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The following information is taken from handwritten family events recorded in the Family Bible of David Phillips (1817-1908) of East Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., NY. It was submitted to the Rensselaer Co., NY GenWeb site by Lin Van Buren. The submitter writes, "There are three handwritings in this Bible; I am not 100% certain whose handwritings they were, so I'll call them A, B and C." Italicized notes in brackets are the words of the submitter.
[In handwriting A:]
David Phillips, Born Oct 29, 1817, Greenbush, N. Y. [The date had said 1816, and was written over to become 1817.]
Bathsheba Manville, Born Nov 17, 1818 Greenbush N. Y.
Mary Louisa Phillips, Born July 16, 1843, Greenbush, N. Y.
Emma Elizabeth Phillips, Born July 19, 1849, Greenbush, N. Y.
[Begins handwriting B:]
Clark A. Phillips, [N. B. He was David's son-in-law not son.] Born May 9, 1840
The following children were born to Clark and Mary Phillips -
Jessie Loucene Phillips, Born April 27, 1865: East Greenbush, N. Y.
David Jerome Phillips, Born Oct. 24, 1866, East Greenbush, N. Y.
Della LaClair Phillips, Born Dec. 20, 1869 East Greenbush, N. Y.
Elmer Phillips and Edna Phillips, Born, Apr. 7, 1874 (twins)
Eda May Phillips, Born April 13, 1876, East Greenbush, N. Y.
Mary Elma Phillips, Born Sept. 3, 1877, East Greenbush, N. Y.
Edna Maude Phillips, Born Jan. 25, 1883, Muitzeskill, N. Y.
Grace E. Comstock, wife of David Jerome Phillips, Born April 1, 1871, Schodack Depot, N. Y.

[In handwriting A:]
David Phillips and Bathsheba Manville of Greenbush, N. Y. were joined in holy wedlock Nov. 1838,
by Rev. D. Starks at Greenbush N. Y.
Clark A. Phillips and Mary Louise Phillips of East Greenbush, N. Y. were joined in holy wedlock Dec 3, 1863
by Rev. Wm. Meeker, at East Greenbush, N. Y.
A. De.Witt Traver and Emma Elizabeth Phillips of East Greenbush N. Y. were joined in holy wedlock Oct. 8, 1867
by Rev T. A. Griffin at East Greenbush, N. Y.
[The next three words only were written later in handwriting C:]
Mary Louisa children
[In handwriting B:]
Jessie L. Phillips, East Greenbush, N. Y. to Wm J. Steele, Muitzeskill, N. Y., Mar. 25, 1883.
David Jerome Phillips, East Greenbush, N. Y. to Grace E. Comstock, Schodack Depot, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1891.
Della La Clair Phillips, to George Van Buren both of East Greenbush, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1891.
Eda May Phillips, to Walter E. Link, both of East Greenbush, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1894.
Mary Elma Phillips, to Charles M. Link, both of East Greenbush, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1896.

[At the beginning of the page entitled Deaths, a newspaper cutting has been pasted into this Bible. It reads as follows:]

MANVILLE.--Jonas S. Manville was born July 24, 1790, in the town of Charlton, Saratoga County, and died Sept. 17, 1888, at his home, in North Greenbush, near Troy, N. Y. Early he was converted and united with the Methodists, and for over 60 years was a member of what is now Pawling Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Troy. More than 50 years he was a subscriber for The Christian Advocate. He bore the burdens incident to extreme old age with Christian cheerfulness; his sweet spirit and pleasant manner commanded the love of all. Though he was 98 his memory was excellent and his mind clear. For 20 years he has lived in retirement, yet he manifested a lively interest in the church and regularly paid his "quarterage." Rising from prayer, often his face would be wet with tears. Just as one drops into a sweet sleep, so he entered rest. His funeral was largely attended; his pastor officiated; his grandsons bore his body to the tomb. J. H. CLARK.

[Now handwriting B resumes:]
David Phillips, Died Dec. 29, 1908
Bathsheba Phillips, Died Dec. 13, 1906
Clark A. Phillips, Died May 13, 1917
Mary Louisa Phillips Died Aug. 5, 1890
Jessie Loucene Steele Died June 23, 1937
Elmer Phillips, Died, June 14, 1874
Edna Phillips, Died Aug 19, 1874
Edna Maud Phillips, Died Feb. 4, 1883
David Jerome Phillips, Died Nov. 24, 1942.

[Jonas Smith Manville was the father of Bathsheba Manville Phillips.]

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