Dr. Gertrude Anna Goewey Bishop

Information on this page is from History of Homoeopathy in Albany County, NY, 1898. It was transcribed by Jan Jordan. Dr. Gertrude Anna GOEWEY BISHOP and Dr. Catharine E. GOEWEY were daughters of Jonathan GOEWEY and wife Elizabeth WARNER and were paternal second great-grand-aunts of Jan, who wishes to thank Bill F. GOEWEY and Reba for this data.

DR GERTRUDE A. BISHOP (1838-1921), younger sister of Dr Catharine E. GOEWEY (1834-1896), page 168, was born at Greenbush [which is now the city of Rensselaer], Rensselaer County, N. Y. She received an academic and preparatory education at the New York Conference Seminary, at Charlotteville, Schoharie County, N. Y. She pursued the study of medicine under the supervision of Dr H. M. Paine of Albany and was graduated from the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women in April 1877.

Dr. Bishop came to Albany in the summer of 1878, remaining one year, and in May 1879 removed to 475 Madison Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., where she still [in 1898] resides.


While an undergraduate, Dr. Bishop spent two years, 1874 and 1875, at the State Homoeopathic Hospital for the Insane at Middletown, N. Y. She was the first competent woman assistant appointed at that institution and has the credit of having inaugurated methods of treating gynaecological cases of congestion and displacement, thereby contributing materially to the relief and ultimate recovery of the unfortunate sufferers from reflex conditions, hitherto misunderstood and neglected.

After graduation in the spring of 1877, she passed, creditably, a competitive examination prior to an appointment for one term, of six months, to the position of Resident Physician to the Hospital maintained in connection with the New York Homeopathic Medical College for Women.

After the expiration of the term of service at the hospital in New York, she accepted an appointment to the position of Resident Physician at Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass., where she remained one year.

While a resident of Albany, Dr Bishop rendered regular and efficient service at the Homoeopathic Hospital and Dispensary, thereby contributing materially to its support and usefulness.

Dr. Bishop became a member of the Albany County Homoeopathic Medical Society in 1878. She has been elected a delegate, for 18 consecutive years, from that society to the State Homoeopathic Medical Society.

She was appointed, in 1881, Medical Examiner to the American Legion of Honor, and still [in 1898] holds that office.


Dr. Bishop has presented and read interesting and suggestive papers at meetings of the Albany County and Kings County medical societies. The more important of these papers are the following:

Dr Goewey was married September 15th, 1881 to George Starr BISHOP of Brooklyn, N. Y.

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