Edward J. Donohue
City of Troy

This biography is from Troy and Rensselaer County, New York, Volume III, by Rutherford Hayner, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., New York and Chicago, 1925. It was submitted by Debby Masterson.

EDWARD J. DONOHUE—Among the prominent lawyers actively practicing in Troy, New York, is Edward J. Donohue, who has established a very large clientele throughout Rensselaer and adjoining counties and made for himself an enviable reputation as a trial lawyer. Born on his father's farm at Speigletown, in the old town of Lansingburg, near the city of Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, October 1, 1884. Mr. Donohue is a son of Edward and Ellen (Duggan) Donohue, both deceased. He received his early training in the country schools of his native district, but when he was eleven years of age his father died and the family removed to the city of Troy, where he continued his studies in St. Augustine's Academy, from which institution he was graduated in 1901.

After working for a short time in the collar factories of the city, he commenced the study of law in the offices of Betts & Draper, and attended the Albany Law School, graduating with high honors in 1906, with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. During the same year he was admitted to the bar, and besides practicing independently, acted in the capacity of managing clerk in the offices of Betts & Draper until 1910. Too close and continuous application to studies and business affairs, however, brought on a complete nervous breakdown that year, and acting upon the advice of his physician he for a time abandoned the practice of law and for four years devoted his entire energy and attention to the active working of a two-hundred-acre farm at Speigletown. During that period he was a real "dirt farmer," working every day in the fields, actively performing all of the duties incident to farming. This outdoor life brought about a complete recovery of health, enabling him in 1915 to resume the active practice of the law. Although greatly handicapped by the four years' lapse from the practice of his profession, entailing the complete loss of all clientele and necessitating an absolutely new start, Mr. Donohue has become one of the most successful lawyers of the community, with a very large general civil practice and one of the best equipped law offices in the city of Troy. Added to his thorough knowledge and his clear perception of the vital points involved in a given case, Mr. Donohue's strong personality, indomitable spirit, and patience in sifting facts, have given him an enviable reputation as a trial lawyer and won for him the esteem of both his professional associates and his clients.

Upon recovery of his health he sold the farm at Speigletown and has since resided, during the summer months, at Melrose and Valley Falls, which latter village he served as president for one term. During his term as president of Valley Falls many improvements were made, among which were the laying of concrete sidewalks, improvement of the electric lighting system, and improvement of the grade crossings within the village. He has always taken an active and sincere interest in civic affairs and devoted most of his time and energy during the World War to the various duties which lawyers were called upon to perform at that time. Although exempt from military duty, he waived all exemption in the draft and was about to be inducted into the service when the armistice was signed. In politics he is an Independent. He is affiliated with the following organizations: New York State Bar Association; Rensselaer County Bar Association; Alumni Association of the Albany Law School; St. Augustine's Alumni Association; Knights of Columbus; Young Men's Christian Association; Owls Club; and Laureate Boat Club. He is a practical Roman Catholic, attending St. Augustine's Church. He is also a member of St. Vincent de Paul Society, a charitable organization connected with the church.

On November 25, 1908, Mr. Donohue married Angela F. McBride, daughter of Francis and Sarah (Healy) McBride, of Brooklyn, New York.

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