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Information on this page was copied from the Bible record of Gysbert Roseboom.

1697, September, Gysbert Roseboom was born. His sponsors were Pieter Mingal and Sanders and Elizabeth Wendell
1699, October 8, is Catharine Bries born (daughter of Anthony)
1720, December 4, I, Gysbert Roseboom and Cathrina Bries were married
1721, November 17, Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening, is my wife delivered of a young daughter named Marya. Sponsors: father (Gerrit) Roseboom and mother (Maria, daughter of Robert Sanders)
1727, July 26, is my wife delivered of a young son named Antonye. Sponsors were Antonye Rutgeher; born of a Wednesday at 7 o'clock
1731, October 22, on Thursday at 7 o'clock is my wife delivered of a young daughter named Elysabet; baptised by Dominie Van Dryse. Sponsors: Robert Roseboom and Elsje Roseboom
1733, September 17, is my wife delivered of a daughter named Katrynena; baptised by Dominie Pieter Van Driesen. Sponsors: Ahasueros Roseboom and Eva Bries
1738, June 22, is my wife delivered of a young daughter named Catryna. Sponsors: Hendrick Bries and Cornelia Van Ess, his wife
1741, May, is my wife delivered of a young daughter named Elsje. Sponsors: Johhnnis Roseboom and Marya Roseboom
1749, October 27, is Gysbert Roseboom rested in heaven
1760, July 10, is Catharine Roseboom in heaven sleeping, and is to be buried on a Friday
1734, August 10, is my daughter (i. e., daughter of. Gysbert Roseboom) Catryena in heaven rested, in her 11 month
1734, December 19, is my son Antoyne in heaven rested year and a half
1766, December 23, Catriena Roseboom (daughter of Gysbert), rested in heaven
1759, July 15, Mary, daughter of William Berry and Elizabeth (Roseboom), was born on a Sunday morning at 4 o'clock
1761, May 29, William, son of William Berry and Elizabeth, was born on Saturday morning at 4 o'clock
1763, December 9, Gysbert R. Berry was born
1778, January 2, is Elizabeth Berry in heaven rested, in her 46th year
1820, November 24, at 4 o'clock William Berry died
1764, September 4 or 12, Peter Quackenboss was born
1816, March 20, Peter Quackenboss died, aged 52 years, 6 months and 22 days. (He was the son of Wouter of the Colonie and Bata Clute).
1818, September 26, Wouter Quackenboss died, aged 83 years, 1 month and 17 days. (He was the son of Peter Quackenboss and Anna Oothout, and baptised August 18, 1735).
1817/18, Walter Q. Berry Strong was born
1784, August 21, Susanna was born
____, April 5, Maria Van Allen is born. Sponsors Onthrina Roseboom and Ahasueros Roseboom. Baptised by Dominie Frelinghuisen

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