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1662, the 27th of January, on Tuesday, between 6 and 7 o'clock in the evening, was I (Van Driessen) Hendrick Grevenradt born in New York, and baptised in presence of Samuel Drisses and Engeltje Jeverient (probably Van Yeveren.) [He was the son of Isaac Grevenradt and Lysbet Juriaens, who were married March 24, 1652, in New York, where he resided] The New York records show he was born in June, 1662

1667, the 5th of September, being about o'clock in the evening I, Sara Sanders, was born at Albany and baptised in presence of Jan Harperdinger and Sara Sanders. [She was the daughter of Robert Sanders and Ilsje Barents, and granddaughter of Thomas Sanders, of Amsterdam, Holland, and Sarah Cornelisse Van Gorcum, of New Amsterdam]

1686, the 5th of May, was I, Hendrick Grevenradt married to Sara Sanders in Albany

1687, the 20th of December, was born my first daughter, Elizabeth, baptised in Albany in presence of Robbert Sanders and Elsse Sanders

1690, the 24th of March my daughter (Elizabeth) died in New York

1690, the 14th of February was born my second daughter _lsse on Friday; baptised in New York in presence of Jan Harperding and Anna Grevenradt

1692, the 5th of June, on Saturday at 6 o'clock in the morning was born my third daughter Elizabeth; baptised in New York in presence of Andries Grevenradt and Maritje Siius

1695, the 27th of July, on Saturday between 11 and 12 o'clock before noon, was my son Isaac born, and baptised in New York in presence of Jacobus Van der Speighel and Mayeke Harperding

1697, July 24, was my fourth daughter, named Maria, baptised in New York in presence of Barent Sanderse and Ameleya Sanderse

1698, August 8, my daughter Maria died. In another hand is written (probably by his wife): 1699, July 21, was my (laeste) youngest son named Hendericus (born), and in presence of Anna Van der Spiegle and Tomas Sanderson baptised by Hendrickus Seleynis

1699, March 16, my (hueysman) husband died, and on the 3d of August my son Hendrieckus died

1715, January 10, on Sunday, was born my child's child Samuel

1717, April 15, on Monday, between 5 and 6 o'clock, he rested in the Lord

1727, June 10, did my mother, Sara Grevenradt, rest in the Lord on a Saturday night about midnight, and was buried on Monday. My dear mother was 58 years old when she rested in the Lord

1761, April 8, my daughter, Else Greverat, rested in the Lord on Thursday morning about 8 o'clock, and on Saturday at 3 o'clock was buried.

1715, June 27, Sara Grevenradt, my beloved mother, has had a raising cough for eleven years now increased. It breaks my heart when I hear this sad cough. I feel that my mother is passing from me. Isaac Grevenradt

1727, November 11, was I, Isaac Grevenradt and Alida Gerritse (spelt Gerse) married on Saturday evening. [Alida was the daughter of Elbert Gerritse and Maria Pruyn, born January 12, 1696]

1728, June I0, was born my first daughter Sara on (Wednesday?) night about 1 o'clock in the night; baptised in presence of Elbert Gerse and Mareitje'Gerse, her grandfather and grandmother

1729, August 30, was born my second daughter Maria on Saturday about 1 o'clock in' the night. Sponsors Hendrick Gerse and Anna Gerse

1730, August 5, my daughter Maarya rested in the Lord on Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, and was buried on Monday

1731, July 30, was born my second daughter Mareyia at night

1731, December 16, my second daughter Mareyia rested in the Lord on Friday night, and buried on Saturday, 4-1/2 months old

1733, January 30, was our third daughter Mareya born. Godfather: Arent Pruyn; Godmother: Annetje Gertse. She was born on Tuesday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It was bitter cold

1734, April 30, was born our sixth daughter named Elsje on Tuesday between 8 and 9 o'clock, Tuesday night. Godparents: Barent Sanders and Lena Lansing

1736, November 1, was born my first son Elbert Grevenradt on Monday about 6 o'clock in the afternoon

1737, December 26, was born my second son Henrick Grevenradt at 1 o'clock in the night. Godparents: Efraem Wendell and Elsie Roseboom

1739, August (6?) was born my daughter Anna. Godparents: Hendrick Gertse and Derykje Ertse

1740, July 22, my daughter Anna rested in the Lord at 6 o'clock in the morning of a Tuesday morning

1740, November 14, was born my second daughter Anna on Tuesday afternoon. Godparents: Robert Sanders and and Dierkye Gase

1743, June 3, was born my daughter Alleyda (Alida). Godparents: Abraham Roseboom and Maria Roseboom

1744, September 1, did my daughter Aleyda rest in the Lord

1745, April 8, was my third son Gerrit Grevenradt born on a Tuesday morning about 8 o'clock in the morning. Godparents: John Roseboom and Mareytje Wendell, Efream Wendell's daughter

1746, November 12, did my first daughter Sara die in the Lord and was buried on the 14th on a Friday, which our hearts feel as more (of) God's will, and I am contented with the separation, for she was a lovely child in her mother's eyes

1759, May 30, my father, Isaack Greverat, died at 11 o'clock in the night and buried upon a Monday about 4 o'clock in the afternoon

1766, February 10, my daughter Annatje (Anna) Greverat died, and was buried on the 14th, on a Friday

1766, , Elizabeth Van Aistine died in the Lord and was buried the 14th

1738, August 15, is born my eldest daughter and is named Catherine

1823, February 17, died Aunt Catharine, aged 84 years, six months and 2 days

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