Henry Brust
Family Bible

Information on this page was contributed by Michelle Mavigliano. The Bible is owned by Mr. Herman Brust of Averill Park, NY, which is in the town of Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, NY. The source used is Unpublished Bible Records Compiled by DAR, 1969-1970, Vol. 130, page 92.

Records from the family Bible of Henry Brust

Henry Brust30 Oct 1806
Mary Sheffer7 Aug 1812
Mary Catherine5 Sept 1838
Elizabeth12 Dec 1840
John Henry16 Mar 1843
Emily Jane16 Mar 1843
Ensine10 Mar 1846
Juliette16 Jul 1850
Emily Wager (wife of Ensine)25 Mar 1846

Henry Brust and Mary Sheffer26 Oct 1837

Emily Jane Brust11 Apr 1868
Elizabeth, wife of Franklin Wager22 Mar 1871
Mary Sheffer Brust29 Aug 1880
Henry Brust16 Jan 1893
Emily Wager Brust7 May 1915
Ensine Brust19 Sep 1921

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