Marriages at the Seventh-Day
Baptist Church in Hoosick

These marriages were kindly transcribed and contributed to this website by William T. Ruddock. The source is Marriages Performed by Elder William Satterlee, Elder of the Seventh-Day Baptist Church of Little Hoosac, New York, which were copied by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Bill adds, "Little Hoosac comprises Stephentown, Berlin and Petersburgh, New York", all of which are in Rensselaer County, NY.


Performed by Elder William Satterlee, Elder of the Seventh-Day Baptist Church of Little Hoosac, N. Y. between 1801 and 1837-1838, from his old book, the original of which is in the possession of Sylvester Satterlee of Berlin, N. Y.; copied from the original by Miss Leone Hall of Williamstown, Mass.

Page 1
Stanton Wilcox to Miss Babcock
Betsey Sheldon to name forgot
Luke Coon to Lydia Comstock
Harry Brimmer to Olive Jones
Harry Phillips to name forgot
Squire Wait to Miss Odell
Justice Kenyon to Eunice Hakes
John I. Brimmer to Hannah Sweet
Simeon Brimmer to Miss Brimmer
Peter Brimmer to Lois Manchester
Mr. Jones to Polly White
Benjamin Jones to Lecta Brimmer
John Tenbrok to Rueny Brimmer
Luther Sweet to Clarissa Cory
Johnson Peckam to Barbery Davis
Maxon Green to Harriet Davis
Charles Saunders to Polly Lamphier
Dennis Saunders to Margaret Saunders
Horace Buten to Amy Saunders
Lyman Saunders to Surilly Saunders
Nathan Saunders to Abigail Reynolds
Mr. Jones to Lois Fuller (dau. of Amos)
Maxon Stillman to Lydia Chatman

Page 2
Jerod Maxon to widow Wilcox
Barber Niles to Rosannah Brimmer
Barber Nevett to Betsey Smith
Ray Williams to Naomy Kenyon
Nicholas Green to Polly Kenyon
George Saunders to Polly Scrivens
Isiah Crandall to Patty Saunders
Mr. Mansow to Meriby Saunders
Richard Hull to Hannah Lanphier
Nathan Lanphier to Eunice Lanphier
Joshua Vincent to Olive Spnier
Lias Burdick to Saviah Vincent
Ephriam Stillman to Deborah Vincent
Randall Spencer to Amy Stillman
Kelob Warren to Eunice Minor
Jerry Milliard to Betsey Sweet
Asa Burdick to Luanny Coon
Stillman Coon to Clarissa Umphrey
Oliver Jordin to Mulvina Jones
Mr. Maxon to Caty Coon
Thomas Carpenter to Jane Russell
Sylvester Carpenter to Susan Umphrey
Mr. Fauster to Susan Carpenter
Schuyler Green to Martha Carpenter
Eli Townsend to Harriet Carpenter
Joshua B. Maxon to Polly Carpenter
Samuel Browning to Mercy Carpenter
Slocumb Carr to Dabur Goodridge
Elijah Goodridge to Polly Goodridge

Page 3
James Hubbard to Amy Carpenter
Mr. Garner to Margaret Williams
Ashford Wheeler to Eunice Williams
Mr. Berthy to Miss Northrup
David Potter to Lois Greenman
Benjamin Vars to Olive Walkar
Biol Keiry to Lovindy Vars
James Denison to Esther Green
Benjamin Denison to Naby Babcock
Garum Denison to Emaline Maxon
Clark Wilcox to Esther Babcock
Stillman Maxon to Betsey Vars
Samuel Day to Betsey Sanders
Orin Brown to Hannah Hull
Samuel Cartwright to Deborah Cross
Abel Root to Penelopy Cartwright
Asa Coon to Sally Green
Thomas Harvey to Betsey Bently
Stephen Gray to Sabeine Bently
Joshua Crandall to Fanny Burdick
William Taylor to Ivy Rhodes
Nicholas Greenman to Betsey Sanders
Cornelius Silvernails to Almira Menter
Landon Griswold to Patience Barber
Ira Burdick to Polly Wilcox
Abel Burdick to Sally Davis
Jesse Burdick to Caty Stephens
Wells Kenyon to Libby Davis
Daniel Green to Amy Godfrey
Tos Hull to Mary Grinold

Page 4
Clark Wilcox to Sally Maxon
Jesse Maxon to Betsey Brown
George Maxon to Sibel Lewis
Burton Trumbil to Miss Wescot
David Richer to Betsey Sanders
Thomas Green to Polly Whitford
Jerod Green to Sally Potter
Theodota Cartwright to Tenty Potter
Mr. Randall to Miss White
Joltiah Main to Polly Burdick
Orsen Cambell to Anna Green
Clariden Rap to Roby Gray
Thomas Hull, Jr. to Betsey Burdick
Elisha Hull to Sally Randall
Daniel Hull to Susan Budick
Asa Burdick to Lydia Perkins
Daniel Fuller to Hannah Godfrey
Ezra Fuller to Polly Godfrey
Moses Fuller to Polly Rhodes
William Wilcox to Libel Godfrey
Robert Rhodes to Becky Ann Lee
Charles Miller to Mersa Burdick
Philomen Lee to Rachel Perkins
Daniel Cook to Honor Ellet
Eibshad Haughoit to Sabrina Spencer
Joshua Whitford to Avis Satterlee
Barton Whitford to Lucy Crandall
Ezra Whitford to Polly Baley
David Whitford to Orilly Burdick
Theodoty Bliven to Barbery Bliven

Page 5
Isiah Hall to Elizabeth Lanphier
Hull Sanders to Amy Lanphier
Mason Grimon (Grinmon) to Miss Kenington
Clark Manfair 20 June 1824 to Lois Potter
David Crandall to Polly Potter
Lodwick Sanders to Liby Crandall
Mr. Phelps to widow Perkins
Paul Perkins to Harty Boon
Thomas Boon to Polly Rhodes
Jonathan Parmiter to Fanny Gleson
Samuel Alesworth to Paty Sweet
Luke Hull to Marendy Cartwright
Joseph Davis to Polly Place
Daniel Babcock to Maranda Hall
Heman Heungton to Lois Hull
George T. Denison to Nancy Shaw
Joseph Hastings to Dolly Main
Samuel Niles to Hannah Main
Benjamin Lewis to Ausiah Main
Namon Kies to Polly Niles
Charles Potter to Hannah Niles
Paul Stillman to Betsey Niles
James Jones to Betsey Niles
James Jones to Peggy Simmons
John Wilcox to Phoebe Tripp
Rowland Lanphier to Margart (Margaret) Ingram
Orison Coon to Polly Carpenter
Martin Townsend to Polly Carpenter
Mr. Perry to Dedroh Carpenter
Samuel Greenman to Miss Bliss

Page 6
Eden Carpenter to Esther Sanders
Josiah Godfrey to Sally Burnal
John Milliard to Hannah Pool
Clark Milliard to Sally Milliard
Holly Satterlee to Esther Randall
Asa Clark to Eliza Brooks
Russell Jones to Annis Clark
Orin Green to Lydia Coon
Andrew Hewit to Abigail Green
Mr. Jordin to Phoebe Allen
Mr. Moon to Miss Clark
Clark Burdick to Polly Peckham
John Green to two times
Winter Green to Lucrety Sanders
Stephen Lawrence to Amanda Green
John Randolph to Esther Green
Horace Hakes (or Hare) to Sinthy Green
Ray Green to Lucy Maxon
Ethan Burdick to Susan Mattison
Joseph Green to Polly Gavet
William Satterlee to Roeny Burdick
William S. Satterlee to Polly Burdick
Edward Vars to Betsey Burdick
Basil Burdick to Polly Theist(?)
Schuyler Grey to Mandy Streeter
Lyman Sanders to Miss Cool (Pool?)
Edwin Burdick to Prudence Cool
Jonathan Sanders, 18 to Ruhana Emison, 19
Schuyler Greenman, 20 1831 to Pheobe Whitford, 18

Page 7
Groom and age.Bride and ageDate
Leonard Sanders, 19 to Mary Ann Burdick1833
William Burdick, 24 to Avis Thurston, 161830
Alexander B. Wilham, 20 to Kuahe Burdick, 18;834 [sic]
Jonathan Babcock, 25 to Almira Prindle, 231831
Aaron Burdick, 23 to Harriet Jones, 171834
Jonathan Smith, 25 to Silvene Sweet, 181835
Anson Hoscesy (Hoxey?), 27 to Nancy Jones, 191834
Mortimer Hull, 24 to Irena Allen, 211833
David Satterlee to Elanore Randall1831
Silas Davis to Emaline Carpenter1830
John Whitford to Julia Ann Hall1830
Samuel P. Vary to Jerusha D. Godfrey1833
Elisah Lamb to Meriby Jones1833
Philander Gaston, 26 to Betsey Rathbun, 27.
John Day, 30 to Sarah Bebee, 341834

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