Abstract of the
Last Will and Testament
Pamelia Farnam Green
City of Troy

Information on this page was obtained from Abstracts of Wills of Rensselaer County, NY, 1791-1850, compiled by Ralph David Phillips, 1938, and was submitted by Laura Greene.

Name: Pamelia Farnam Green of Troy, NY
Daughter: Pamelia F. Green
Executor: Pamelia F. Green
Witnesses: N. B. Doe of Waterford, Mehitable Baker of Troy
Codicil: To Orlando Montague of Troy
Executors: Lyman S. Russell, Samuel H. Howe
Witnesses: E. Jackman, John P. Albertson
Dates: Aug 6, 1833, probated Sept 3, 1841
Abstracted from Rensselaer Co., NY Wills, Volume 31, Page 156

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