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The following transcription was submitted byJames Corsaro, Librarian, Rensselaer County Historical Society, 57 Second Street, Troy, NY 12180, telephone (518) 272-7232, fax (518) 273-1264. Many thanks, Jim!

Bible of George Kellogg and Lavinia Otis Dauchy

The handwriting in the original Bible is not always legible, although an attempt has been made to transcribe all names in the Bible record. Although the pages are labeled Births, Marriages, Deaths and Memoranda, the information on the page may or may not match the page title; for instance, there are deaths noted on the births page. The transcription is an exact transcription of the original Bible record.

Bible given to George and Lavinia Kellogg on their marriage by Clarissa Harlow Kellogg Dauchy, December 8, 1864.

Births page:

Nathan Dauchy , born Feb. 9, 1747, died April 14, 1824
Mary Smith (Dauchy), born June 10, 1750, died August 7, 1837

Children of Nathan and Mary Dauchy:

Samuel Dauchy, born July 1, 1769, died August 29, 1800
Mary Bradley (Dauchy) born September 13, 1766, died November 20, 1805

(Note: Mary Bradley was Aaron Burr's sister)

Children of Samuel and Mary Dauchy

Deaths page:

Samuel Dauchy, born Jany. 11, 1800, died June 12, 1859
Clarissa Kellogg, born June 12, 1799, died June 9, 1873


George Kellogg Dauchy, born Aug. 5, 1824, Galway, NY, married Dec. 8, 1864, died Jan. 20, 1912
Lavinia Otis (Dauchy), born March 17, 1840, died Dec.8, 1897 in Chicago


Samuel Otis Dauchy married Marion Sturges (?) May 29, 1907
Died Nov. 19, 1943 in San Diego, Cal.

Otis Burr (Dauchy) married Annie Forstell, Dec. 19, 1895, died Oct. 22, 1922


George Vivus (Dauchy) married Trix (?) Barber, June 18, 1919, died Nov. 17, 1943, Chicago.

Marriages page:

Vivus Dauchy, born 1707 in France
Removed from New Rochelle to Ridgefield (Connecticut) about 1725.
Purchased real estate in Ridgefield, Apl. 12, 1729
Rachel Wallace, born Feb. 1711.
Hannah Sherwood, born Nov. 7, 1712.
Mary Keeler Olmsted, born Oct. 10, 1725

Vivus Dauchy, died Dec. 16, 1795
Rachel, died Nov. 20, 1748
Hannah, died Sept. 10, 1754
Mary Olmsted, died May 22, 1816

James Dauchy died
Mary Dauchy died
Vivus Dauchy died French
John Dauchy, died May 13, 1809
Eliz. Jones Davenport
Philip Dauchy, died Apl. 30, 1822
Nathan Dauchy, died Apl. 14, 1824
Daniel Dauchy, died July 25, 1807
Jeremiah Dauchy, died Sept. 20, 1823
Mary Sanford
Jacob Dauchy, Dec. 26, 1857


Memoranda page:

Elizabeth Dauchy Watson's Children:

Marguerite Dauchy Seeley's children

Anne Dauchy Tyler's children

Nathan Dauchy's children

Otis B. Dauchy's daughter by 2nd wife, Margaret (?)

Transcription by James Corsaro of Dauchy Bible in the collections of the Rensselaer County Historical Society, 57 Second Street, Troy, NY 12180.

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