Rensselaer County Business,
Commerce and Industry

Straw papermaking mills of the 19th century in Rensselaer County
1866 Business Directory for Troy, Lansingburgh, West Troy and Green Island
Boyd's New York State Directory 1872-1873, Troy Section, pages 1393-1416 -
an alphabetical listing of all businesses, large and small - part of the
Cornell University Making of America series (these are images; they are not
digitally searchable, but they are fairly navigable)
Manufacturers and Industries in Rensselaer County besides those in Troy
J. B. Carr Chain Factory - two photos of the workforce, ca 1880
Chauffeurs' Protective Association of Troy - a 1918 directory
Cluett, Peabody & Co. - photo of Cluett workers, with names
Collar Making - how Troy's collar industry changed employment practices forever
Business Invoices, 1930-1967, Troy

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