Warren R. Burdick

Information on this page is from Landmarks of Rensselaer County, New York by George Baker Anderson (Syracuse, NY: D. Mason and Company, 1897). Debra Wilson submitted it to this website. Many thanks, Debra!

W. R. BURDICK was born at Afton, Wis., in 1858. His father, M. W. Burdick, now a resident of Hoosick Falls [Rensselaer County, NY], is a citizen of considerable prominence, the first to hold the office of police magistrate. For 30 years, he has been a deacon of the First Baptist Church. During his residence in Wisconsin, he was Justice of the Peace for a long term of years.

In 1875, W. R. Burdick was first employed by the Walter A. Wood Company. In 1877, he married Miss Hattie WILSON, daughter of George W. WILSON, representing a family of local pioneers.

Mr. Burdick is an active and enthusiastic element in the Republican party here, having filled ably several official positions in its organization. He was a charter member of the local Temple of Honor and is an active and faithful member of the Presbyterian church. He assisted in the organization of the 32 Separate Company and has served as its lieutenant and otherwise.

He is a musician of much ability and a forcible and dramatic public speaker, having been at one time a pupil of Professor Frank Bradford, the noted elocutionist.

He has served for a term of years as captain of the L. E. Worden Division No. 30, 4th Regiment, Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, a finely drilled organization. Mr. Burdick has served for several years as president of the Board of Health and is an active member of the Board of Trade.

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