Hamilton Clark

Information on this page is from History of Rensselaer Co., New York by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, published in 1880.

HAMILTON CLARK. Joseph Clark, grandfather of Hamilton Clark, was born in Rhode Island, Sept. 14, 1728. He married Deborah Pendleton, June 11, 1752. She was born May 9, 1737. They had fifteen children, the youngest of whom was Benjamin, who was born on the 4th of June, 1781, in Rhode Island. He settled in Petersburgh at an early day, and was a blacksmith and farmer by occupation. He married Mary Stillman, of whom six children were born, viz., Albert, Hamilton, Franklin, Lorenzo (deceased), Mary (deceased), and Edwin. In politics he affiliated with the Democratic party until within a few years of his death, when he became a Whig and Republican. He was a member of the Seventh-Day Baptist Church at Petersburg. He died about the year 1858, leaving the record of a good name.

Hamilton Clark was born, Feb. 23, 1811, in Petersburg. He received a common-school education. He was reared as a blacksmith, and was the first man to manufacture the shank hoe, which became so popular. He married Eliza, daughter of Deacon Z. Scriven, of Petersburgh, of whom two children were born, as follows: Jane E. and Edmund H., who now resides at Long Branch, N. J. Mr. Clark married, for his second wife, Mrs. Deborah Reynolds, wife of S. Reynolds (deceased), and daughter of Thomas Randall, of Petersburgh, March, 1843. They had two children, viz., Louisa J., who married Charles E. Sweet, of Petersburgh; and Byron F., who is an enterprising and successful merchant of the same place.

Mr. Clark commenced life poor, and followed the blacksmith trade until 1850, when he began the manufacture of shirts in Petersburgh, which he carried on successfully until his death, Nov. 1, 1871. He was a deacon of the Seventh-Day Baptist Church at Petersburgh, as was one of its principal members. His son, Byron, was born in Petersburgh, Jan. 30, 1850. he received an academic education, and taught school one term. He married Addie A., daughter of Hiram D. Hull, of Berlin, May 24, 1871. They have had three children, viz., Eva B., Everett B., deceased, and an infant.

Mr. Clark was engaged in the mercantile business at Petersburgh with Messrs. Kellyer & Reynolds, under the firm-name Kellyer, Clark & Reynolds, for three years; was with Charles Reynolds one year in the manufacture of shirts, when he carried on business for himself a short time, and then closed out to Capt. S. E. Reynolds and his mother. He immediately began mercantile business at Berlin with H. B. Green, and continued three and a half years, when he returned to Petersburgh and bought out A. C. Burr, in September, 1875, and has been a merchant there ever since. In politics he is a Republican.

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