Cebra Quackenbush
Cebra Quackenbush

Information on this page is from Year Book of the Holland Society of New York by the Holland Society of New York, published by The Secretary in 1915. Many thanks to James and Debra Wilson for contributing it to this website.

Cebra QUACKENBUSH - born 7 September 1838, died 16 February 1914. Cebra Quackenbush, son of Peter QUACKENBUSH and Mary Cebra BREESE, was born in Hoosick, Rensselaer County, NY. The family was pure Dutch stock, his ancestors having intermarried solely among people of that nationality, and resided in Hoosick for the past 150 years. They originally came from Leyden, Holland.

Early in 1865, while residing in Pittsfield [Massachusetts], Mr. Quackenbush was elected Major of a Massachusetts regiment of volunteers. He was a delegate from Massachusetts to the national Democratic convention in 1876. He was a member of The Holland Society of New York since 24 October 1889, of the Sons of the American Revolution and of the Masonic Lodge of Hoosick. He was a member of All Saints' Church in Hoosick and was a trustee of the Hoosick School.

In 1859, Mr. Quackenbush married Mary Annette GILLETTE of Long Island, who died in 1891. He later married Minna Wilkinson MILLARD of North Adams [Massachusetts]. Surviving are the widow and three daughters, Mrs. F. St. George MCLEAN, Mrs. Annette MCCANDLISS and Mrs Collins M. GRAVES.

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