John Joseph Healy
City of Troy

This biography is from Troy and Rensselaer County, New York, Volume III, by Rutherford Hayner, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., New York and Chicago, 1925. It was submitted by Debby Masterson.

JOHN JOSEPH HEALY—One of the leading figures in commercial and civic affairs in Troy, New York, to-day, is John Joseph Healy, who has reached his present influential position wholly by his own efforts. Rounding out a useful life of nearly three score years, he has for forty-five years been active in the business world of this, his native city. He is a son of Martin and Mary (O'Donnell) Healy, his father during his lifetime an iron-worker.

John Joseph Healy was born in Troy, New York, October 8, 1864. He attended Christian Brothers School until fourteen years of age, when he secured a steady position in the foundry. Taking a comprehensive business course at the night classes of a leading commercial college, he devoted every spare moment to study and supplementary reading and although this took time, he raised himself from the beaten path of unskilled labor by careful preparation for higher fields of activity. In 1887 he became associated with his brother, Daniel A. Healy, who by similar effort had attained a measure of success and was proprietor of a drug store. There John J. Healy learned the business, and in 1889 established his own drug store. He has been active in this field of commercial advance continuously since, and is now at the head of one of the leading pharmacies of Troy. The energy and natural ability which carried Mr. Healy to such marked success have been called into the service of the public, and as early as 1887 he joined the old Volunteer Fire Department, serving with Steamer No. 3. He was made assistant captain in 1891 and captain one year later, serving in the latter office at that time for one year. In 1894 he was made treasurer, again in 1895-96 captain, and is now an exempt fireman. In 1912 Mayor Cornelius Burns appointed Mr. Healy to the Civil Commission of Troy, then being organized. He was elected president of that body, and has held this office continuously since, still ably fulfilling its responsibilities. Mr. Healy's relaxations include a keen interest in all outdoor sports. He was formerly well known locally in baseball, tennis and other athletics, but now finds his chief recreation in motor touring. A member of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, he is a member of St. Mary's Holy Name Society, and a trustee of the church, also a trustee, secretary and treasurer of St. Mary's Cemetery Association.

Mr. Healy married, on January 17, 189T, Mary A. Dunnigan, also a native of Troy, daughter of Michael and Mary (Roach) Dunnigan, and they are the parents of nine children, of whom seven are living: 1. John Joseph, Jr., educated in La Salle Institute, and graduated from the Albany College of Pharmacy in 1914; he served in the World War in the Medical Department Army Medical School, at Washington, District of Columbia, and later was transferred to Fort McPherson Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. He was discharged June i, 1919, and is now traveling salesman for George S. Spalt & Sons, Albany, New York, manufacturers of store fixtures and soda fountains. 2. Francis A., whose education comprised the same courses at the same institutions as his elder brother attended, graduating from the Albany College of Pharmacy in 1915; he is now associated with his father in his pharmacy at Fourth and Washington streets; he served for eighteen months in the late World War, winning a second lieutenant's commission in France, and now serves in the United States Reserve Corps. 3. William G., educated at La Salle Institute and Albany Law School, from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Laws, 1920; served for six months in the United States Navy during the recent World War, and is now active and successful in legal practice in Troy. 4. Leo I., educated at La Salle Institute, spent one year at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he was a student solding [soldier?] during the World War, and first sergeant of Company F, in that institution; he is now proprietor of a restaurant at Albany and an accomplished violinist; he married Rose Mary Gallagher. 5. Marie C, who was educated at St. Mary's School and Russell Sage College, and is now a stenographer in the ofifice of the Secretary of State at Albany, New York. 6. Teresa L., a graduate of St. Mary's School of Troy, graduate of St. Joseph's Academy, at Rutland, Vermont, class of 1923. 7. Raymond V., who has covered the grammar grades at La Salle Institute, and is now in second year high at La Salle Institute. 8. Joseph, who died at about one year of age. 9. Gertrude, who died at about the same age. In giving to his children the splendid educational opportunities he did, Mr. Healy has found the great satisfaction of his life, and he may well take pride in these young men and women who have taken useful positions in life or are preparing for future activities along practical lines. The family residence is at No. 236 Third Street.

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