Charles A. Stone
City of Troy

This biography is from Troy and Rensselaer County, New York, Volume III, by Rutherford Hayner, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., New York and Chicago, 1925. It was submitted by Debby Masterson.

CHARLES A. STONE—The Stone family of Troy, New York, of which Charles A. Stone, investment broker, is a twentieth century representative, traces descent from John Stone, son of Rev. William Stone, of Hertfordshire, England, who came with his brother William to Guilford, Connecticut, arriving in New Haven Harbor between the tenth and fifteenth of July, 1639, their's the first ship to ever enter that harbor. Both John and William Stone signed the "Plantation Agreement" for the government of the first settlers, and both became landowners. John Stone was a clothier, a mason and a farmer, was constable of Guilford for many years, and a man of considerable importance. By his wife, Mary, he had five sons, four of whom married and had sons and daughters. Stone is an ancient family name derived from two sources, residence in a parish village or hamlet named Stone, or from residence near some prominent ledge or remarkable stone of sufiftcient size as to be a local landmark; John of Stone or John at the Stone, easily becoming John Stone when surnames were adopted. The Stone family of Blackmore, Essex. England, bore arms:

Arms—Argent, three cinquefoils sable, on a chief azure, a sun or.

The Stones of London bore arms granted in 1585:

Arms—Argent, three cinquefoils sable, a chief azure.
Crest—Out of a ducal coronet a griffin's head ermine, between a pair of wings or.

(I) Charles Stone, a descendant of John and Mary Stone, of Guilford, Connecticut, the American founders of this branch, came from Guilford to Greene county. New York, and settled near Cairo, a village and summer resort of Cairo township, ten miles from the Catskill mountains. He married Polly Byington, and they were the parents of Charles (2) of further mention.

(II) Charles (2) Stone, a coal merchant of Lansingburg and Troy, New York, died in Troy. He married Mary Jane Cole, of Lansingburg, and they were the parents of: Charles R., of further mention; Mary A.; and Alice, deceased, who married Joseph H. Bushnell, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

(III) Charles R. Stone was born in Troy, New York, August 29, 1853, and died in the city of his birth, November 20, 1887. After completing school years he became associated with his father in the coal business, and after the death of the latter succeeded him in business. Later, Otis Crandall was admitted a partner, the firm of Stone & Crandall operating most successfully until the death of Charles R. Stone in 1887. He was an energetic, capable man of affairs, and accumulated large interests. In addition to his coal business he was vice-president of the Manufacturers' National Bank of Troy, and had large corporate interests. He was a member of the Citizens' Corps of Troy, and of the First Presbyterian Church.

Charles R. Stone married Katrina B. Akin, daughter of Elihew and Harriet (Van Schaick) Akin, her father a member of the general merchandising firm, Graves & Akin, of Bennington, Vermont, and Troy, New York. In religious faith the Akins were members of the Society of Friends. Mr. and Mrs. Stone were the parents of Charles A., of further mention.

(IV) Charles A. Stone, only son of Charles R. and Katrina B. (Akin) Stone, was born in Troy, New York, June 19, 1881. He was educated at Troy Academy and Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut), whence he was graduated Bachelor of Science, class of 1904. After graduation, he formed a connection with the Corliss Construction Company of Troy, and as vice-president and treasurer of that company continued until 1907, when he began a three-year term with the Manufacturers' National Bank of Troy. Those years were educational and devoted to gaining an intimate knowledge of banking, finance and investment securities in general. In 1908 he resigned from the bank and engaged in business for himself as an investment broker, with headquarters in Troy. He has won high reputation in the investment world of his city and continues a successful businessman, his judgment and experience rendering him a safe advisor on the value of investment securities. He has strong connection with banks and investment agencies outside of Troy, and is a director of the Manufacturers' National Bank ; a trustee of Troy Academy; an ex-president of Troy Chamber of Commerce; present member and ex-trustee of the Young Men's Christian Association; and former Commissioner of Education. His clubs are: The Troy Riding Club; the Van Schaick Island Golf Club; University Club, NewYork; Albany Country Club; the Troy; his college fraternity, Psi Upsilon; his fraternal order, the Masonic (Mt. Zion Lodge, No. 311); his political sentiment Democratic; and his church preference Episcopalian, he being a vestryman of St. John's Church, Troy.

Charles A. Stone married, June 20, 1908, Hazel K. Payn, daughter of Howard K. and M. Alida (Dennison) Payn, of Albany, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Stone are the parents of a son, Charles A., born April 22, 1909. The family residence is at No. 28 Locust avenue, Troy, New York.

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