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Abraham Lansingh (b. 1663), was a son of Gerret Lansingh, one of three brothers who emigrated from Holland to this country about the year 1650, and married Magdalena Van Tricht, November 28, 1703, by whom he had four sons, Abraham, Garret, Jacob and Myndert, together with two daughters Elsie and Elizabeth. (He had five sons and three daughters.) Said Abraham Lansingh died June 20, 1745, aged 82 years. His son Jacob Lansingh died January 14, 1745, aged 42 years. His son Myndert Lansingh died at sea in 1758, aged 30 years. His son Garret Lansingh died in the year 1789, aged 84 years. His daughter Elsie (b. 1713), married to her cousin (May 14, 1740) Garret John Lansingh, and died about the year 1783, aged 76 years. His daughter Elizabeth was married March 30, 1741, to Jonas Qothout, and died about the year 1753, age unknown. His wife Magdalena Lansingh died November 30, 1745, aged about 75 years. His son Abraham was born May 8,1704. Abraham Lansingh was married to Ricke Van Schaick, sister of Sybrant Van Schaick, of Coxsackie, formerly Mayor of the city of Albany, by Rev. Mr.Van Driese (Dominie Van Driessen), on the 27th of December, 1731, he being 27 years and 7 months and she being 28 years old when married. By whom they had one son, born April 11, 1732, by the name of Goose, baptised by Rev. Peter Van Driese, minister of the Dutch Reformed church. Ricke Lansingh died the 16th of April, 1732, aged about 30 years. Their son Goose Lansingh died the 11th of July, 1732, aged 3 months. Abraham Lansingh was again married February 11. 1746, to his cousin Cathrena Lansingh, by the Rev. Mr. Van Santfort, by whom they had one daughter named Helena, born November 7, 1746, who died September 9, 1747, aged 1 year; also a son named Abraham A. Lansingh, who was born July 24, o. s., or August 4, n. s. (also baptised July 26, 1752), in the year 1752. Said Abraham Lansingh, viz., father of Abraham A. Lansingh, died December 14, 1759, aged about 55 years. Catrena Lansingh, his wife, was again married to Abraham Douw, November 23, 1761. Said Abraham Douw died 1786, aged 78 years. Catlirena Lansingh Douw died February 2, 1798, aged 79 years.

In the same Bible is the family record of Abraham A. Lansingh. In 1774, A. D., September 3, the above named Abraham A. Lansingh was married to Miss Elsie Van Rensselaer, second daughter of Killian Van Rensselaer, by the Rev. Mr. Toll, (occasional?) minister of the Dutch church in Albany, in the 23d year of his age and 18th year of her age, by whom he had the following children:
1775, March 18, Abraham D. Lansingh, our first son, was born and in 1791 was married to Christena Voorhes, and died September 28, 1805, of yellow fever, aged 30 years, leaving a daughter Elsie.
1778, November 11, was born our first daughter Arrietta; died April 11, 1779, aged 5 months
1781, April 24, was born our second daughter Arrietta; died July 4, 1782, aged 1 year and 3 months
1783, August 27, our third daughter Catherine, and married to her cousin Philip P. Van Rensselaer, February 13, 1804; being married a second time to John Fay, Jr., who died also leaving her the surviving widow of said John Fay, Jr. She died January 4, 1867, aged 83 years, 4 months and 8 days
1785, July 24, our fourth daughter was born named Arietta, who was married to Harmen Knickerbocker 18th October, 1801; died 27th day of March, 1814, aged 29 years, leaving five children
1787, May 8, was born our second son Killian Van Rensselaer, and died the 8th of October, 1793, aged 7 years
1789, November 3, was born our fifth daughter Magdalen; died February 6, 1790, aged 3 months
1791, April 14, was born our third son Gerret, and died October 4, 1792, aged 1 year and 6 months
1793, April 14, was born our sixth daughter Magdalen, and died September 13, 1794, aged 1 year and 6 months
1794, November 27, was born our fourth son Killian Van Rensselaer, and was married August 9, 1818, to Miss Amanda Carter

1796, March 1, died Elsie, wife of Abraham A. Lansingh, aged 39 years, and was buried at Cherry Hill with her three children
1797, December 4, Abraham A. Lansingh was again married to his cousin Elsie Lansingh, daughter of Jacob Lansing, Jr. The said Elsie Lansingh died July 28, 1811, aged 68 years
1822, February 21, died at Cherry Hill Abraham A. Lansingh, aged 69 years, 5 months and 12 days, and was buried at Cherry Hill aside of his first wife Elsie Van Rensselaer

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