Interments in Rensselaer County Cemeteries
Additions and Corrections
Town of Sand Lake

Clare Radz, who with her late husband Don (1927-2007) created the 93,000-entry Rensselaer County, NY Cemetery Database, in February 2004 submitted the following additions and corrections to this database, later augmented by some updates from 2006. She expressed a preference that we present these additions and corrections separately rather than incorporate them into the existing database. Therefore, we present her additions and corrections below. I'm afraid you will have to make a separate search, but our search engine should help make this task easier.

NOTE from Clare Radz in 2006: "These additions are taken from interment records of these cemeteries which were transcribed from the original by Sharron Shepard. A "W" in the Cemetery column indicates that the interment was in Woodbine Cemetery. All others on this list are interred in Sand Lake Union Cemetery (SLU). Woodbine was the original cemetery located at this site, and it was combined to include the burials in Sand Lake Union Cemetery. PLEASE NOTE: Some of the females may be listed in the compiled records under their maiden name and yet may be listed here by their married name. We used the names of lot holders to cross-reference and eliminate those that were obvious duplicates, but some duplicates may remain. For some entries, years of death are given in only two numerals. Whether those indicate the 1800s or the 1900s cannot be determined from the original records. All place names are in New York state unless otherwise noted. The entire list of interments, alphabetized by Sharron Shepard, from which this information was obtained is available at the Sand Lake Historian's office. That list includes Lot Numbers." The place of death is in Rensselaer Co, NY unless otherwise specified. When the place of death in Rensselaer Co, NY is a hamlet in a town other than Sand Lake, the town in which that hamlet lies is also given. Averill Park, Taborton and West Sand Lake are hamlets in the town of Sand Lake.

For the six GABLER entries below which Clare submitted in 2006, she credits Grace Briscoe, a family member.

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Abell, Nina B.77y03 Oct 58Troy.Geo. Hoffman
Abramovitz, Frederick.27 Jun 65NassauWLot 454 W
Ackner, Alida.25 May 42TroyWRatie Hack W
Adams, Elmer H..05 Sep 02New York City, NYWSarah Adams W
Adams, Harriet.1871..William and John Adams
Adams, Mable18y22 Mar 39.WWm. Teneyck & Herb. Adams
Adams, Mable M..23 May 08StephentownW.
Adams, Sopronie.25 Jan 33Sand Lake.Wm. Adams
Adams, Sopronie.24 Jun 33Sand Lake.Wm. and John Adams
Adjib, Hanna.1900..Miles and Adelb. Gardner
Adrian, Janet38y15 Oct 76.WDonald Adrien W
Allen, James73y1977.WRuth Allen W
Ashburn, Sarah,
wife of Joseph H. Gabeler
59y3 May 1890.SLU.
Ashley,Asenath.1874..Ashley & Bailey
Ashley, John.1883.."
Assemat, Eugene64y30 Nov 43Averill Park.Mr. Assemet
Assemat, Mrs. Beatrice.30 Jan 50Troy.Mr. Assemat
Averill, Jennie D.91y30 Nov 46TroyWJames G. & James K. Averill W

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Backhaus, Frederick.27 Oct 12TroyWChris. Deyss W
Bailey, Asenath.1874.WAshley & Bailey W
Bailey, Catherine.1884.."
Bailey, Clarence C..15 Nov 71.WVets. Lot W
Bailey, Ednar85y...Augest Bailey
Bailey, Elizabeth.18 Mar 50Troy."
Bailey, George21y07 Nov 18Averill ParkWGeorge Bailey W
Bailey, Joseph.1811..J. Bailey
Bailey, Josiah.1848.."
Baker, Caroline86y09 Feb 35Poestenkill.Peter & J. Baker
Baker, Henrychild13 Jun 1893North GreenbushWJohn Henry Baker W
Barber, George.20 Jan 47PoestenkillWMrs. Augusta Barber W
Barley, Alonzo.12 Apr 43TroyWAlonzo Barley W
Barley, Alvina.05 May 28Sand LakeW"
Barnum, Grace Mable.03 Dec 03TroyWWm. J. Barnum W
Barnum, Jennie2y1911.WEd. D. Barnum W
Bassett, Jane Ann.14 Apr 89.WHarold Bassett
Bauer, Helen.23 Oct 1899Sand LakeWFred Bauer
Bauman, Bertha87y17 Oct 58North Greenbush.Lot 465
Beebe, Alice85y30 Jan 42Troy.John & Gilbert Beebe
Beebe, Elizabeth.31 Dec 35.WJames Beebe
Beebe, James.29 Mar 04.W"
Beeker, Charles.09 Jan 00TroyWCharles Beeker
Betherman, Emma.29 Feb 32Sand LakeW"
Bink, Alice O..15 Jan 40NassauWLuther Curry
Bink, Jean31y31 Jan 44TroyWBink, C. Trumble
Bink, Sandra A.baby02 Aug 42TroyWFrank Trumble
Black, Douglas20y01 Sep 51 County Suffolk, EnglandWRobert Sloan
Bliss, S..1896..Geo. Merifield Bliss
Bloom, George.1892.WMary Bloom
Bloom, Henry75y30 Jan 59.W"
Bloom, Minnie94y14 Jan 67North GreenbushWMary Bloom
Bly, Eunice E..04 Sep 03Averill ParkWLydia O'Dell
Boland, Caroline.28 Sep 50Nassau.Caroline Merritt
Boland, Lawrence.12 Aug 06Sand LakeWCaroline Merritt Boland
Bonesteel, Florence79y04 Sep 67Cohoes, Albany Co, NYWLester & Phil Bonesteel
Bower, Albert46y21 Oct 18Sand LakeWAlbert Bower
Bower, Albert H.94y03 Mar 78.WFlora Camrick
Bower, Inez Douglas.27 Mar 67.W"
Bower, Margaret77y10 Nov 54Palisades Park, NJWAlbert Bower
Bower, Mary A.Fuller.03 Mar 36Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MA.Bower & Huffman
Boyt, William.05 Oct 1897..William Boyt
Brown, Charles H..08 Feb 35San Fernando, Los Angeles Co, CAWLydia A. Odell
Brown, Louise Mary70y22 Nov 63Poestenkill.Harry Brown
Brownhardt, Margaret.05 Mar 27Averill Park.Justic Adsit
Brownhart, Anna.08 Apr 01Sand LakeWJames Brown
Brownhart, Charlotte J..23 Nov 07TroyWGeorge Brownhart
Bryce, Mary Ellen.11 May 33TroyWCharles B. Dean
Bullwinkle, Rita.15 Jul 72..W. Hoffman
Buridge, Minnie93y23 Feb 54Troy.E. Hack
Burridge, William R.1d11 Nov ??..Wm. & Lorraine Burridge

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Calkins, George.22 Jan 36Troy.Wylie & Zaph [sic], Lot 187
Calkins, Herbert A..06 Oct 71Troy.Wiley Zaph [sic], Lot 194
Carey, Augusta.1869.WGregory & Carey, Lot 235
Carey, Elizabeth.1888.W", 234
Carr, Jacob H..17 Mar 25Nassau.Jacob H. Carr
Chase, Albert D..02 Feb 30Troy.Robert Reide
Chase, Mary.9 Oct 00Troy.Lydia Odell
Chittenden, Baby Girl.4 Apr 42Troy.A. Whitting
Clark, Lucy.1910..James Clark
Clark, Nettie H.74y9 Jun 37Nassau.Hugabone
Clark, Ruth.1851..Wm. Clark
Clark, William.1817..Wm. Clark
Clough, Aura Belle57y9 Jan 47New York City, NYWJohn W. Parks #10
Cogbenour, Lillian J.67y4 Oct 78Albany, Albany Co, NY.Charles Sicley
Cole, Margaret.17 Oct 49IndianaWClarence Cole
Conant, Elizabeth78y2 Apr 39Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MAWGeorge Conant
Conant, Roy.7 Apr 46Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MAW"
Connors, Doris56y8 Jan 66TroyWAndrew Shoemaker
Connors, Howard.7 Mar 71Orlando, Orange Co, FLW"
Coons, J..1880..Madkalfll [sic] & H. Coons
Coons, John.1912..John Coons
Coons, Lucy.7 Apr 23Alps, town of Nassau.Eli Coons
Coons, Maria.1891..Joshua Coons
Coons, Mary W..1921..John Coons
Coons, Miss F. (Fanny).21 Jun 40Troy."
Coons, Rubbie [sic]72y07 Jul 51Sand Lake."
Cranston, William76y07 Jul 34Troy.A. Cranston
Crape, Florence86y09 Jan 66Sand LakeWHarry Crape
Craver, Mannie66y30 Jun 37Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY.Craver & Upham
Cure, Melvin.21 Aug 01Sand LakeWChristina Herzog
Cure, Pheebe.14 Jul 43Sand LakeW"

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Darmand, Curtis W..04 Sep 55Albany, Albany Co, NY.Bernard Eckel
Davis, C.....Devereaux & Davis
Davis, Ira F..10 Mar 32Sand Lake.J. McChesney
Dayton, Margaret L.79y31 Jul 48Troy.Louis W. Dayton, Lot 394
DeNault, Arthur85y03 Jan 33TroyWMrs. Wm. Hunt
DeNault, Leona84y25 Dec 68TroyW"
Derner, Abigail E.77y23 Jan 45BrunswickWAlbert Derner
Derner, Albert F.80y23 Jan 43TroyW"
Devereaux, Edna.25 Jun 55Sand Lake.Wm. Laton
Devereaux, M. W.....Devereaux & Davis
Devereaux, William75y27 Feb 59Troy.W. Devereaux
Deverno, Anthonystillborn06 Mar 41Troy.Horton & Deverno, Lot 194
Deverno, Louis88y10 Apr 37Sand Lake.", Lot 193
Deverno, Lydia V..08 Apr 45Schenectady, Schenectady Co, NY.", Lot 195
Deverns, Edwin.1865..", Lot 192
Deyss, Edith Coons66y07 Oct 53Troy..
Doburt, Richard1y02 Aug 77.WElnathan McFee
Douglas, Flora50y23 Jan 30Sand LakeWFlora Camrick
Doyle, Ronald C..12 Nov 88.WGeorge Horton
Droffin, Clara84y18 Oct 42TroyWW. Bosfield & C. Primrose
Dunham, Edith E..26 Mar 45Black Hawk Co, IA.W. Dunning
Dunning, Esther.1897..W. Dunning
Dunning, Sarah.1870.."
Dunning, William.1899.."
Dunning, William.1865..W. Dunning
Dunning, William.1886..W. Dunning

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Eckel, Edith80y08 Mar 68TroyWBernard Eckel
Embree, Harold70y23 Jul 1964TroyWMrs.H. Embree

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Feathers, Abbie....Horton & Feathers
Feathers, C..1874..Adam Feathers
Feathers, Katherin89y24 Jan 6?..Chas. Feathers & others
Feathers, Rose.19 Apr 70Troy.J. W. & Sylvester Feathers
Feltman, Mable A..28 Nov 70..Jacob H. Warger, Charles Filkins
Filkins, Mary Sowalski.10 Dec 18Averill ParkWCharles Filkins
Filkins, Ralph.14 Jun 31Watervliet, Albany Co, NYWCharles Filkins
Finkle, Adeline93y19 Dec 64SchaghticokeWHenry Finkle
Finkle, Henry.23 Mar 54SchaghticokeW"
Finkle, Paul.18 Sep 04West Lebanon, Columbia Co, NYW"
Finley, Anna.16 Aug 04Cohoes, Albany Co, NYWJohn Knapp
Finley, Carrie.23 Jul 45Sand LakeW"
Finley, Carrie.05 May 19Averill ParkWChester Finley
Finley, Chester.04 Jun 12Alps, town of NassauW"
Finley, John.23 Sep 40NassauWJohn Knapp
Fitzgerald, Anna.02 Apr 07TroyWWm. James Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald, Cornelia.07 Jul 09TroyW"
Fitzgerald, James B..19 Dec 40TroyW"
Fitzgerald, John.23 Oct 03TroyW"
Foster, Aselia.13 Jan 30Sand LakeWFoster & Mickel
Fowler, Alice.29 Mar 24TroyWFowler
French, Emma J.82y15 Jun 43Sand LakeWOrin French
French, Leslie W.71y20 Oct 63Troy.Leavenworth & French
Fry, Eliza.1923..Ashley & Bailey
Fryer, Anna W.64y29 Jan 52Albany, Albany Co, NY.Anna Fryer
Fryer, Erieline B..28 Jul 37Albany, Albany Co, NY."

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Gabeler, Joseph H.b 13 Nov 18328 July 1904.SLU.
Gabeler, Sarah nee Ashburn,
wife of Joseph H. Gabeler
59y3 May 1890.SLU.
Gabler, Charles A.b 18441845.SLU.
Gabler, Johnb 18141896.SLU.
Gabler, John A.b 18491852.SLU.
Gabler, Margaret nee Smith,
wife of John Gabler
b 18211892.SLU.
Gabler, Medara S.b 18511936.SLU.
Gabler, William49y1862.SLU.
Gaffney, Ethel Francis.24 Oct 37Troy.Dennis H. Gaffney
Gardner, George.06 Jun 31Waterford, Saratoga Co, NYWWilliam Gardner
Gardner, Helen.23 May 48TroyW"
Gardner, John.1875..John Gardner
Gardner, Lena.16 May 34Nassau.Perry Gardner
Gettle [Gettie?], Anna60y25 Aug 17Averill ParkWGeorge Gettle [Gettie?]
Gowie, James.1890..Henry Day
Graffunder, Elennal3m 19d..WFrank Graffunder
Graffunder, Frederika77y15 Nov 36.W"
Graham, Elizabeth88y12 Nov 64TroyWGraham
Green, Harry..Troy.Green
Green, Henrietta.02 Nov 44Cohoes, Albany Co, NYWMartha Brownhart
Green, James.12 May 30Cohoes, Albany Co, NY.James Green
Green, Mary.1889..George Green
Green, Nellie Elizabeth80y19 Mar 36Providence, Providence Co, RI."
Green, William.1847.."
Gregory, Agnes.1892..Gregory & ??
Gregory, Dr..1867..Gregory
Gregory, Elmer.1872..Gregory & ??
Gregory, Rachel.1819..Joseph Gregory
Gregory, Sarah.1808..Gregory
Gregory, Thelma.1823..Joseph Gregory
Grering, Percival62y09 Mar 62PoestenkillWGrering
Griggs, Carolin.1895..B. Griggs
Griggs, Ruth.1895..Griggs
Griggs, Sara Elizabeth78y20 Dec 43Johnstown, Fulton Co, NY.B. Griggs
Gundrum, Edward24y15 Oct 60TroyWWalter Gundrum
Gundrum, Matilda61y16 May 61Sand LakeWM. Gundrum

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Hack, Ed....E. Hack
Hack, Mable40y11 Dec 29TroyWRatie Hack
Hans, Arametta.1918..Chris Hans
Hans, Carrie.1889.."
Hans, Chris.28 Dec 32Troy."
Hans, Emily.1872.."
Hans, Jennie.1889.."
Hans, Jessie...."
Hans, Louis B..1879.."
Hans, Sarah73y04 Jul 47Sand Lake."
Harden, Helen F..23 Apr 17TroyWMrs. J. D. Harden
Harden, John D..20 Jul 29TroyW"
Harden, Mary.23 May 36.."Removed Oakwood"; Charles Lee
Harrington, Blanch D..06 Apr 12Averill ParkWPeter Harrington
Harrington, Edith S..28 Oct 70North GreenbushWChas. Larkin; Lot 42
Harrington, Edward.20 Apr 61Averill ParkWChas. Larkin; Lot 42
Harrington, Effie Brown.13 Nov 53Troy.Lot 465
Harrington, Harriet74y12 Feb 43PoestenkillWHarrington
Harrington, Peter.05 Jun 15Troy."
Hayner, Agnes87y02 Dec 1952Rensselaer.Ezra Hayner
Hayner, John M.55y13 Mar 55Utica, Oneida Co, NY."
Heffner, Andrew.21 Mar 55New York City, NYWGeorge Gettle [Gettie?]
Henkel, Hattie F.95y14 Apr 83SchaghticokeWJohn Warger
Henkel, Henry F.89y13 Mar 75TroyW"
Herzog, Christina...WChristina Herzog
Herzog, Mathilda.12 Oct 61Springfield, Hampden Co, MAW"
Hickok, George.1912..Henry Day
Hinkel, Edward66y10 Jul 56North Greenbush.Henry Hinkle
Hinkel, H.....Henry Henkel
Hinkel, Minnie86y03 Feb 42Sand Lake.John Hinkel
Hinkle, Emma83y12 Jun 67TroyWJoseph Hinkle
Hinkle, Joseph71y03 Apr 57TroyW"
Hitchcock, Ada84y03 May 69North Greenbush.W. Hoffman
Hoffman, Amelia B..16 Apr 05Troy.Hoffman-Reichard-W. Young-Cox
Hoffman, Carrie80y30 Jan 44Troy.W. Hoffman
Hoffman, Cora63y02 Apr 51TroyWWilliam Hoffman
Hoffman, Ella27y.StephentownWJohn Hoffman
Hoffman, Francis.06 Apr 13Troy.Hoffman-Reichard-W. Young-Cox
Hoffman, Grace.16 Mar 66Troy.William Hoffman
Hoffman, Hilda F.60y01 Feb 65North Greenbush.George Hoffman
Hoffman, John.01 Feb 34Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co, NYWJohn Hoffman
Hoffman, Margaret92y1984.WClarence Hoffman
Holdrige, Dora63y06 Dec 42West Sand LakeWClaude Holdrige
Holdrige, Olive M..19 Feb 06.W"
Holser, Charles Wayne3d18 Dec 22Sand LakeWCharles Holser
Holser, George F.45y06 Jul 26PoestenkillWLaura Holser
Holser, Jennie E.73y18 Dec 22Sand LakeWCharles Holser
Holser, John W.59y12 Sep 69PoestenkillWCharles Holser
Holser, Laura83y02 Jan 41North GreenbushWLaura Holser
Holser, Sarah.24 Dec 52TroyWCharles Holserk
Holterback, Eugene41y01 Jun 48TroyWEdna Holterback
Horton, Aurilla E..12 Apr 32Sand LakeWAlbert Horton
Horton, Bertha A.76y16 Aug 56Sand Lake.Chas. Horton to Howard
Horton, Charlotte.06 Feb 1892Schuylerville, Saratoga Co, NYWOscar Preston
Horton, Clarence67y17 May 61Albany, Albany Co, NYWClarence Horton
Horton, Cornelia.1849Albany, Albany Co, NY.Howard & Ralph Horton
Horton, Dave....Dave Horton
Horton, Edna D..07 May 38Nassau.Lester & J. Horton
Horton, Elmer.21 Nov 1902RensselaerWSanford Horton
Horton, Frederick.27 Jul 44Sand LakeWGeorge Horton
Horton, George.08 Mar 10Sand LakeW"
Horton, George.1853..Peck; Lots 269-70, 281
Horton, Hannah.19 Dec 35Sand LakeWMarcus Horton
Horton, Harold.17 Sep 10Green Island, Albany Co, NYWOscar Preston
Horton, John.1819..John Horton
Horton, Lester.1822..Lester & J. Horton
Horton, Mahala.1907..Lester & J. Horton
Horton, Margaret.08 Dec 54Sand LakeWCharles Horton
Horton, Marie M.89y14 Jul 68Sand LakeWStephen Horton
Horton, Mary S..25 Apr 20TroyWSanford Horton
Horton, Merton.07 Oct 1898Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MAWSanford Horton
Horton, Nettie72y15 Jan 55Sand LakeWGeorge Horton
Horton, Norm L..09 Apr 37Sand LakeWClarence Horton
Horton, Susanna.06 Jul 21Sand LakeWGeorge Horton
Horton, V....WDave Horton
Horton, Walter86y27 Jan 67Sand Lake.Stephen Horton
Horton, Willard.1866..Flint & Horton
Horton-Parks, Myron.02 Jan 33Johnstown, Fulton Co, NYWJohn W. Parks; Lot 10
Howard, Emma.1905..Ralph Howard & Horton
Howard, Mary.1850.."
Huffman, John.27 Aug 26Albany, Albany Co, NY.Bower & Huffman
Huffman, Mirnion60y22 Apr 24Albany, Albany Co, NY."
Hughes, Alvia68y31 Jan 66TroyWLuther Curry
Hughes, Dora A..09 May 44TroyWChas. B. Dean
Hunt, Annette (Mrs.).01 Feb 17.WMrs. Wm. Hunt
Hunt, Matilda.1917..Ira Hunt
Huntley, Ardel H.78y08 Aug 73Hartford, Hartford Co, CTWLizzie Huntley
Huntley, Edwina71y24 Mar 66TroyW"
Huntley, Elizabeth.30 Oct 41.WLizzie Huntley
Huntley, M. E. (first wife)...WJ. Huntley & Kemmey
Huntley, Warren Sr71y03 Mar 65TroyWLizzie Huntley
Huphan, J..1861...

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Ienco, Katherine88y12 Jun 76Troy.Henry Hinkel

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Johnson, John H.55y21 Sep 32TroyWAlbert Johnson
Johnson, Phyllis A.6y10 May 54TroyWEd. D. Barnum
Joshlin, Mira (not Mard).1861..Sarah Joshlin
Joshlin, Sarah.1894..Joshlin & Marple

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Kehn, Helen M..01 Aug 69TroyWFlora Camrick
Kehn, Robert.22 Mar 89.W"
Keller, Herbert62y22 Oct 83Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co, NYWRichard Ackner
Kelsey, Eliza.11 Oct 11Utica, Oneida Co, NYWThomas Kelsey
Kemmey, H.....Huntley & Kemmey
Kemmey, J. D....."
Kemmey-Forst, Addie.26 Apr 42Troy.J. Huntley & Kemmey
Keneston, Ester.11 Apr 57Albany, Albany Co, NYWKeneston
Keneston, William.15 Jan 34Guilderland, Albany Co, NYW"
Kerr, John.1902..
Kerr, Mary.1887TroyWLouisa Keyes; Lot 16-1/2
Keyes, Louise.28 Mar 08Averill Park."
Kilmer, Baby Seamon Ray.29 Jul 31TroyWKilmer, Conant, Kilmer
Kilmer, Daisy Harden...."Removed from Sand Lake";
Mrs. J. D. Harden
Kilmer, Jessie.07 Nov 39Averill ParkWKilmer, Conant, Lilly
Kilmer, Lily53y18 Feb 25TroyW"
Kilmer, Marion E..10 Feb 72Albany, Albany Co, NYW"
Killmer, Ray C.66y13 Jun 68Albany, Albany Co, NYW"
Kilmer, Velma.12 Oct 1897Averill Park."
Kirchner, Christina.29 Mar 36Sand Lake.Julius & John Kirchner
Kirchner, Elizabeth.10 Aug 30Sand LakeW"
Kirchner, Ella.11 Jul 52Sand Lake.Chris Hans
Kirchner, Etta.26 Feb 36Sand LakeWJulius & John Kirchner
Kittle, Catherine B..23 Oct 41Troy.Kittle & Miller
Kittle, Francis.1904..F. Kittle
Kleine, Joseph.21 Jan 46TabortonWElnathan McFee
Kline, Elizabeth.03 Jan 32Sand LakeWElnathan McFee
Knapp, Lester24y16 Jan 19World War IWElbert Knapp
Knapp, Mary78y10 Aug 40TroyW"
Knapp, Philip W. Sr68y16 Dec 74Albany, Albany Co, NY.Philip Knapp
Knapp, Roland...WClarence Hoffman
Knowlson, Anna.20 Jan 51Troy.Knowlson; 266-81 278-80
Knowlson, Caroline.1912.."
Knowlson, Jane.1872..Mary Knowlson
Knowlson, Mary.1903.."
Knowlson, Richard.1908...
Knowlson, Samuel....Knowlson; 266-268 & 178l-l80
Kraft, George.22 May 46SchodackWKraft
Kraft, Weheinenia, Mrs. (Wilhelmina?).28 Jan 29SchodackW"

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
LaFrance, Helen81y07 Apr 76Albany, Albany Co, NY.Justic Adsit
LaFrance, Wilford48y21 Jan 43Troy."
Lamphere, Hiram.24 Mar 31Troy.Hiram Lamphere
Lance, Pauline.02 Nov 35Averill Park.William Shriner
Lape, John L..21 Jun 1897.WWm. H. Nichols, MD
Lape, Mary.23 Mar 1891.."
Lapp, Mary.12 Apr 44Utica, Oneida Co, NY.George Lapp
Lapp, Theressa.16 Jun 1892Averill Park."
Larkin, Hannah.24 Feb 33Averill Park.Charles Larkin; Lot 42
Larkin, Harriet82y13 Apr 67North GreenbushWStephen Horton
Larkin, Ira.09 Feb 1895Averill ParkWCharles Larkin; Lot 42
Larkin, Louise43y10 Nov 18Averill ParkWWillis Larkin
Larkin, Nellie..Averill ParkWCharles Larkin; Lot 42
Latson, Clarence.21 Feb 57TroyWJohn Latson
Latson, Emma.04 May 34Sand Lake.William Latson
Latson, Emma.09 Dec 04Averill ParkWJohn Latson
Latson, John.31 Jul 05Averill Park."
Latson, Mary Jane.12 Jun 38TroyW"
Leavenworth, Daisie Louisa.16 Sep 54Poestenkill.John H. Leavenworth
Leavenworth, Ida B..02 Jan 37Sand Lake.French & Leavenworth
Leavenworth, John Henry.30 Jul 69Sand Lake.Mrs. John Leavenworth
Leavenworth, Louis.06 Jul 71Troy.J. H. Leavenworth
Lee, Charles....Charles Lee
Lee, Elizabeth88y03 Jul 66North Greenbush.Elizabeth Lee
Lee, Frank78y09 Dec 56Troy..
Lee, Nancy85y23 Mar 56TroyW"
Lee, Sarah.1917..S. W. Rose
Lees, Lillie78y24 Jan 63Albany, Albany Co, NYWFrederick Bauer
Lester, Anna C.81y10 Feb 1891Sand LakeWJon Warger
Lester, Frederick.27 Sep 13Buffalo, Erie Co, NYWFrederick Lester
Lester, Julia85y9 Apr 37..Julia Lester
Lester, Lillian.22 Mar 51Troy.Phil Lester & Bonesteel
Lickner, Minner71y?? Aug 52Cobleskill, Schoharie Co, NYWEdna Holterbeck
Linderman, Elizabeth75y23 Mar 59TroyWJohn Linderman
Linderman, Harris.19 Jul 06TroyWGeorge Linderman
Linderman, John74y14 Jul 52TroyWJohn Linderman
Linderman, Margaret.15 Apr 49BrunswickWGeorge Linderman
Lloyd, Ann Elizabeth79y04 Nov 69New Haven, New Haven Co, CTWWilliam Lloyd
Lloyd, William57y24 Nov 57TroyW"
Lunber, Margaret Vogt.23 Jan 47Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MA.Chris Snyder

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
MacClellan, Ina C.87y25 Dec 86TroyWCharles Erring & Ott
Mackmin, Alice Bauer90y26 Dec 54Sand LakeWAlice Bauer Mackmin
MacMahan, Jennie.17 Oct 18North Nassau, town of NassauWJosephine MacMahan
MacMahan, Josephine.04 Feb 63North Nassau, town of NassauW"
MacMahan, Wilford71y13 Jun 62Albany, Albany Co, NYW"
Madkalf, Anna.1877..Madkalf & Coons
Madkalf, Louis.1855.."
Madkalf, Lucy.1903.."
Madkalf, William.1872.."
Mahoney, Esther58y12 Jul 62Albany, Albany Co, NYWEsther Mahoney
Mardon, Mary78y31 Jul 54TroyWMardon & Snyder
Mardon, William A.82y28 Dec 53Sand LakeW"
Marple, Anna....Joshlin & Marple
Marple, Nellie...."
Martin, Emma.1856..E. Martin
Martin, J. E..1923..C. Martin
Martin, J. M..1863..E. Martin
Martin, Mary.1846.."
Maxwell, Christine75y29 Apr 63TroyWHoffman-Reichard-Young-Cox
McFee, Joseph.02 Nov 47TroyWElnathan McFee
McFee, Lawrence57y04 Sep 69Albany, Albany Co, NY."
McKenna, Mary C.80y02 Dec 43Oneonta, Otsego Co, NY.Mr. McKenna
McKeon, William.17 Jan 32Troy.Fowler
McNary, Elizabeth80y20 Feb 66TroyWSarah Evans
McNary, Jane.08 Aug 30Sand LakeW"
Merefield, A..1870..C. Merefield
Merefield, Laura.1922.."
Merifield, Francis.1913..George Merifield & Bliss
Merifield, George.1895.."
Merifield, S.92y29 Aug 65North Greenbush.William Merritt
Messner, Albert74y06 Dec 34Albany, Albany Co, NY.H. Whitegiver
Messner, Henry.26 Jan 49Albany, Albany Co, NY."
Metcalf-Taylor, Cora66ySep 21TroyWJohn H. Taylor
Mewell, Emma.1861..Thomas Mewell
Mewell, Phil.1862.."
Mewell, Thomas.1888.."
Michel, Margaret.24 Jun 09Albany, Albany Co, NYWMargaret Michel
Michel, Sarah B.61y22 Jul 24Watervliet, Albany Co, NYW"
Miles, Harriet.1854..Baptist Church [sic]
Miller, Emma.1895..A. Miller
Miller, J. B.....Miller & Buckbee
Miller, Julia.1832..A. Miller
Minkler, Mary.1889..John Williams & Adams
Moon, Sarah.1819..Moon
Mosher, Edith H..28 May 12Sand LakeWSylvia Mosher
Mosher, Nettie E..21 Jan 48TroyW"
Mosher, Sylvia.03 Mar 3?Sand LakeW"
Muschal, Rose.22 Mar 81New Rochelle, Westchester Co, NYWGeorge Muschal
Myers, Charles.1872..Earnst & Myers
Myers, D..1930.."
Myers, Elizabeth.07 Jul 29Troy.George Myers

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Nash, Sarah86y05 May 61 Troy.C. & F. Nash
Nash, Viola58y30 Mar 58Sand LakeWEdward Nash
Nennsteal, Gunhilda76y05 Jul 66Brooklyn, Kings Co, NYWHenry Nennsteal
Nennssteal, Henry75y12 Nov 59Brooklyn, Kings Co, NYW"
Nichols, Anna.24 Feb 14.WWm. H. Nichols, M. D.
Nichols, William K..22 May 16.W"
Numburg, Alice79y22 Sep 48Troy.Alice Numberg

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Odell, Henry.24 Feb 12TroyWLydia Odell
Odell, Israel.14 May 06 Averill ParkW"
Odell, Janie Reid.25 Sep 26Averill ParkW"
Odell, Lydia Ann.26 Jul 1891StephentownW"
Odell, Robert.24 Feb 12TroyW"
Olmstead, Robert H..03 May 35Colonie, Albany Co, NY.Mr. Warner
Ott, Hilda J.79y22 Nov 80BrunswickWChas. Erring & Ott

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Palmer, Louis93y05 Apr 59North Greenbush.Mr. L. Palmer
Palmer,Theresa74y07 Mar 64PetersburghWGeorge Gettle (Gettie?)
Parker,Patricia62y26 Mar 63Albany, Albany Co, NY.Charles Sicley
Parks, Joseph H.73y11 May 33Onondaga Co, NYWJohn W. Parks; Lot 10
Parks, Lucinda.16 Mar 14Averill ParkW"
Patchen, Etta.05 Oct 48Sand LakeWHarry Patchen
Peck, Hanna.1816..Peck; Lots 269-70, 281
Peck, Hattie.1877. .John Peck
Peck, Lillie85y20 Feb 29Sand Lake.Lester & Peck
Peck, Louis.1889..Peck; Lots 269-70, 281
Peck, Margaret.1855.."
Perry, Susan.1851..Baptist Church [sic]
Petitt, Clarisse.19 Apr 13Jersey City, Hudson Co, NJWFrank Petitt
Platt, C. Elsie.08 Jul 56West Sand LakeWAlfred Platt
Pohl, Anna Louise48y14 Nov 24TroyWJohn & William Pohl
Preston, Clara47y25 Aug 36Hancock, MAWCharles Shepherd
Preston, Elmer.09 Dec 03Schuylerville, Saratoga Co, NYWOscar Preston
Preston, Marcia.17 Jan 43Waterford, Saratoga Co, NYW"
Purdy, Ellen R..17 Jul 34TroyWRobert Reide

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Raisor, Gussie77y29 Jan 53TroyWGussie Raisor
Reckart, Charolette.26 Oct 59Albany, Albany Co, NYWHenry Kentzel
Record, Eugene...WEugene Record
Record, Julia.20 Jan 09Averill ParkW"
Record, Manning.29 Jun 03Averill ParkW"
Record, Mary .31 Jan 35Averill Park..
Reed, Janet.1842..John Kerr
Reickard, John... .John Reickard
Reickard, Mary.27 Sep 37Troy..
Reid, Janet.10 Sep 07Sand Lake.Robert Reide
Reide, Estella.10 Feb. 48West Sand LakeW"
Rendert, Caroline.21 Apr 11Sand LakeWWilliam Rendert
Rendert, Frederick.21 Dec 04Sand LakeW"
Riede, Arnold.18 Nov 70Albany, Albany Co, NYWArnold Reide
Riede, Clara Engle71y21 Mar 70Albany, Albany Co, NYWKarl Engle
Robins, Elicta.1930..Joshua Robins
Robins, Hattie.1847.."
Robins, Hattie F.69y16 Jan 42.."
Robins, J. W.....Robins
Rogers, Sarah E.52y07 Feb 45Troy.Strope
Roolman, Henry.27 Alpr 17TroyWEd. & William Rendert
Rose, Louis.1883..S. W. Rose
Rose, Richard84y06 Apr 25Sand Lake."
Rose, Sophia.1866.."
Rose, Sowisa.1868.."
Ross, Hazel70y20 Sep 65NassauWAndrew Shoemaker
Ruffeit, Dewitt58y05 Oct 58Sand Lake.Lots 465
Ryemiller, Catherine.25 Dec 52.WJohn Ryemiller
Ryemiller, Catherine.24 Jan 53TroyWWilliam Ryemiller
Ryemiller, Henry82y30 Oct 58Albany, Albany Co, NYWH. E. Ryemiller
Ryemiller, Kennethbaby11 Apr 25Troy.William Ryemiller

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Scheib, Catherine.04 Sep 23PoestenkillWKatherine Scheib
Scheib, Louis.16 Jan 1896Sand Lake."
Scheib, Jacob.1875..Jacob Scheib
Scheib, John82y05 Jul 40Troy."
Schert, Carrie.23 Jan 50Troy.Thos. Mewell
Schreiner, George.04 Nov 24TabortonWJohn Schriner
Schreiner, Margaret.13 Apr 49Brunswick."
Schrump, Alice Minnie.18 Dec 1991..Alice Schrump
Schrump, Elizabeth30y21 Mar 37Dunham Hollow, town of NassauWGeorge Schrump
Schultz, Augustave55y11 Nov 33TroyWLouis Didinger
Schultz, Millie K.78y26 Aug 57Maine."
Schuman, Margaret.12 Oct 16TroyWGeorge Schuman & Yetto
Schwartz, Jennie.15 Jul 35Troy.Nick Schwartz
Schwartz, John44y20 Mar 25Albany, Albany Co, NY."
Schwear, Louis.1839..S. W. Rose
Seeley, Margaret85y26 Feb 1852Greenbush.Richard S. Seeley
Sellows, Charles B.18y19 Sep 52KoreaW??Elsie??
Sharp, H. S.....H. Sharp & Benedict
Sharp, M. W....."
Sharp, Nellie86y17 Jan 39Troy."
Shepherd, Albert.10 Mar 39Hancock, MAWChas. Shepherd
Shoemaker, Catherine83y20 Aug 17Sand LakeWPeter Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Charles66y17 Dec 36Sand Lake."
Shoemaker, Chris S.64y02 Apr 26Troy."
Shoemaker, Lawrence7y29 Dec 42TroyWF. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Martha.14 Jun 30Troy .Michael Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Pearl.19 Nov 70Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co, NY.F. Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Peter.03 Aug 04Sand LakeWPeter Shoemaker
Shoemaker, Richard5y15 Feb 51.WJohn Wesley Parks; Lot 10
Shriner, Leana.14 May 35Nassau.Henry Day
Sicley,Eliza73y10 Jan 32Sand Lake.William Sicley
Sloan, Anna86y09 Apr 61TroyWRobert Sloan
Sloan, Charles93y23 Mar 66TroyW"
Smith, Charlotte(stillborn)02 Oct 35Averill Park.Elmer Smith
Smith, Edwin Jr.79y22 Aug 1968Rensselaer.W. Devereaux
Smith, Evelyn D.43y15 Oct 72Troy.Elmer Smith
Smith, Louise64y22 Jan 49TroyWAlfred Smith & William Ramsey
Smith, Margaret....George Smith
Smith, Margaret,
wife of John Gabler
b 18211892.SLU.
Smith, Minnie .16 Dec 43Sand LakeWL. Smith
Smith Peter Z.57y26 Dec 67TroyWRuth Smith
Snyder, Grace.21 Jul 32Troy.Chris Snyder
Snyder, Lillian72y27 Feb 60Sand LakeWMardon & Snyder
Stevens, Elizabeth88y31 Mar 33Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co, NY.William Zangler
Stone, Albert63y07 Dec 45Troy.George Stone
Strait, Andrew59y07 Dec 53TroyWGerald Bonesteel & B. Strait
Streeter, Lorenzo.1861..Peck; Lots 2269-70, 281
Streeter, Mary.1853.."
Sullivan, Charlotte.15 Dec 21TroyWGeorge Schuman & Yetto
Sullivan, Maggie.1877..Sullivan

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Tabor, Abergail.1882..Joseph Tabor
Tabor, Arnold.1876.."
Tabor, Clara59y24 Dec 37TroyWLouis Dindinger
Tabor, Elizabeth.1914..Joseph Tabor
Tabor, Gershon (Gersham?)59y09 Mar 27TroyWLouis Dindinger
Tabor, Gusshan (Gersham?).1842..Joseph Tabor
Tabor, Jennie...."
Tabor, Martha.1866.."
Tabor, Pelag.1879.."
Tabor, Peleg.1862.."
Taylor, Alice Horton.31 Aug 27TroyWJohn Taylor
Taylor, Emelia.11 Nov 03Sand LakeWWilliam Taylor
Taylor, Jessie Foster.31 May 34Troy WJohn Taylor
Taylor, John.08 Oct 13Sand Lake."
Taylor, John.1930..Nicholas Taylor
Taylor, John A.77y15 Sep 21SchaghticokeWJohn Taylor
Taylor, L. H..06 Jun 1898Averill ParkWJohn Taylor
Taylor, Mary.1898..Nicholas Taylor
Taylor, Mary Marpel80y24 Oct 09Hoags Corners, town of NassauWJohn H. Taylor
Taylor, Melicent A..14 May 19TroyWJohn Taylor
Taylor, Seth.1894..John Horton
Teal, Elizabeth.04 Jun 01.WJohn Teal & Conr.
Teal, Hattie.09 Apr 1895.."
Teal, Mary78y09 Jan 53TroyWJohn Teal
Teal, Pauline74y09 Jun 25.WJohn Teal & Conr.
Tifft, Anna Mae71y31 Mar 68Clearwater, Pinellas Co, FL.Floyd Tifft
Tifft, Lillie.22 Nov 56Troy.S. Tifft
Tifft, Lucine85y29 Sep 37Sand Lake."
Tifft, Harold.07 Nov 59Troy.Harold Tifft
Trumble, Emily Anna87y28 Nov 46Sand Lake.R. W. Trumble
Trumble, George A.58y23 Oct 60Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MAW"

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Upham, S.....Craver & Upham

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Van Valkenburgh.1888..Van Valkenburgh
Vickery, Esther78y22 Aug 34Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MA.Sylvester Vickery
Vickery, Evelyn.1885..Elias Vickery
Vickery, Lillian May.12 Oct 54Averill Park.Sylvester Vickery
Vickery, Mary J..18 May 10Utica, Oneida Co, NY.H. P. Vickery
Vickery, Steve.1889..Elias Vickery
Vincent, Ella A..18 Jan 35NassauWH. D. Vincent
Vincent, Jessie.29 Jul 54TroyW"
Vincent, Nina.05 Dec 11TroyW"
Vines, Nellie64y09 Oct 46Sand LakeWFrank Vines

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Wagner, Charles.1929..Charles Wagner
Walkingburg, Van [sic].1888..Van Walkingberg [sic]
Ward, Dorothy.08 Aug 32TroyWFlora Camrick
Warger, Anna52y26 Aug 33Averill ParkWJacob Warger
Warger, Christina73y25 Feb 10Sand Lake.Rose Warger
Warger, Clara.21 Apr 04TroyWClara Warger
Warger, Emma77y09 Sep 42Averill ParkWJacob H. Warger
Warger, John80y06 Apr 00Sand LakeWJohn Warger
Waterbury, Calvin.30 Jan 31Watervliet, Albany Co, NY.C. Waterbury
Waterbury, Margaret.31 Oct 34Troy."
Waterbury, William.15 Nov 1896TroyWWilliam Waterbury
Weeks, Mary82y08 Oct 40TroyWWilliam Zangler
Wheeler, Harriet.1858..Edmund Wheeler
Wheeler, Margaret.1914.."
Whitegiver, Jessie33y.NassauWAllison Whitegiver
Wicks, Mary....William Wicks
Wicks, Ruth...."
Whitting, Ella M..25 Feb 36Troy.A. Whiting
Wicks, William.1871.."
Wicks, William R..28 Dec 30.."
Williams, Edna Jane.24 Jul 38Sand LakeWHamilton Williams
Williams, Martha.04 Jun 38.WLorenzo Williams
Williams, Merritt.15 Apr 35BrunswickWWilliams
Williams, Ordsley.31 Jan 1894.WLorenzo Williams
Wylie, Elizabeth.1843..Wylie & Zaph; Lot 185
Wylie, Hattie.13 Nov 29Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY.Wylie & Zaph; Lot 192

NameAgeDeath/Burial DatePlace of DeathCemeteryLot Owner
Young, Harold.04 Sep 11.WHoffman-Reichard-Young-Cox
Young, Harriet.15 Oct 19TroyW"

The following entries are arranged alphabetically, first by the name of the cemetery and second by the surname of the individual.



Information provided by Mary French

Cemetery is located at Taborton, near Kipple Road and John Hoffay's farm. Mary French is certain that these people are buried here, although there are no stones. No death dates are known.

  • DE VANCA - Wilhelmina Christina De Vanca born 8/14/1828. Wife of John C. Dobert
  • DOBERT - Augusta Dobert born 8/29/1869
  • DOBERT - Christina Dobert born 11/23/1870
  • DOBERT - John C. Dobert born 1/20/1825
  • DOBERT - Louisia Dobert [Louisa Dobert?] born 5/12/1872 (twin)
  • DOBERT - Philip Dobert born 5/12/1872 (twin)


  • GOEWAY - Wilbur Goeway
  • MYERS - John D. Myers died 19 May 1859 age 28y 3m


    Information provided by Warren Broderick

    Located on the old Samuel Lape farm, now owned by the Sikora family, on the north side of Barnes Road, a short distance east of Parker Road. There is one gravestone remaining, in three pieces. It was found in the garden while tilling, just east of the house. Samuel Lape lived here on a Van Rensselaer lease until he moved to Schoharie County in 1814.

    Believed to be interred here:
    HIDLEY - Anna Elizabeth Hidley
    born 1755 in Germantown, [Columbia County] NY died 5 Oct 1799 wife of Samuel Lape

    LAPE - Elizabeth died 5 Aug 18__ age 1y 2m _d
    dau of G(?) ________ & ______Lape
    (probably gravestone of Elizabeth Lape ae 10y, on a monument in Elmwood Cemetery, West Sand Lake)

    Believed to be interred here:
    LAPE - Jacob Lape born 14 Feb 1788, died 1788 or 1789, son of Samuel and Anna Elizabeth Lape


    MILLARD - William Millard
    (Correct birth date 27 Feb 1795 - other information is correct)


    ALLEN (3 graves)

    ALLEN, Jacob

    ALLEN, Marthe daughter of Jacob and Mary

    Those listed as CURR should be listed as CARR.


    (information received after the cemetery project was printed)

    • CLAYTON - Ernst Clayton died 2 May 1988 age 69
    • DEBUS - Richard C. Debus died 17 Dec 1984 age 60
    • DOBERT - George H. Dobert died 18 Sep 1977 age 78
    • HERMAN - George A. Herman died 19 Dec 1986 age 81
    • LINDEMAN - Norman J. Lindeman died 12 May 1984. (Spouse Julia F. SCHREINER)
    • MANNING - Lester F. Manning died 6 Jan 1977 age 76
    • MCCLELLAN - Tory McClellan died 27 Jun 1988 age 22
    • O'BRIEN - Donal O'Brien died 13 Dec 1985 age 58
    • RODER - Paul Roder died 17 Nov 1988 age 17
    • SOUTHARD - Harold Southard died 25 May 1982 age 60
    • TEAL - Anna B. Teal died 26 Jan 1979
    • TEAL - Richard C. Teal died 30 Mar 1986 age 63


    (information provided by Judy Rowe, historian, town of Sand Lake)

    COONS - Corporal Abraham Coons,
    son of Christoffel & Maria,
    b. Columbia Co., [NY] 3 May 1752,
    d. Richmondville, NY 24 July 1941, age 89 yrs.
    Soldier in Revolution: fought at Oriskany, Johnstown, Saratoga etc.

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