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1751, November 29, I, Gisbert Marselis, was married to Catalina Wendell by Dominie F'relinghuisen
1753, June 6, my first and oldest daughter Johanna Marselis was born. My mother Johanna Marselis and my brother Gerret Marselis, sponsors
1756, January 30, is born my son Johannis Marselis. Annatie Wendell and Evert Wendell, sponsors
1757, August 5, died my daughter Johanna Marselis
1758, September 10, is born my second daughter Anna. Johannes M. Roseboom and his wife Eva (Marselis), sponsors
1761, January 15, is born my third daughter Eva. Gerret Marselis and Gesie Wendell, sponsors
1764, February 22, is born my son Evert. Abram H. Wendell and Annatie Wendell, sponsors
1764, March 8, died my daughter Eva
1766, June 5, is born my daughter Eva. Hendrick Marselis and Annatie Marselis, sponsors
1766, June 12, died my daughter Eva
1767, September 17, is born my daughter Eva. Gerret Marselis and Gesie Wendell, sponsors
1768, March 17, my daughter Annate (Anna) died
1779, June 19, died on Sunday evening, at 9 o'clock, my father Gysbert Marselis, aged 55 years and 3 months. Born March 22, 1724, buried June 21, 1779, by his eldest son Johannis Marselis, Jr.
1793, May 6, Monday, at 9 o'clock in the evening, died our mother Catalina (Wendell) Marselis, aged 70 years and 34 days, having been born April 11, 1723; buried May 7, 1793
1795, April 4, was I, Johannis Jacob Fort, married to Eva Marselis, the daughter of Gisbert Marselis and Catlina Wendell. She was born September 17, 1767. We were married by Dominie Bassett
1796, January 16, is born my son Gisbert
1796, June 6, died my beloved wife Eva, daughter of Gisbert Marselis and Catlina Wendell

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