Family Bible

Copy of the records in the Bible of Isaac H. Bogart.

1789, January 31, was I, Isaac Henry Bogart, son of Henry L. Bogart, married to Cathlina, daughter of Bastiaen Teunis Visscher, by the Rev. John Bassett.

1789, November 17, departed this life Angelica (Engeltie Van den Bergh), wife of Bastiaen T. Visscher

1789, December 27, was born our daughter Angelica, on Sunday evening at 7 o'clock, and was baptised by the Rev. John Bassett. Witness, Bastian T. Visscher and Machtel Marselis

1805, November 28, was born our grandson Isaac Henry (Reed), on Thursday, and baptised by the Rev. Mr. Lyle (in New York)

1811, July 16, was born our grandson George Henry (Talcott)

1812, November 24, was born our grandson Visscher Bogart (Talcott), whose name was changed to Sebastian Visscher (Talcott)

1841, September 22, Isaac H. Bogart died in Albany at 9 o'clock A. M. of apoplexy, and was buried in the Dutch burying-ground on the hill near the Orphan Asylum

1845, April 10, Cathlina Visscher, widow of Isaac H. Bogart, died at 7 o'clock A. M. of old age, without a struggle and apparently without pain, the kind of death she prayed for for many years; a good, benevolent and pious old lady, whose life had been spent in watching the dispensations of Providence, and anxiously looking for and devoutly wishing for the second coining of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

1861, September 1, Angelica, daughter of Isaac H. Bogart, and wife of George Talcott, her second husband, died at 7:15 P. M. of apoplexy, having been attacked while coming out of the North Dutch Church at 12 o'clock. She was buried in the Albany Rural Cemetery

1862, April 25, General George Talcott died, aged 75 years, 4 months and 19 days; buried beside his wife

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