Last Will and Testament
Johannes Earing
Town of Nassau

Information on this page was obtained from the Rensselaer County, NY Surrogate Court in Troy, Will Book 7 page 225, and from file number 108. It was submitted to this website by the late Janet Derbyshire.

Will of Johannes EARING decd with probate recorded 15th March 1824.

In the name of God Amen, I JOHANNES EHRING of the town of Nassau in the County of Rensselaer & State of New York being of sound and disposing mind & memory and understanding do make this my last Will & Testament in manner following that is to say.

First my will & desire is that all just debts be paid as soon after my decease as may be with decency & convenience.

Secondly I give to my son FRETHERIC EARING four acres of land of the North East corner of my farm running parallel with the line of CHARLES & JOHN M. EARINGS land as far north as the meadow fence & west so far as to contain the 2nd four acres.

Thirdly I give to my son JOHN EARING JUN. four acres of land off the south east corner of my farm which is to include all the small meadow near John's house and west of the road to the creek and the remainder to make the said four acres to run parallel with the line of Palmers & Porters land as far east as to take in the spring by the hemlock tree & so far north as to make the said four acres together with the above described meadow.

Fourthly I give to my other two sons SAMUEL & CHARLES EARING the remainder of my farm to be equally divided between them, to my son SAMUEL I give the house where he now lives, to my son CHARLES the house where I now live, the barn with all the farming utentials, and all my hogs I give to my said two sons SAMUEL & CHARLES to be and together by them or equally divided as they shall think proper.

Fifthly I give to my son CHARLES my black horse & saddle & bridle and twenty three dollars in silver money, one bed & bedding also one black cow and four sheep.

Sixthly It is my will that my household furniture be equally divided between my three daughters viz: ELIZABETH, MARIAH & HANNAH after taking from there one large puter Platter which I give to HANNAH. I also give to each of my daughters above named two sheep.

It is also my will that my SON JOHN have one brown mare and it is my will that the remainder of my stock that is one cow, one heifer and one steer be equally divided between my three SONS FRETHERIC, SAMUEL & JOHN it is also my will that all my wearing clothes be equally divided between all my sons.

And lastly I do hereby appoint my BROTHER SAMUEL AND CHARLES M. EARING & MY SON SAMUEL EARING Executors to this my last Will and testament hereby making null and void and revoking all other & former wills and declaring this only to be my last Will & testament.

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this thirteenth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred & fifteen.

[X] his mark

Witnesses: John Phillips, Fenner Palmer, Daniel Waterbury.

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