond Cranston m/ Miss Mary Gardner
 7 Nov 1847  Funeral of William Cranston to the new Baptist church.  Elder Sweet preached (13 Apr 1823- 6 Nov 1847, age 24, Cranston Cemetery)
14 Nov 1847  Funeral of Uberto Sheldon, 19 yrs old, s/Stephen Sheldon. Some snowy and rain (1832-12 Nov 1847 S'town Cemetery)
17 Nov 1847  Chancey Row lives in Nassau
19 Nov 1847  George Clark is in Hancock, fulling mill
 7 Dec 1847  Funeral in New Schoolhouse in Goodrich Hollow for Old Elijah Goodrich, Elder Jones preached
 9 Dec 1847  Went to vendue of deceased Aaron Wood but did not buy anything
10 Dec 1847  Clever Lapum died tonight (Cleber?). Funeral on the 12th at Hancock meetinghouse.  Elder Mathew Jones preached
30 Dec 1847  Simon Cranston died (age 60, Cranston Cemetery)

 8 Feb 1848  Funeral of Silas Owens in Lebanon Springs.  She died last Sunday (the 6th)
12 Feb 1848  Funeral of Samuel Perry (75 yrs old, Evergreens)
17 Feb 1848  Joseph Lord of Lebanon Springs died (54, Evergreens)
18 Feb 1848  Clark Vary Jr. died
28 Feb 1848  Funeral at the new Baptist Church of the child of Orra Holcomb.  Elder Mathew Jones preached.  The child was nearly 3 yrs old and came to its death by a scald falling into hot water.  It died 8 hours after scalding.  Her name was Mary Samantha
 7 May 1848  This morning Stephen Bull cut his throat but did not kill himself.  He was deranged.  He died on the 17th.  He came to his death by starving himself.
13 Jun 1848  Today I am 57 years old
18 Jun 1848  Old Jacob Cole died.  Elder Haven preached, his age it is supposed is 120 years.
16 Jul 1848  Funeral of the dau of Rodman Hazard
19 Sep 1848  Old Mr. Joseph Carpenter died (b. 1762, age 86, Carpenter Cemetery)
21 Nov 1848  John Mathews died (age 36, S'town Cemetery)
23 Nov 1848  Widow Jane Carpenter died at ten o'clock this evening, the funeral was the 24th at Lecture room of the schoolhouse. (Bell schoolhouse)
 3 Dec 1848  Chauncey Row died early this morning (66, Hillside Cem.)
 4 Dec 1848  We went to the house of deceased Chauncey Row and went with the funeral procession to the Union meetinghouse (West S'town Bap.)  Elder Coleman preached.  We got home at sunset
11 Dec 1848  H. P. Wylie's first son was born
17 Dec 1848  William Sheldon's second wife died (Rachel age 27)
22 Dec 1848  Mr. Reeve Odell is a cripple and walks with 2 crutches

28 Jan 1849  Hampton Babcock died.  Funeral on the 31st at Lebanon Baptist Church.  Rev. Mr. Shepard preached (age 58, Evergreens)
22 Mar 1849  Wife of brother Simeon Wylie died.  Funeral at her house (24th).  Rev. Mr. Shepard preached (Polly Spring, age 66, Garfield Cem.)
21 Apr 1849  Widow Nancy Hunter died, funeral on 23rd.  Mr. Day preached at her house
26 Apr 1849  Lucy Rowley died, funeral on the 27th
29 May 1849  I carried 17 lbs butter to Pool Hill to Lord's old stand to what is called the Widow Holcomb's Public House.
10 Jun 1849  Miss Almyra Curtis died to Alonzo Tylor's at the house of Widow Lucy Pierce.  She is sister of Mr. Tylor's wife.  Mr. Manuel Buten died in the tenant house of Mr. John Russell
11 Jun 1849  GC Holcomb fetched the coffin for Almyra Curtis from P'fld
12 Jun 1849  This morning the funeral of Almyra Curtis at the house of the widow Lucy Pierce.  Elder Nathan Sweet preached and the afternoon the funeral of Manuel Buten at his house, Elder Sweet preached
 3 Aug 1849  Austin Avery died (age 33, Garfield Cem)
11 Aug 1849  Funeral of Joel Goodrich in Goodrich Hollow, his residence.  Elder Sweet preached
19 Aug 1849  Fleetus Pierce died at Lebanon Springs.  Funeral at Baptist Church
11 Sep 1849  I called in Hoosic to Old David Barnhart's to inquire after brother William Holcomb's wife and was informed she returned home (near Buffalo) last April to her family
21 Sep 1849  Funeral of Widow of Solomon Goodrich (died on 20th, was the grandmother of Stephen Palmer)

 1 Jan 1850  Called to Claudius Moffett's new store
 6 Jan 1850  Alonzo Rodger's dau died, a child five months old. Funeral was held at Lecture room (Bell Schoolhouse).  Elder Sweet preached.  (Lauretta M., Presb. Cem.)
15 Jan 1850  Oliver Chapman died.  Funeral the 17th at the Presb. Church.  Elder Collins preached (age 86)
 7 Mar 1850  This morning Jonathan Rose died (48, S'town Cem.)
12 Jun 1850  Bustus (Augustus) Rollo had a son die, a little boy
20 Jul 1850  Eli Townsend of Hancock died in the highway or at his gate
26 Sep 1850  James Henry Sackett died
27 Sep 1850  Mr. Davis in south part of Berlin, his wife is the former Anna Carpenter
 1 Oct 1850  William Rowley died, funeral on the 3rd
17 Oct 1850  Sheldon Doty died, funeral at the Presb. meetinghouse on the 18th.  Rev. Mr. Shepard preached
22 Oct 1850  Henry P. Wylie died.  GC Holcomb took Simeon Wylie's wife to Lebanon stores to buy mourning clothes for the family of H. P. Wylie for the funeral.  J. F. Holcomb fetched Laura Worden to sew and prepare for the funeral
24 Oct 1850  H. P. Wylie's funeral at his home.  Elder Nathan Sweet preached
29 Nov 1850  Wife of William Bliss Maxon died.  Her name was Lucy Ann Carpenter (34, Carpenter Cem.)
 1 Dec 1850  Funeral for William Bliss Mason's wife at the Baptist Church.  A stranger named Halley Baker from Berlin preached.  He is a Sabatarian.
20 Dec 1850  Cousin Orsemas Holcomb and wife from Balston visited us for the first time

22 Jan 1851  Brother Sylvester Holcomb died very suddenly a few minutes after midnight this morning.  He had complained of being weak and a pain in one foot and leg.  He was visiting Orrin Fuller in New Lebanon.  They called Dr. Quite in the morning after he died to examine what caused immediate death and the Doctor pronounced the complaint irricipalous and by putting his feet in warm water it terminated fatal or immediate death.  (Most probably had a heart attack from over work, he was a peddler).  His widow to carry the corpse home to Richmond and have the funeral there to his house and bury him there.  Funeral was on Friday at 10 o'clock, the 24th.  Dr. Todd preached
10 Feb 1851  Tonight Mr. Levi Winslow and wife from Windsor, stayed with us.  She is his second wife
10 Feb 1851  Myra Moffitt died, dau of Eber Moffitt
18 Feb 1851  Went to Sheldon Doty farm to a vendue of personal property of said Doty, deceased
 6 Mar 1851  Funeral of Hosey W. Brown at the Baptist Church.  He died in Troy (age 43, died 4 Mar, S'town Cem.)
 7 Mar 1851  Funeral of Mr. Smith in New Lebanon meetinghouse that is the Presb. Church.  He was buried by the Odd Fellows.  Mr. Day preached
 8 Mar 1851  Nelson Parke m/ Susan Russell
 8 Mar 1851  Edwin Adams m/ Betsey Vary
22 Mar 1851  Franklin Russell died.  GC Holcomb and Jane Wylie drove to Lebanon to get grave clothes for Mr. Russell.  Tonight GC watched.  Funeral on the 23rd at house of John Russell.  Elder Nathaniel Sweet preached
25 Mar 1851  Today Allen Spencer was shot by accident by his son shooting rats.  He died instantly (Colonel, 67 y, 7 m. Presby. Cem.)  He was buried and the funeral ceremonies performed by Free Mason or in the Masonic Order on the 28th
 9 May 1851  This morning Joseph Brown partly cut his throat and then hung himself.  Funeral on the 11th, Elder Nathan Sweet preached at the Baptist Church. (50, S'town Cem.)
13 May 1851  Today Luther Rich of New Lebanon hung himself (56, Evergreens)
20 May 1851  There was an Irishman shoemaker in New Lebanon
17 Jun 1851  John Coslo, an Irish boy, lives near the Shaker Mill in New Lebanon and may be a lad.  He applied for work with GC Holcomb
21 Jun 1851  William Kittle died (67, S'town Cem)
12 Jul 1851  A. Celinbalm who rents the tenant house had a dau born and I paid him 2 dollars in cash
15 Jul 1851  Joseph Anthony Gillette's funeral at the house of Jeremiah Gillette
 4 Oct 1851  Deacon Gillett Goodrich died, vendue of his belongings 27 Jan 1852
31 Oct 1851  Levi Phillips hung himself
 8 Dec 1851  Wife of old Caleb Jolls (Drucilla) died, funeral on the 9th.  I went with my one horse sleigh and carried my wife and 2 daughters

21 Jan 1852  Son of Sylvester Carpenter died, his name Henry P.  Funeral at the house of his father.  Elder Cottrell the Seventh Day preacher preached on the 24th
24 Jan 1852  The wife of Mr. Winslow is daughter of Eber Moffitt
22 Feb 1852  Funeral of Deacon Rollo at the Presb. Church, Mr. Bronson preached  (Apollos Rollo, d. 20 Feb 1852, age 75, Presb. Cem)
27 Feb 1852  Funeral of Edgar Brown's son at the Lecture room, in school district.  Mr. Brunson preached
28 Feb 1852  Rufus Kendall's wife's mother died.  She was wife of Sylvester Holcomb, deceased, her name was Betsey Hastings.  She died last Friday eve. (27th) of the measles.  She died in P'fld.  We did not attend the funeral as the roads drifted so badly
29 Feb 1852  Before said Rufus Kendall returned home, his youngest child, Calvin Levi Lucus died with the measles.  
 7 Mar 1852  Funeral of S. Govenier Carpenter, son of Calvin Carpenter, at the Chapel.  Elan Summerbell preached (Siderio Gouverneur Carpenter, d. 4 Mar 1852, 26 yr, 5 m., Carpenter Cem.)
10 Mar 1852  Squ. Nathan Howard died (age 71, b. 1781, S'town Masonic Lodge #95, S'town Cem)
23 Mar 1852  Son of William Douglass died, an only child (Henry T. Douglass died 22 Mar at age 13 yr 2 mth 29 dys, S'town Cem.)
 1 Apr 1852  Susan Chittenden m/ Mr. Pratt by Elder Jones
13 Apr 1852  Rufus Kendall's wife died at 10 o'clock.  Funeral on 15th in P'fld at Rufus Kendall's house.  (Cousin of George Holcomb, Alvina Matilda Holcomb Kendall)
15 Apr 1852  Stephen Sheldon died with a heart complaint, one-1/2 days sick
17 Apr 1852  Runnels Shop (Reynolds) is near James Sweet in S'town
 6 May 1852  Funeral of Mrs. Or Widow Susannah Brown, the widow of Capt. Adam Brown, deceased.  Funeral at the Chapel, Elder Havens preached (72, 1780-1852, S'town Cem)
 6 Jun 1852  Went to Hancock to the funeral of Augustus Smith.  He was killed by his horses running away and the wagon went over him
18 Jun 1852  Cousin Rufus Kendall stayed with us with a horse and wagon
27 Jun 1852  Philander Hatch's wife died, GC Holcomb & Charlotte watched with the corpse.
29 Jun 1852  We all walked to the funeral of P. Hatch.  A minister from Lebanon preached
 2 Jul 1852  My 2 daughters were visiting at the young miller, Edwin Adams that married Betsey Vary.
22 Aug 1852  Miss Mehitable Jolls died.  Her funeral at the home of Stephen Van Rensselaer Jolls.  A Methodist preached by the name of Platt.  (Presby. Cem)
27 Sep 1852  Amy Clark died.  Funeral on 1 Oct
 9 Dec 1852  Hampton Bull has a fruit shop on Pool Hill, Lebanon Springs, also sells oysters, oranges
17 Dec 1852  James A. Gardner died.  Funeral on the 19th at Presby. Meetinghouse.  Mr. Bronson preached.  (67, Garfield Cem)

 5 Jan 1853  Daniel Harrison died with the dropsy
22 Jan 1853  No mention is made of a wedding but on this date John Franklin Holcomb took JC Holcomb's horse & my lumber cutter and went to Canaan Depot to pick up GC Holcomb, age 28, and wife, Mary McMurray, the local school teacher,  from Lenox.  They started housekeeping in the Maxon home 31 Mar 1853.  They spent their honeymoon visiting relatives in Rome, NY
31 Jan 1853  Old widow Landers died (81, v. 1772,  S'town Cem.)
 4 Feb 1853  Lucy Pierce died at 2 o'c this afternoon.  Funeral at Baptist Church on the 6th.  Elder Nathan Sweet preached. It stopped raining to go to the funeral.  (She was taken ill with the lung fever, age 73, b. 7 Feb 1780, S'town Cem)
24 Feb 1853  GC Holcomb's father-in-law is Mr. William MacMurray from Lenox and his other dau is Ellen
27 Feb 1853  Funeral of Benoni Briggs to the Baptist Church.  Elder Sweet preached.  Went to Benoni Briggs vendue on 9 Apr but did not buy anything.  (Age 68 yrs, 7 mths, 24 dys, S'town Cem., He was originally buried in the Briggs Cemetery on East Road)
 4 Mar 1853  GC Holcomb, wife Mary & Charlotte, went to Troy purchasing necessities for housekeeping such as crockery, cooking stove, etc.  Father bought a 2 horse sleigh loaded with furniture for them.
13 Mar 1853  Mr. Parson's second son died of New Lebanon Springs (Anson Jr., s/Anson & Louisa Parson, age 14 yrs, 11 mths, 13 dys, Evergreens Cem.)
18 Mar 1853  Amos Broad died, age 97, funeral at Elisha Broad's, his grandson, Rev. Day preached
12 Jun 1853  Funeral of Elisha Broad at his own house, a Methodist by the name of Smith preached
13 Jun 1853  I am 62 yrs old today
 2 Jul 1853  Today Cousin Capt. Elijah Holcomb came to visit us and stayed.  He is selling books, The History of His Seafaring Life.
13 Jul 1853  Funeral of William L. Gardner, Mr. Bronson preached at the Pres. Church in this town. (Wm. Lamport Gardner, d. 11 July 1853, age 73, Garfield Cem.)
 1 Sep 1853  Widow Eunice Burten died, she was carried to P'fld yesterday (to a hospital?)
 3 Sep 1853  Capt. Benjamin Chase died, funeral on the 4th at Baptist Church. (74 yrs, 6 mths. S'town Cem.)
18 Dec 1853  Widow of Fleetus Pierce died (Elizabeth)

18 Jan 1854  Tonight William Russell married Harriet Rodgers by Elder Mathew Jones and Henry Gay married Miss --------
 2 Feb 1854  Tonight the wife of Randall A. Brown died.  Funeral the 5th at the Chapel.  Elder Hawks preached. (Margaret, 1st wife, 47 yrs, S'town Cem.)
13 Mar 1854  Freelove Wylie has a son named Milton
16 Mar 1854  Capt. Tanner, the butcher, has a brother Benjamin Tanner
20 Mar 1854  James McFeelie froze and died, some grogy
31 Mar 1854  Tonight William Brown, son of Adam Brown, died.  Funeral on 2 Apr at the Baptist Church, Elder Hawks preached
 5 Apr 1854  Stephen Jolls died, funeral at Stephen Van Rensselaer Joll's house for his son.  A Pres. From Nassau by the name of Pease preached.  (Stephen Van R. Joll's Jr, age 20, Presby. Cem.)
 9 Apr 1854  Wife of Dr. Barnes died, her name was Ann Elizabeth, the dau of  Dr. Elijah Graves.  She died in P'fld.  Funeral on the 11th at Presb. meetinghouse in this town, Elder Porter preached.  He is from P'fld.
13 Jun 1854  Today I am 63 years of age
22 Jun 1854  Dau of Cousin Samuel Holcomb came to visit, her name now is Jane Reed and she has 2 children.  Her grandmother is Mrs. Howard
24 Jun 1854  Simeon Wylie has a daughter Deborah
26 Jun 1854  James Bennet m/ Caroline Holcomb this morning.  They stayed with us tonight.  She is daughter of Orsemus Holcomb.  They stayed with us until 2 July when said Bennet carried his wife to his father for the first time.
 9 Jul 1854  Gardner Green has a daughter Mary.  Cousin Charles Doolittle and family visited us.  He is from the West.
21 Jul 1854  This evening cousin Sefroneus Twitchel of New Orleans called.  He returned to brother Simeon Wylie's and stayed tonight
 7 Aug 1854  Today about noon, GC Holcomb had a daughter
 8 Aug 1854  Tonight about midnight GC's infant child died	
11 Aug 1854  GC Holcomb's first child, a dau, was born but only lived one day
14 Aug 1854  Today Miss Mercy Maxon died. Funeral at her father Joshua B. Maxon's. (Mercia C. Maxon, age 23, Carpenter Cem.)
 8 Nov 1854  Funeral of Ann Chapman.  Mr. Bronson preached to the Presb. meetinghouse
29 Nov 1854  Cousin Dorcas Hamlet visited from Balston or Cohoes

 3 Jan 1855  Old widow Patching died, wife of Nathan Patching, funeral on the 7th at home of deceased.  Elder Conover preached
 4 Jan 1855  Wife of Benjamin Nichols died. Funeral on the 7th at Baptist Church, Mr. Day preached  (Philena, Evergreens Cem)
16 Feb 1855  John Merril's brother-in-law is Mr. Calhoon
 2 Mar 1855  Old Widow Gillett died, mother of Jeremiah and Charles Gillett
 8 Mar 1855  I walked down to what is called the Pierce farm to see them drawing the Lander's House.  The Miss Morey's bought it and drew said house onto their farm.  John Franklin Holcomb took his ox team.  The house was left in their meadow below the road a few rods south of the county line.
19 Mar 1855  Funeral of Solomon Huddleston, Elder Sweet preached (died 16 Mar 1855, age 24, Presb. Cem.)
18 Apr 1855  Elder Mathew Jones died (age 75, S'town Cem.)
20 Apr 1855  I walked down to James M. Glass's and tended to moving of the funeral procession of Elder M. Jones.  Elder Sweet attended to prayer and then they moved in to the Baptist Church and Elder Sweet preached
29 Apr 1855  GC's wife's youngest sister is Clarissa
 9 Jun 1855  James Bennet had a daughter born yesterday
13 Jun 1855  I am 64 years old
16 Sep 1855  Today Michael Manning had my horse and wagon to carry his infant girl not a week old to Lebanon to the Catholic Church to have the child sprinkled.
17 Nov 1855  I and my wife walked up to Widow Eliza Wylie's to see the corpse of the widow Freelove Wylie.  It was fetched here from Albany on the cars to Canaan and John Franklin and his 2 sisters went with GC and wife together with others to Canaan to accompany the friends of the deceased.
18 Nov 1855  Funeral of Widow Freelove Wylie was tended at the Springs Baptist Church by Elder Conover and she was buried in this town beside her husband H. P. Wylie (Henry Platt Wylie)
15 Dec 1855  Susan Rowley died.  Funeral at dwelling of her husband, Erastus Rowley, Elder Conover preached (wife of L. E. Rowley, age 33, Evergreens Cem)

 3 Mar 1856  Youngest son of Widow Rafferty died. She is tenant of John Franklin Holcomb's on Rodger's farm.

George Holcomb, the author of this diary, died on May 12, 1856.
G. C. Holcomb died on Aug 28, 1883.

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