Dr. Catharine Elizabeth Goewey

Information on this page is from History of Homoeopathy in Albany County, NY, 1898, pages 168-171. It was transcribed by Jan Jordan. Dr. Gertrude Anna GOEWEY BISHOP and Dr. Catharine Elizabeth GOEWEY were daughters of Jonathan GOEWEY and wife Elizabeth WARNER and were paternal second great-grand-aunts of Jan, who wishes to thank Bill F. Goewey for this information.

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DR CATHARINE E. GOEWEY, MD-1873. The genealogy of the Goewey family, traced through six generations to its origin in Holland, embraces many members of note and intrinsic worth. Dr. Catharine Goewey, one of its worthy representatives, was born November 26th, 1835 in the town of Greenbush, Rensselaer county, N. Y.

Having received an academical and preparatory education in her native town, she entered the New York Conference Seminary, at Charlotteville, Schoharie county, N. Y., from which institution, after pursuing a full three years' course of study, she was graduated, in June 1854.

After graduation from the Seminary, she spent several years in teaching, giving special attention to the higher English branches, music and the classics. During this time she acceptably filled positions in Florida, in Georgia, and at several educational institutions in the North.

She entered upon the study of medicine in 1869, under the supervision of Drs. J. H. Armsby and H. M. Paine, of Albany, and was graduated in May 1873 from the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women.

Immediately after graduating, Dr. Goewey began the practice of medicine at Albany, remaining until 1877, when, on account of failing health, she removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., to reside with her sister, Dr. Gertrude Goewey Bishop.

During the last twenty years of her life [1876-1896], she acquired a well-deserved reputation for the successful treatment of gynecological diseases, her practice during that period being made up largely of that class of cases.

On removing to Brooklyn, she relinquished active professional duties, still continuing, however, when strength permitted, to give attention to office consultations and to the care of such cases as did not require prolonged exertion or occasion excessive fatigue.

Dr. Goewey returned to Bath, Rensselaer county, in 18__. From that year to the time of her death, she gave attentive _______ consultation and office practice.

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She died May 22d, 1896, at Bath, of typhoid fever, after a lingering illness, at the age of sixty-one years.

While Dr. Goewey was a student at New York, she was appointed to the office of Resident Physician to the Hospital for Women, and held that position eighteen months, from the fall of 1871 to May 1873.

She was one of the attending physicians at the Albany City Dispensary and Homoeopathic Hospital in 1872 and from 1874 to 1877.

Testimonials of Respect

From the Albany Evening Journal, 23 May 1866:

"Dr. Catharine E. Goewey, of Bath, died yesterday morning, after alingering illness, at the age of 61 years.

"Dr. Goewey was one of the early graduates from the New York Homeopathic Medical College for Women. She practiced medicine many years with eminent success, in this city; ill health finally necessitating her removal to Brooklyn.

"While in Brooklyn she devoted a large share of her time and strength to the care of the sick in homeopathic hospitals in New York City and Brooklyn. During the past two or three years, she has resided in Albany and Bath-on-the-Hudson.

"She was a member of a number of medical societies, and was the first woman physician admitted to membership in the New York State Homeopathic Medical Society."

"Catharine Goewey called to a higher and a holier sphere,
A Belove Physician, life's work complete.
Tho' parting from earthly friends and kindred dear,
Heaven's portals opened that Angels might greet.
Assured are we, that such a noble womanly life
Receives its reward for deeds loving and kind,
In glory and majesty where there is no strife,
Neither care, nor sorrow disturbs the mind.
Ever her pleasant duty the suffering to relieve,
Even tho' a cross, in the long, dark night.
Grand was her soul's lofty faith, to believe
On the promise of Him, who gave her light.
Entering into rest, while Angels hovered round,
Was her rich reward, living witnesses blest
Even in memory's secret chamber may abound,
Yearning the beloved to meet, in golden life caressed."

* Written by her brother-in-law, Mr. Geo. S. Bishop.

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