Giles B. Kellogg
Giles B. Kellogg

Information on this page is from History of Rensselaer Co., New York by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, published in 1880.

GILES B. KELLOGG, son of Samuel Kellogg, was born in Williamstown, Mass., March 28, 1808. He was fitted for Williams College partly by undergraduates, and partly at Stockbridge by the Rev. Jared Curtis. Entered college in 1825, and was graduated in 1829. He studies law at Salem, N. Y., for a while with Allan & Blair, and in the spring of 1830 came to Troy. Was admitted to the bar in 1832. Settled in Troy, and has continued to reside there till the present time. During the administrations of Jackson and Van Buren, he was, for ten years, while pursuing his profession, the principal editor of the Northern Budget, the oldest and the leading Democratic paper in this part of the State. Before the Court of Chancery was abolished, he was, for a number of years, a master and examiner in that court, an important and responsible office; and he has held several other prominent places of trust under the judiciary system.

In 1836 he was married to Adeline, daughter of Justin Kellogg, of Troy, who died in 1839. Has had six children, four of whom, two sons and two daughters, are not living. Both sons are graduates of Williams College and members of the legal profession. Mr. Kellogg was for ten years (1868-1878) one of the trustees of Williams College, elected twice on the nomination of the alumni society, and has been an elder for twenty-five years in the First Presbyterian Church of Troy.

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