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Here are some selected 17th-century court minutes. The source is Minutes of the Court of Albany, Rensselaerswyck and Schenectady, Volume III, 1680-1685, transcribed and edited by A. F. J. Van Laer, 1932. If you would like to contribute colonial records to this site, they would be very welcome! You may e-mail them in plain text in the body of an e-mail message to Debby Masterson.

10 April 1684 Extraordinary Session of the Court, Albany, 10 April 1684:

The magistrates are met in extraordinary session to make a nomination,
in order that the names may be sent to his honor, the governor general,
for the election [of magistrates].

The nomination of the colony [of Rensselaerswyck], voted by Marte Gerritse
and Hend. van Ness:

Teunis van der Poel
Jan Thomas [Witbeck]
Claes van Petten
Teunis Slingerland
Dowe Jellis [Fonda]
Melgert Abrahamse [Van Deusen]

25 May 1684 Extraordinary Session, Albany, 25 May 1684:

The court have thought fit to divide the town of Albany and the colony
of Rensselaerswyck and other outlying places into six wards, to wit,
four wards within the town and two without, and from each ward a person
shall be chosen by the inhabitants residing within the said ward, who
are to represent the commonality and to act for and on behalf of the

The outlying districts are divided into two wards, to wit: all that lies
south of the town of Albany to form one ward and all that lies north of
it to form the second ward.

2 December 1684 Extraordinary Session, Albany 2 December 1684:

The Division into Wards of this Jurisdiction:
1, 2, 3 & 4 - Albany
5. All the farmers residing to the south of town.
6. All the farmers residing to the north of town.

The commonality have met in the court house and have chosen the
following persons to be aldermen and assessors for the following year,

5th Ward:

  • Dirk Teunise, Alderman
  • Gerrit Teunis, Assessor
6th Ward:
  • Teunis the mason, Alderman
  • Teun. v.der Poel, Assessor
NOTE from the contributor: Teunis d'Metselaer = Teunis the mason
from Loenen in Utrecht. He married Egbertje Egberts.

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