Family Bible

This Family Bible transcription was contributed by Michelle Mavigliano.

Snyder Family Holy Bible
Published by Daniel D. Smith in 1822 at New York;
In possession of Mrs. Franklin J. Hayner, Haynersville, NY.
Copied by Miss Myra Derrick, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR),
Philip Schuyler Chapter, Troy, NY.

Family of John George and Anna Maria Snyder

Lodowick Snyder15 Mar 1784
Jacob Snyder22 July 1786
George Snyder19 July 1788
John George Snyder8 July 1791
Henry Snyder18 Nov 1793
Elizabeth Snyder14 Sept 1796
Mary Snyder26 Apr 1799
Catherine Snyder12 Mar 1802
David Snyder29 May 1805

John George Snyder3 Aug 1861
Mary Snyder2 Feb 1822
Mary Snyder, wife of Philip Wager

Family of John George and Mary Snyder

Lucilla Snyder8 July 1817
John Henry Snyder3 Sep 1819
Augustus Snyder22 Mar 1822
George H. Snyder26 Jan 1827
Jacob L. Snyder20 Oct 1831

John Henry Snyder6 Jan 1822
Augustus Snyder1855
George H. Snyder31 Aug 1871
Lucilla Snyder8 Apr 1880
Jacob (Levinus) Snyder26 Apr 1911

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